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Tithal Beach in Valsad

Visit Tithal Beach in Valsad (2024)

Tithal Beach is in Valsad, Gujarat, and one of the most popular tourist locations in the area. Tithal Beach is popular among locals and tourists because of its black sand and the watersports that are available at budget prices. If you plan to visit Tithal Beach, read this article to find out what to expect.

The Tithal Beach Experience

Tithal Beach is a hotspot with the perfect mixture of beach life and a calming aspect. Tithal Beach is refreshingly clean, and that adds to its beauty. You can take long walks on the beachfront and even go bathing in the water. You will see several locals come here for an evening out at the beach.

Tithal Beach is also famous for being one of the first beaches that are differently-abled friendly beach. Another much-talked aspect of the beach is black sand. There are very few beaches in the West and North that has black sand, so that makes it a unique experience as well.

A visit to the Tithal Beach is a good option for the religiously inclined as well. On the shores of the beach, you have a Saibaba temple, a Vishnu temple, and the BAPS Swaminarayan temple.

Tithal Beach has something for everyone. It has kiosks that sell beach food and exciting rides for children as well as adults. The Bouncy Castle for kids is something that will keep the children engrossed for a while. You will find the typical rides at the beach, like the camel rides, the horse cart and the horse rides, etc. At the time of writing this article, Tithal Beach had more rides for children than the other beaches in Gujarat. You will also see ATVs, but there aren’t many watersport activities available at Tithal Beach. Tithal Beach in Valsad

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Tithal Beach is by far the most popular beach in Gujarat, and you will see many Mumbaikars here for weekends as well. Tithal Beach is nearer to Mumbai than it is to Ahmedabad, and it’s about a three-hour drive from Mumbai to Tithal. The beach food, the watersports, and the options for children make all of it an excellent outing option for the entire family.

You will enjoy your time here, and there’s something for everyone at the beach. You spend the day at the beach in sultry Gujarat, so make sure you pack your sunglasses and your hat and even sun-screen. The good thing about Tithal Beach is that the vendors are right at the beginning, and so are the rides, so you can decide on what activities you wish to take part right at the beginning.

Depending on when you reach the beach, you get an excellent view of the sunrise and the sunset, so plan accordingly. Tithal Beach, like most other beaches, is a perfect venue for photographers looking for locations for pre-wedding photography, pre-pregnancy photoshoots, and shoot candids and capture some natural landscape in their lenses.

Stay Options Near Tithal Beach

Tithal Beach is about two hours away from Surat, which is a business as well as a tourist hub. So, if you have the time and the budget, you can spend a weekend in Gujarat and visit the other places in Surat. You have the Dutch Gardens, the Dumas Beach, the Sardar Patel Museum, the Hajira Village, and the Dandi Beach. Tithal Beach is about an hour’s drive from Surat.

Visit the Other Best Place in Surat-Dutch Gardens
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If you are looking for cheap accommodation, you can even look at the dormitories in Surat, which is about two hour’s drive from Tithal.

Dormitories are large halls that offer cots and a place to store your belongings. The dormitories are the best option for large groups and those looking to spend their holidays on a budget. There can be some restrictions, you might need to return to the dorm at a particular time in the evening, and the dorms might not have food arrangements, though some have kitchens, and you can prepare tea and light breakfast.

Stay Option Near Tithal Beach-Dormitories
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Dormitories offer their services for as low as 300 rupees. Do not confuse the dormitories with the cheap lodgings that are not the best places to spend the evening or night at.

You can spend around an hour or so at Tithal Beach, exploring it and the food and amenities that it offers. If you are looking for accommodation in and near Tithal, several hotels offer accommodation at cheap budgets. For example, you can stay over at the Silver Sands Beach Resort, or the Maa Hotel, which at the time of writing this article was an OYO hotel. You can also look at the Hotel Blue Bells. If you are looking for budget accommodation, check out the Atithi Guesthouse, at Station Road.

Places to Visit Near Tithal Beach

There are several places of tourist interest in Valsad that you can visit., Visit the Swaminarayan Temple, the Shri Sai Baba Temple, the Parnera Hill, the Lady Wilson Museum, and some more. The best way to ensure that you visit all the places in Valsad is to sign up with one of the local tour operators that offer you tour packages for a couple of days or even one day. These tour operators offer you a complete package, right from stay to travel and experiences, you might have to pay for food in some cases.

Place to Visit Near Tithal Beach-Swaminarayan Temple
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How To Reach Tithal Beach?

Tithal Beach is in Valsad, and Valsad connects well with other places in Gujarat and other cities. The distance from Mumbai to Tithal is about 200 km. From Ahmedabad, it is about 350 km. The nearest train station to Tithal is Surat, which is about 100 km away from Tithal. Surat connects well via rail and road. You can travel to Surat via road as well. You will see several private buses running on routes that have Surat as a stop, and there are State Transport buses as well.

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