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City Market - The Sight-Seeing Destination In Savannah, Georgia

Visit Savannah, Georgia: What Pulls A Visitor Towards Savannah & What are the Best Sight-Seeing Destinations There (2024)

Savannah in the Georgia state consists of miraculous spots that you cannot think of. The majority of its locations are intended and designated as a perfect family destination. One can enjoy a blissful outing in the parks, streets, market places, restaurants. After hearing the word Savannah, one thing that crops up in mind is the local streets’ viewpoint, which is in an explicit formation with the coating of the moss-laden oak trees. Also, Savannah is known for its attractive and vibrant coastal landscapes. Various other factors make Savannah in Georgia a unique and most favourable holiday location for the visitors.

What Is The Best Food We Can Get In Savannah, Georgia?

The locals’ food items that are quite famous and suggested by the locals are the Fried green tomatoes, which was initially introduced in 1991. It has been one of the most delicious and preferred dishes tasted by many tourists coming to Savannah in Georgia. Even many of the cookbooks also mention the recipe for this incredible dish. Just don’t miss out on having the fried green tomatoes of Savannah city. These are pretty much available in almost every restaurant and hotel. So you can begin your journey with the ideal family breakfast.

Besides the eating plan, Savannah delivers various beverages that are quite popular there, and the new guest should try some of those. In addition, the locals and tourists are free to carry their cocktails out of the bar. Simply place the order at the order, and then you are allowed to take that with you outside.

What Pulls A Visitor Towards Savannah, Georgia?

The new travellers still know relatively less about the city of Savannah in Georgia. Apart from having an alluring coastal region, Savannah in the United States is famous for its structural design, history, and other great leaders of ancient America.

Guess what? Savannah has always been the most haunted one out of the entire United States. The most haunted sites of Savannah city comprises:

1. Hamilton turner Inn

This location came into notice and became prominent for its Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Hamilton turner Inn in Savannah has a lot of things which can make you frightened. There are so many paranormal activists who are involved in experiments over evils. There are various instances where the paranormal activists have witnessed ghosts or ghosts’ shadows in the lobby. They have also even spotted the sounds of the children laughing and shouting, who is not even there. A stranger sitting on the hotel’s roof and smoking a cigar is also one of the scariest incidents discovered here.

2. Marshall House

It is also a hotel named the haunted hotels of all time of Savannah in the United States. Back in the year 1851, the Marshall House was used as a hospital thrice. For the very first time, it was used by the Union soldiers and two times for the treatment of the yellow fever epidemic.

3. The Pirates House

In the previous phases, this spot, Pirates House, a restaurant, was a saloon and a leisure place for the seafarers from outside. Still, the tragic past of the Pirates House cannot be forgotten. Even today, certain mysteries are unsolved.

4. Moon River Brewing Company

By its name, the Moon River Brewing Company is a beer manufacturing unit, which is also a haunted house. It has been claimed by tourists who landed at this location that they have seen a woman wearing a white cloth and is walking on staircases heading towards the basement. It is not a frightening spot for the visitors unless they do not go to the staircases of the basement.

The Dark Side Of Savannah

What people ask before planning a trip to Savannah or Charleston is whether it is safe to visit there? With so many criminal reports and evolving crime rates, Savannah’s city is not at all a safe destination, especially in the night time. Almost 900 cases were registered in the year 2017, and the figure was somewhere identical in the year 2018 as well.

Whenever you are planning to go there, show courtesy to your safety. It is highly suggested to carry safety equipments in your luggage that would be acting as a protector for your family.

Some Of The Sight-Seeing Destinations In Savannah:

1. City Market

The City Market of Savannah has a variety of stores, resting spots, eatery, etc. Here you can come up with your family as it is a family-friendly location to enjoy. Tons of live concerts are held in the City Market in Savannah, and loads of guests out there praise the melodious music. Going there on a sunny afternoon is a fabulous opportunity. 

2. The Historic Savannah Theatre

The Historic Theatre is the one that is still running and the oldest theatre of both Savannah and the United States. Such a fact would give the visitor to make a trip for the Historic Savannah Theatre. It has a very dense history. It all started with the completion in the year 1818 with an opening in December. The locals often go to enjoy shows there, mainly at the time of dark. This theatre is becoming a major segment in the nightlife of the city of Savannah in Georgia.

3. The Wilkes House

Take a tour of the Wilkes House, and here you will hit upon some of the traditional dishes of the Savannah, which are okra, cornbreads, fried chicken, sweet potatoes, and other things too by the menu. The menu card is decided according to the seasonal changes, so you can visit there in a specific month to enjoy the Wilkes House’s specialties.

4. Fort Pulaski National Museum

This fort of Savannah in the United States was built in the 1800s. The fort is situated on an isolated island in the river between Savannah and Tybee Island. The Fort Pulaski National Museum design is so dynamic, and it resembles an image of a war-like situation. Moreover, there is a big park at the entrance where you can see the national flag rising high. The inside of the Museum has a lighthouse. The structure is quite vast and noteworthy.

5. Tricentennial Park

For long walks through a path or a family picnic, this location would be great. If you are with the little ones, then you would be feeling more enlightened. Here are various kinds of Museum as well, which includes Battlefield Memorial Park and Savannah History Museum. You can prefer anything out of the two spots or can walk in the park as per your convenience.

6. Leopold’s

This place is loved by many; there is no difference in any age group. Anyone can walk in and eventually feels pleased without having any regrets to stop at Leopold’s. Leopold in Savannah offers one of the top-notch ice creams to the guests. Tutti-Frutt ice cream is the one most preferred one among all. Since 1919, the ice cream parlour design has remained the same. Stratton Leopold, the Hollywood producer, opened it. A long queue is there 24/7, so you may have to wait for a while to place your order, but you will still enjoy it there after all.

7. University of Georgia Aquarium

On Skidaway Island in Savannah, you can discover this remarkable aquarium and the marine education center too. It is a paradise for heaps of aquatic species that are found in the Georgia State. The creatures featured in the aquarium include African Moony, African Pancake Tortoise, Bicolor Angelfish, Manta Ray, American Lobster, Arc-Eye Hawkfish, and many more.

8. The Olde Pink House Restaurant

Another wonderful restaurant or house based touring spot is the Olde Pink House Restaurant. It carries a gorgeous style on the inside, but it is declared a haunted site for decades. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor dining, the fun would be equally distributed to you along with your acquaintance. The appetizers of here deliver various options, which also serve the legendary dish of the Savannah city, which are fried green tomatoes. Ratings and reviews about the Olde Pink House Restaurants are so satisfactory, so you must visit here to give your venture more to cheer.

9. Andrew Low House

It is not false to call Savannah city the land of Home trips. Another site that is quite ancient and unique is recognized as Andrew Low House in Savannah. It was constructed fully in the year 1864. The sources have confirmed that this house was made as a public place after the death of Juliette Gordon Low. When Juliette Gordon Low died, her house was sold to the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America.

Summing Up

Those were the places that you would be seeking in the haunted city of Savannah in the United States. Savannah is quite a mysterious destination, but it still is a majestic one for the tourists going there with family. Do share your experience if you ever visit there and not miss out on the places we have discussed.

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