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Alibaug - Amazing Beaches in the Konkan Coast of Maharashtra

7 Amazing Beaches in the Konkan Coast of Maharashtra (2024)

The coastal area of Maharashtra is the connecting point to the State of Goa. The strip has several beautiful beaches that offer respite to tourists. While Goa, that’s Maharashtra’s neighbour, has a slightly western demeanor, the beaches, and villages in Maharashtra that offer the perfect combination of the rural and urban, with just the right dash of Maharashtrian culture and diversity. Here is a list of the top beaches in Konkan Coast of Maharashtra:

7 Amazing Beaches in the Konkan Coast of Maharashtra

1. Alibaug

Alibaug is a scenic, coastal area that is around an hour’s jetty ride from Mumbai. It has a clump of beaches that are nearby each other. Alibaug beach is one of the most famous because of its cleanliness and controlled commercial activity.

Alibaug is closest to Mumbai and Pune. From Mumbai, the most scenic route is the sea route. There is always a jetty to take you from Mumbai to Alibaug, except in the rainy season. From Pune, the best way to reach Alibaug is the two-hour road drive.

Alibaug - Amazing Beaches in the Konkan Coast of Maharashtra

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The beach is a favourite for groups, families, and couples. The more adventurous can also opt for the water sport activities at the beach. The beach has hawkers and vendors selling street food, ensuring that the tourists have a comfortable and memorable time at the beach.

2. Diveagar Beach

A mountain range surrounds the Diveagar Beach, giving a perfect view. The beach is perfect for long walks as well. There are water sports available here as well, and the local hotels and eating joints offer scrumptious local dishes.

It is a long beach and is home to a commercial zone as well as a calm, silent zone. You need to decide what kind of beach outing you want and then proceed.

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Diveagar is between Mumbai and Pune. You will need to board a bus to reach Diveagar from Pune, which is a six-hour journey. From Mumbai, you will need to take a bus as well, and the distance between the two is about 170 kilometers.

3. Aare Ware Beach

Ganpatipule in Maharashtra offers a unique experience. The place has several cultural, historical, and contemporary places for tourists and one of the most exciting ones is the Aare Ware beach. The main Ganpatipule beach is crowded because of the devotees flocking to the Ganpatipule temple, but the Aare Ware beach offers a pristine locale and an incredibly serene experience.

Aare Ware Beach-Amazing Beach in the Konkan Coast of MaharashtraImage Source

You can reach Aare Ware beach either from Pune, Mumbai or Goa. Are Ware beach is about 280 km from Goa by road. From Pune, the distance to Aare Ware is more than 300 km. From Mumbai, it is about 350 km. There are connecting railway lines from Mumbai Central station as well.

4. Bhogwe Beach

And now we come to one of the most secluded beaches on the Konkan coast, the Bhogwe Beach. Tourists pride in the fact that Bhogwe Beach has truly little commercial activity. The restaurants nearby are run by residents adding to the economy.

Best Bhogwe Beach in the Konkan Coast of Maharashtra

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You can reach Bhogwe beach from either Mumbai, Pune, or Goa. From Mumbai, it is a ten-hour drive. From Pune, it’s a roughly nine-hour drive and a four-hour drive from Goa.

5. Harihareshwar Beach

The Harihareshwar temple is an important landmark in the Konkan region, and so is the Harihareshwar beach. The beach has a unique rocky shoulder, quite like the Anjuna Beach in Goa. There is plenty of commercial activity on the beach, including water sports, making it a popular option for family and group outings. It’s a pilgrimage center and has a temple in its vicinity.

Harihareshwar Beach in the Konkan Coast of MaharashtraImage Source

You can reach Harihareshwar from Pune and Mumbai, with both being around 220 kilometers away from Harihareshwar.

6. Murud Beach

Murud is a famous tourist location. Tourists from all over flock to this place for dolphin viewing. The beach has water sports as well. The local eateries offer lip-smacking local cuisine. One of the unique tourist activities on this beach is horse-riding.

To reach Murud from Mumbai, you would need to drive for around 4 hours; the distance is a little less than 145 km. The distance between Pune and Murud is more, a little shy of 200 km, making it an almost six-hour drive.

Amazing Murud Beach in the Konkan Coast of MaharashtraImage Source

The area is famous for the Janjira fort as well, which serves as a background for the Murud beach.

7. Kashid Beach

Kashid Beach is a famous beach, with many groups planning their weekend sojourn here. The beach has some commercial activity on the weekends and is relatively empty on the weekdays. There are a few hotels in the vicinity and non-franchise cottages and hotels as well.

Kashid Beach-Amazing Beach in the Konkan Coast of Maharashtra

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The beach is about 130 km from Mumbai. You can reach Kashid by ferry as well. From Pune, you can reach Kashid beach in a little more than 5 hours, the distance between the two is about 200 km.

These are the top beaches in the Konkan area. To reach them, you can plan your journey from Mumbai, Pune, or Goa.

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