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Visit Marine National Park: A Set Of Forty-One Islands That Is A Haven For Marine Life In Devbhumi Dwarka District In Gujarat

Visit Marine National Park: A Set Of Forty-One Islands That Is A Haven For Marine Life In Devbhumi Dwarka District In Gujarat (2024)

The Marine National Park is a set of forty-one islands that is a haven for marine life. It is one of the most popular tourist locations in Gujarat and is in the Devbhumi Dwarka district in Gujarat. The name of this place is the Narara Marine National Park.

Marine National Park Experience

As the name suggests, it is a conserved location for marine life and is home to more than seven hundred species of marine life, including fish.

The visit to the Marine National Park is a very economic outing in Gujarat. The entry ticket is 100 rupees, and you will need to pay 100 rupees if you wish to photograph. You might think that the entry fee is steep compared to the other tourist locations, but the experience that you have is worth it. You also get to click photos legally, something that is not available in many other places. So, it makes for an excellent outing for everyone, those interested in biology, those interested in marine life, and those interested in wildlife and marine life photography.

The Marine National Park is an excellent location for photographers who want to try out nature and marine photography. It is also the perfect location for anyone looking to spend some time in natural waters.

Marine National Park-In Devbhumi Dwarka, Gujarat

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The area is full of water bodies that are the ecosystem for marine life. You will need to check out the high tide and the low tide, as you will not be able to venture out in the water bodies during high tide.

Because this is marine life and you will need to be sharp-sighted to spot the various aquatic animals, it’s a good idea to hire a guide who knows the place well and will give you knowledgeable information about the animals that you see.

You can spend hours at the Marine National Park because it is a surreal experience, walking through the beach-like place and looking at marine life. It is rare to see this kind of marine life anywhere, as this is a complete ecological system and not a random beach.

Marine National Park Experience
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The Marine National Park is one of the best tourist locations in Gujarat, and everyone visiting Gujarat should make a point to travel to this destination. However, keep in mind that the temperature in Gujarat is high, and you are at a beach for a couple of hours. So, you will need to ensure that you have everything you would need for a long day out at the beach, beginning with hats and sunglasses.

Also, make sure that you are wearing proper footwear geared towards walking in the water for at least a couple of hours. The recommended is rubber footwear that gives you a firm grip, as you will have to wade in shallow water for a while. You will also need to check the timings of the low tide and the high tide, as you will not be able to get the complete experience if you are here during the high tide. It is only during the low tide that the water recedes, you get the spectacular view of the riverbed – and when the experience of the high tide beginning and water rushing on, licking at your toes.

Places to Visit Near Marine National Park

Best Place to Visit Near Marine National Park-Lakhota Palace

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There are several other places near Jamnagar and Rajkot that you can visit. You have the Khijadia Bird Sanctuary as well as the Lakhota Palace. Further, you can travel to the Bhujio Kotho and the Bala Hanuman Temple. These destinations are within fifty kilometers of the Marine National Park, so you will need to arrange for transport. If you are planning to spend the whole day, it makes sense to book a private vehicle, as looking for transport all through the day will be a hassle some experience. One choice is to speak to the hotel that you are staying in about hiring cabs and private vehicles for a day.

Place to Visit Near Marine National Park-Khijadia Bird SanctuaryImage Source

For example, the Khijadia Bird Sanctuary is three hours away from the Marine National Park. The Lakhota National Park is also three hours away. The Bhujio Kotho is a three-hour drive from the Marine National Park as well. The Bala Hanuman Temple is about an hour and a half from the Marine National Park.

Before you book your hotel rooms, make sure that you read the fine print and make sure of the amenities and services that the hotel provides. In some cases, the hotels might not allow unmarried couples to book the same room, while other hotels might not allow smoking and drinking on the premises. Other hotels will not allow pets.

How To Reach Marine National Park?

The nearest airport to the Marine National Park is the Jamnagar Airport. The airport is at about seven kilometers. If you plan to travel by train, Gujarat connects well with all states in India. You will find several bus routes as well that ply to Gujarat and Jamnagar.

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