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Gayatri Waterfalls

Gayatri Waterfalls-A Beautiful Waterfall Cascading Over River Kadem In The Adilabad District Of Telangana (2024)

A beautiful waterfall cascading over River Kadem in the Adilabad district of Telangana, Gayatri waterfalls is one of the many waterfalls in and around Nirmal town. If you do a bit of research about this area, then you would know how popular this area is for its numerous stunning waterfalls including Kuntala waterfall and Pochera falls.

Colloquially known by the name of Gadgidha Gundam or Mukti Gundam, these waterfalls secretly nestled in between the deep woods of the Tarnam Khurd Village, Gayatri waterfall is well known for its beautiful scenic and panoramic views. Away from the crazy claws of monotonous city life and greed of human eye, Gayatri waterfalls are tucked amidst a natural habitat in a remote place inside a lush tropical forest. Approximately 5 km away from Tarnam Khurd, near Neredigonda of Adiilabad district, Gayatri waterfall is one of the perfect tourist places in Hyderabad for those travellers who are looking forward to spend some quality time in peace while sitting in the lap of nature.


Those travellers who are a bit of adventure junkies, would be pleased to know that other than natural picturesque beauty, the spot also offers moderate to challenging trekking opportunities to its visitors. Since Kuntala falls and Pochera falls are located in close proximity, you can easily combine them in one visit. Want to know more about this amazing place? If yes, then continue reading!

Location: Near Gundiwangu GP: Mankapur, Ichoda, Telangana 504307

Things You Can Do At Gayatri Waterfalls

Other than admiring nature’s beauty and glory at its prime, there is a lot more you can do when visiting this amazing tourist place in Hyderabad. There is so much for you to do, that there will hardly be a moment you will get bored. Some of the activities which will keep you engaged and ensure your entertainment are:

  1. Shop at Nirmal: If you are a shopaholic, then you can’t absolutely say no to this. Since the town of Nirmal comes on your way to the Gayatri waterfalls, you can easily halt here and avail the chance of enjoying a little shopping time here. The area is pretty well known for its unique and gorgeous paintings. These paintings are popular by the name of Nirmal Paintings. Other than paintings, you can also buy souvenirs or little unique art pieces from the town of Nirmal. Some of the signature showpieces that the town is famous for includes figurines, toys and are other similar articles.  
  2. Swim in the Pool: Watching the water cascading down surely makes you fascinated enough to take a dip inside and experience the cool of the pristine clear waters. Since the water falls down from the Gayatri waterfall to collect at the bottom to form a small pool, the visitors can easily swim in the pool area and relish the freshness of the water. Just to avoid any mishaps, be a little careful while standing or swimming in the pool area as there are rocks at the bottom of the pool and it can get a bit slippery at times. Though you can easily take a dip or two in the fresh waters but avoid going too deep as submerged rocks lying underneath can be dangerous. 
  3. Go for a picturesque trek: When at Gayatri waterfalls, the visitors can go on an on – foot trek of approximately 5 kms from Tarnam Khurd village to the waterfalls. It is absolutely safe. The interested people can even get guides from the village or even take help from the local people. They are very helpful and doing this will not only guide you to reach the waterfall easily but will also help you save some time. To reach the base of the waterfall, you need to trek through the forest. Park your vehicle at Tarnam and start with a brief walk that will take you to a small water stream which is one of the creeks of river Kadem. Once you cross the stream, on walking further for about half an hour you will finally reach cotton and soya fields after which the dense forest begins. On your way, you will come across beautiful landscapes and lush green grassland. The way as well as the destination are worth all the trouble. 
  4. Click Some Gorgeous Pictures: Since Gayatri waterfalls is blessed with supreme natural beauty, you can get a number of stunning photographs. The place has splendid top views as well. Moreover, on looking closely the surrounding places that fall en route are picturesque too, especially the large green grasslands. You can even capture a mesmerising sunset view here also. So, make sure to keep your cameras handy.

Best Time To Visit Gayatri Waterfalls

It is believed that to experience the glory of Gayatri waterfalls at its prime, the best time to visit is during the peak monsoon season. However, if visiting in monsoon is not possible for you, other two great months that you can consider are September and October, as they have favourable weather too.  Best Time To Visit Gayatri Waterfalls

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How to Reach Gayatri Waterfalls?

By Air: nearest Airport is Hyderabad

By Train: nearest railway station is Aadilabad

By Road: Local buses are easily available from Hyderabad that take you to Aadilabad. By cabs, taxis or local buses, you can only go till Tarnam Khurd village. From there you have to take a 5 km on – foot trek to reach the waterfalls.

Distance from Hyderabad

Gayatri Falls are located at distance of around 270 kms from Hyderabad.  

Entry Fee: As far as expenses are concerned, you can be completely relaxed as visitors don’t have to pay any entry fee to witness the beautiful Gayatri waterfalls.

Opening Hours: This is one of the best tourist places in Hyderabad, that you can accommodate anywhere in your itinerary as it is open for 24 hours. For catching sunset views, visit during evening hours.

Gayatri waterfalls is undeniable one of the most picturesque and naturally beautiful tourist places in Hyderabad that you must visit.

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