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Visit Ahmedpur-Mandvi Beach Near Diu: The Goa Experience in Gujarat

Visit Ahmedpur-Mandvi Beach Near Diu: The Goa Experience in Gujarat (2024)

The Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach is in the Gir Somnath district near Diu. The actual location of the Ahmedpur Mandvi beach is about 370 KM away from Ahmednagar. The stretch of Diu and Daman is popular among casual tourists along the coastline as a mini Goa because of the number of beaches and tourist lifestyle that’s prevalent here.

The distance between Mandvi Beach and the nearby Ghogla Beach is about 100 meters. If you are planning to visit the Mandvi Beach in Ahmedpur, read this article to know what to expect.

Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach Experience

The Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach has just recently become a famous tourist location, so the crowds have now started to increase. However, it is still one of the most calming experiences one can have in the area.

Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach is the perfect amalgamation of beach life and some adrenalin. You will find some beach sports around here, including ATV biking.

Mandvi Beach - The Goa Experience in Gujarat

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The Ahmedpur Beach and the Ghogla Beach nearby are popular among tourists for dolphin sightings. You can book this activity with the locals that offer boating services at the Beach.

Apart from this, Mandvi Beach in Ahmedpur also offers watersports like parasailing and water-skiing. Also, the villages and hamlets nearby are fishing villages. If you venture into them and spend an hour or so, you get an idea of the fisherfolk’s lifestyle and how they spend their day.

You will also be able to hire camel as well as horses for a ride. The other good experience here is the several stalls serving street food. So, this is a perfect opportunity for someone looking to taste the street cuisine of Gujarat and the beach food that is available on the beaches of Gujarat.

Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach offers a lot of opportunities for photographers as well, as some fishing villages surround it. If you can befriend the villagers, you can get some great shots of the fisherfolk and their boats, traditionally some of the best subjects for photography.

It is a 6 KM stretch in all, so you have all the space you’d need for a stroll along with that special someone or family. And because it is such a long beach, the beach visitors can space out and enjoy a couple of hours of calm and serenity, the two things that are almost impossible to get in the urban set up that we all live in.

You can spend a couple of hours here, either in the morning or the afternoon. Of course, you get a beautiful view of the setting sun if you make it during the evening or the exquisite view of the rising sun if you come that early.

One unique aspect of the Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach is the architecture that you see around. Some of the buildings and structures date back to almost a hundred years, so you can see the architecture of an era that’s passed us. You will see bungalows and palaces and temples all around.

The Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach has such a mix of architecture because back in the day, the Portuguese held the ports of Daman and Diu.

Daman and Diu are popular among tourists, so you will find several resorts and hotels that offer you accommodations at all budgets.

However, if you are booking online, make sure that you read the terms and conditions. There are cases where the hotels won’t allow unmarried couples to spend the night in the same room, might not allow pets. Therefore, make it a point to clarify these aspects if they affect you.

While the Beach is a delight to visit, more local experiences await you, like the Mandvi morning markets.

Places To Visit Near Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach

The various locations that you visit nearby are the Somnath Temple and Somnath Beach. You can also visit the Paanch Pandava Gufa. If you are for the weekend, you can also visit the Triveni Sangam Temple and the Laxminarayan Temple. The Somnath Temple and Beach are about two hour’s drive from the Beach. The Panch Pandava caves are about two hours away from the Beach.

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How to Reach Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach?

Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach is very well connected. The nearest airport is Keshod, which is about fifteen kilometers away from the Beach and has regular flights from destinations like Mumbai. If you are planning to travel via train, the nearest train station is Delaware, at a distance of about 9 KM from the Beach.

How to Reach Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach?
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The Government has included Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach in the list of fourteen beaches that will promote Beach Tourism in India and Gujarat. So, Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach is all set to play a role in Gujarat and Indian tourism.

If you plan to travel by road, several private buses ply this route, as well as the State Government buses. The Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach is about half an hour’s drive from Diu.

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