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Lady Bird Lake in Austin

Austin Travel Guide: 10 Most Captivating Places to Visit In Austin (2024)

Austin Travel Guide

Austin, which is also the capital city of Texas, holds the title of being the second-largest state capital of the United States. The city of Austin came into existence in 1839. The city was named after the eminent personality Stephen F. Austin. He was popularly known as the Father of Texas.

Additionally, Austin, in Texas at present, is the most vital educational and administrative center. You can even find the well-known University of Texas in Austin. Some major attractions in Texas are the Bullock Texas State History Museum, State Capitol, and the Lyndon B. Johnson Library.

Which Period Would Sound Perfect For A Vacation in Austin, Texas?

The tourists mostly favour the months between September to November to plan a holiday in Austin, Texas. During these months, there is a slight rise in temperature and humidity in the sky. In the afternoon, the temperature in Austin is expected to be between 70 and 80.

Where to Stay in Texas at the Time Of Vacation?

For making the holiday under the budget, try to book mid-range hotels for accommodation. Hyatt Regency is an instance of the mid-range hotel category positioned on the renowned Colorado River harbour. This hotel is within walking distance from a bridge to downtown. Best Western Plus is another budget-friendly hotel alternative about 3 miles from downtown.

Read further to know more about other most favourable locations to Visit in Austin, Texas in the United States.

10 Most Captivating Places to Visit In Austin

1. Lady Bird Lake

The Colorado River is the reason behind the formation of Lady Bird Lake. The lake is just a part of the river. Lady Bird Lake was named after Lyndon Johnson’s wife. The water body is about 416 acres in length. It has also turned out as one of the leisure spots in Austin town. Around the lakeside, the seekers are likely to watch a big queue of hotels and shops. Most of the water edges are the ones which can be freely accessed by the locals and guests. Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail is the chief track down the shorelines. During the long walk through this track, you would be discovering loads of parks such as Eilers Neighborhood Park and Zilker Metropolitan Park. Beaches like Lamar Beach and Waller Beach are also expected for the visitors to encounter. Lady Bird Lake in AustinImage Source

2. State Capitol and Visitors Center

The State Capitol in Austin was fully intended in the year 1888, and currently, it is the residence to the State Governor’s Office because of its grounds and monuments. These grounds and monuments cover 22 acres of the land. It is the sixth tallest state capitol too due to its bizarre 308 feet height. Surprisingly, the State Capitol of Austin in Texas is taller than the US Capitol of Washington DC.

Place to Visit In Austin-State Capitol and Visitors CenterImage Source
In the Visitors Center, the guests will likely capture details regarding the ancient Austin and Texas State. It is positioned on the grounds of the State Capitol. Amazing deals such as free guided trips to the Capitol Building are provided almost every day, not on public holidays.

Address: 112 East 11th Street, Austin, Texas

3. Mexic-Arte Museum

The Mexic-Arte Museum of Austin displays artwork and cultures of the Mexican, Latino, and Latin American natives. Mexic-Arte Museum of Austin in Texas was established in 1983. Moreover, the Museum features a cluster of migration issues, border and Mexican Culture approval in Texas. Organizing “Family days” is also done under the supervision of the Museum. This program is held many times in a single year. It is free for visitors to watch and get immense knowledge of the unique artwork.

Best Place to Visit In Austin-Mexic-Arte MuseumImage Source
419 Congress Ave, Austin, Texas

4. University of Texas

The University of Texas is also used as a tourist destination that brings delightful spots for the voyagers. The Harry Ransom Center is available on the university campus, which has various stuff associated with literature. Furthermore, inside the university is the Texas Memorial Museum, which is enough to seize the visitors’ attention. The items on display in Texas Memorial Museum are based on the Lone Star State’s nature and tradition. Few dinosaur displays, gems, minerals, and fossils are also in the accounts, which are meant for both knowledge and entertainment. UT tower is another major landmark of the university, which has an incredible height of 307 feet.

Amazing Place to Visit In Austin-University of TexasImage Source
Gutenberg Bible of the 15th century and the first photograph are some of the items which fascinate the viewers.

5. Mount Bonnell

Mount Bonnell in Austin is well known for giving the tourists the most excellent hiking experience. As a tourist, you might hit upon the city’s highest point, which reaches a massive height of 775 feet. From that peak, you would get to gaze at the greatest views of the Austin town. Here you can capture the ideal pictures of both the Colorado River and the 360 Bridge. On the off days, this site has the majority of traffic. Avoid going to Mount Bonnell on the weekends if you fancy a peaceful family outing. The hiking tracks are also pet-friendly. The guests can take bliss in the picnic spots offered by Mount Bonnell.

Famous Place to Visit In Austin-Mount BonnellImage Source
3800 Mt. Bonnell Drive, Austin, Texas

6. Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum is another Texas’s tourist spots that holds a vast collection of documentation from the past. These historic paper works are linked with the long career of President Lyndon Baines Johnson. The structure was established in 1971. It was later gone under renovation in 2013. The Museum showcases the past issues which take in the Civil Right Movement evolution. Both the library and Museum can be accessed by the public on all weekdays, except the important holidays.

Popular Place to Visit In Austin-Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and MuseumImage Source
2313 Red River Street, Austin, Texas

7. McKinney Falls State Park

McKinney Falls State Park of Austin in Texas is another suggested location that should be of interest to the vacationers. Here the travellers hit upon the very remarkable waterfalls of the town. To get the company of the top-notch scenic landscapes far from the city, McKinney Falls State Park is getting a lot of admiration from the sight seekers. Almost half of the total land percentage of the site is covered by the camping spots. For travellers, there is a dynamic path that is 2.8 miles long. This hiking track is known as the Onion Creek Hike and Bike Trail.

Attraction Place to Visit In Austin-McKinney Falls State ParkImage Source

8. Bullock Texas State History Museum

Find out the utmost and interesting audio-visual materials in the Bullock Texas State History Museum, which features numerous facts about Texas’s state. A healthy quantity of artefacts is evidence to support the state’s story. Few displays of the Museum are as follows: fall of the Alamo, part of the oil industry in Texas, and Tejano tradition. For the kids and adults, the Museum is accountable for the organization of several events.

Top Place to Visit In Austin-Bullock Texas State History MuseumImage Source
1800 Congress Ave, Austin, Texas

9. An Evening in Congress Avenue Bridge

Here the tourists can get the best feeling during the sunset. In the evening, this alluring site turns so astonishing without a doubt. The Congress Avenue Bridge is the paradise of the Mexican free-tailed bats, which is even the largest bat settlement. In the sky, you would surely capture the high flying bat species in proper formation. The site also offers visitors numerous vantage points for admiring breath-taking views. The Bat Conservation Center, which lies at the southern part of the bridge, is important for making the trippers learn about the significance and protection of bats for the environment.

Top-Rated Place to Visit In Austin-An Evening in Congress Avenue BridgeImage Source
South Congress Avenue, off West Cesar Chavez Street, Austin, Texas

10. Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum

In this charming destination of Austin in Texas, the people can take a look at the work of Charles Umlauf. Charles was the eminent sculptor of the 20th century. Exhibits such as outside sculptures are showcased to the viewers. Trees, ponds, and gardens surround the plethoras of sculptures which are kept outside. The maximum amount of work by Charles Umlauf can be discovered inside the Museum. Personal items from the life of the famous sculptor attract loads of guests. Apart from the artefacts of Charles Umlauf, there are designs and works of other artists too. The Museum also presents yearly events such as workshops, music performances, and yoga classes sometimes.

Beautiful Place to Visit In Austin-Umlauf Sculpture Garden and MuseumImage Source
605 Robert E Lee Road, Austin, Texas


So we wrap up with the 10 most thrilling attractions of Austin in Texas. Look out for the cheap flight fare to Texas if you wish to plan a pleasant holiday.

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