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Top 8 Restaurants In Jabalpur Which Are Famous For Serving Spectacular Food (2024)

Located by the bank of the gorgeous river Narmada, Jabalpur is one of the most important cities of Madhya Pradesh. The place is most known in the world for the magnificent Marble Rocks and the breathtakingly mesmerizing Dhuandhar Waterfall. As Jabalpur was also quite historically significant for Madhya Pradesh, you will find different temples in the city that have been in existence for many decades. Jabalpur is a busy city and workplace for millions of people, but it is also a popular tourist destination in India. That is why Jabalpur has a lot of different categories of restaurants, which will quite surely satisfy everyone’s taste buds. If you are planning on visiting Jabalpur, knowing the top destinations located over there is not enough. You need to know about the best restaurants to try in Jabalpur so that you do not miss some fantastic eateries.

In this blog, you will get all the necessary information about the top eateries in the city of Jabalpur, where you will get to try a wide variety of cuisines. Many people have this misconception that people in Madhya Pradesh mainly consume vegetarian food, but it is not valid. Once you enter Jabalpur, you will change your mind. You will find restaurants serving different food from Indian, Local, Continental, and other cuisines. So, without wasting much time, let us embark on a culinary journey in Jabalpur.

Top 8 Restaurants In Jabalpur Which Are Famous For Serving Spectacular Food

The restaurants included in the following section of this blog are quite popular among the people living in Jabalpur. Tourists visiting there from all around the world, also prefer to visit the following eateries.

1. Coffee Culture

If you are fond of coffee and want to try different variations, then Coffee Culture is an excellent restaurant in Jabalpur. The eatery usually focuses on mocktails, coffee, and milkshakes, but it serves a wide variety of snacks and desserts. As the chefs of the eatery always experiment with food, you will be able to try unique versions of different dishes. In case you ever visit there, do not forget to try the fried chicken basket, which they serve with lemon chili, Jamaican Jerk, and Peri Peri spices.

As the restaurant is quite famous for being pretty affordable, do not forget to try the most renowned cappuccino and chocolate milkshakes. It is a great place to hang out with your friends.

Address: 44 Kingsway Cantt Citi Bazar Building Pentinaka Sadar Jabalpur, Jabalpur 482001 India.

Website: http://coffeeculture.co.in/.

Phone Number: 091744 55660.

2. Takht Hazara

Takht Hazara is one of the top restaurants to try in Jabalpur as it is one of the most popular eateries over there. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you will be pleased as the ambiance is quite extraordinary. Most people love to try the buffet offered by Takht Hazara as it allows them to work a wide variety of delicious dishes. At an affordable rate, you will be able to try starters, main course, and dessert items more than you can ever eat. In case you opt-out of the restaurant’s buffet option, do not forget to try the barbeque.

But the eatery also allows guests to opt for the a la carte menu. If you prefer to get the a la carte menu, you must try the sizzlers while dining at Takht Hazara.

Takht Hazara- Best Restaurant In JabalpurImage Source

Address: 114/2 and 107, Mandla – Jabalpur Rd, Tilhari, Madhya Pradesh 482008.

Website: http://www.vijanmahal.com/.

Phone Number: 0761 407 6666.

3. The Yellow Chilli

The Yellow chili is one of the most famous franchise restaurants in India, and this branch of the eatery in Jabalpur is entirely fabulous. Primarily the restaurant serves Punjabi, Mughlai, and Chinese cuisines. When you go there, you should not miss out on their famous Dal Fry and Tandoori chicken. As globally renowned chef Sanjiv Kapoor founded the restaurant, you can be assured that the food served over there tastes excellent. The restaurant also experiments with different dishes.

In case you plan on visiting The Yellow Chilli, remember the place is not cheap, and dining over there would cost you some money. Before leaving the eatery, remember to try the Gulabjamun stuffed with Gulkhand as it is one of the best desserts.

Top Restaurant In Jabalpur-The Yellow ChilliImage Source

Address: Ground Floor, Dixit Pride Mall, near Tayebali petrol pump, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 482001.

Website: http://www.theyellowchilli.com/.

Phone Number: 0761 698 9898.

4. Wok N More

In case you love Chinese food, Wok N More is one of the top restaurants in Jabalpur for you. As this eatery is an authentic Chinese restaurant, you will be able to try out dishes that are impeccably delicious and mouth-watering. Apart from Chinese dishes, Wok N More also specializes in Tibetan delicacies like Thupka, Momo, and others. Not only the food but also the ambiance of the eatery is quite astounding. You will have a great time there if you visit Wok N More with your friends or family.

In case you go there, remember to try some popular dishes served over there, including Burmese Curry, Crispy chicken, Paneer Teppanyaki, Thai Noodles, and others. You will be quite satisfied with the taste as the price of each item over there is quite reasonable.

Address: Ridge Road, Jabalpur 482001 India.

Website: http://woknmore.petpooja.com/.

Phone Number: Not available.

5. Roopali Restaurant

Roopali restaurant is one of the most wholesome and affordable eateries in Jabalpur, where you will get to try hearty Indian meals at affordable prices. The restaurant has a good reputation as it has been in existence since 1976. Apart from the excellent taste of the dishes available in the eatery, the restaurant is also famous for its cleanliness. As the eatery serves purely vegetarian food, you will not be able to find any dish involving protein. That is why you must try the famous Kaju curry, Yellow Dal and Malai Kofta when you visit.

Even though the eatery’s ambiance is not that flashy, people still go there to taste delicious food, which is prepared quickly. As the restaurant is located in the Napier town of Jabalpur, you will be able to identify it quickly.

Address: 1994, Naudra Bridge, Opp Jyoti Cinema, Napier Town, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 482001.

Website: https://roopalirestaurant.business.site/.

Phone Number: 088188 95529.

6. Best Choice

Best Choice is one of the few places in the world that has successfully prepared a burger even more delicious than the chicken burger by KFC. When you visit Jabalpur, you will notice that people are more interested in Best Choice eatery than KFC while getting fast food. The reason behind this is logic is pretty simple. Best Choice prepares chicken burgers, crispy chicken, and other items of the menu of any KFC store in an Indian way. When you try the chicken burger in Best Choice, you will note that the chicken is way crispier and tastier than KFC. The best part about the eatery is that every item on its menu is extremely affordable.

Even though the seating arrangement of the restaurant is not extraordinary, but it is unique. You will be able to enjoy your meal in the garden of the eatery. It is a great place to hang out with your friends.

Best Choice Is Top Restaurant In JabalpurImage Source

Address: Jabalpur Hospital to Shastri Bridge Rd, Napier Town, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 482001.

Website: Not available.

Phone Number: 094251 60202.

7. New Pawar Restaurant

New Pawar Restaurant is also one of the top restaurants to try in Jabalpur if you are a lover of vegetarian food. This restaurant is not for you if you cannot live without protein. The eatery is pretty popular among both locals and tourists visiting Jabalpur as it serves delicious food at extremely affordable costs. As the eatery serves, Chinese and Indian cuisines, you will be able to try a wide array of dishes. The location of the eatery is pretty convenient as well. You will not have any problem finding it.

It is a great place to visit with your family or loved ones. If you go there, remember to try the Vegetarian Thali. In that Thali, you will get to try different delicious dishes. Moreover, not only is the Thali fulfilling, but also it is incredibly cheap.

New Pawar Restaurant- Best Restaurant In Jabalpur

Image Source

Address: Model Road, Near Old Bus Stand, MP SH 22, Wright Town, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 482002.

Website: https://new-pawar-restaurant.business.site/.

Phone Number: 073542 41888.

8. Indian Coffee House

If you are from India or have ever been there, you will know that Indian Coffee Houses are a big part of the country’s culinary journey. These cafes are located in major cities of the country. Similarly, Jabalpur also has an Indian Coffee house, even though the restaurant menu in Jabalpur is pretty different, you will have a lovely time with your loved ones if you visit there.

If you go there, do not forget to try the famous filter coffee in the Indian Coffee house. In case you are planning on having your meal over there, remember to try dishes from the South Indian menu over there. Especially the Vada Sambhar is pretty popular in Indian Coffee House.

Top Jabalpur Restaurant-Indian Coffee HouseImage Source

Address: 9 Indian Coffee House, Ashoka Road Sadar, Jabalpur 482001 India.

Website: http://www.indiancoffeehousejabalpur.com/.

Phone Number: Not available.

All the eateries included in this article are some of the top restaurants to visit in Jabalpur. You will have an excellent time and a hearty meal, no matter which restaurant you choose from this blog.

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