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Visit Hanuman Garhiin Ayodhya, UP

Visit Hanuman Garhi: Famous temple located in Ayodhya, UP, Where Lord Hanuman Is Worshipped Along With His Mother, Anjani. (2024)

About Hanuman Garhi in Ayodhya:

Hanuman Garhi is one of the famous temples located in Ayodhya. According to Hindu mythology, the temple used to be where Lord Hanuman lived after he accompanied Lord Sri Rama to Ayodhya. The temple is in the heart of the Ayodhya province, which throws light into the fact that he was not just the biggest devotee of Lord Sri Rama but also intended to protect him. It is one of the most pilgrim-visited destinations of Ayodhya among the other big temples, including the Ram Janmabhoomi. Hanuman Garhi is built on an elevated platform that witnesses an influx of thousands of devotees every day.

Visit Hanuman Garhiin Ayodhya, UP

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The Hanuman Garhi temple was even prone to a lot of attacks from other religions and rulers. It was protected by local rulers of the time on multiple occasions. Built-in the midst of the 10th century, it is one of the oldest temples constructed in India. Also, you can’t find many temples worshipping Lord Hanuman as their prime deity in India, which makes Hanuman Garhi Mandir even more special. Let us take a look at the story behind the Hanuman Garhi temple’s construction and the situations that the temple had to go through in the past.

History of Hanuman Garhi

There is a historical side and a mythological side that you need to know about the construction and location of one of India’s most famous Lord Hanuman temples, Hanuman Garhi of Ayodhya.  History of Hanuman Garhi

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The traces approve of the fact that the establishment of the temple tracks back to the tenth century. The country was still under the rule of the kings who followed Hinduism. Later the temple went through many threats and was prone to destruction from several rulers who belonged to other religions. Support from the province’s Nawabs protected the temple while most of the temples of Ayodhya were destroyed.

In Ramayana, Lord Hanuman came to Ayodhya accompanying Lord Sri Ram and wanted to live nearby his presence. Therefore the present temple of Hanuman Garhi was the place Lord Hanuman stayed for the rest of his life serving Lord Sri Ram. The place is constructed on an elevated platform, which means Hanuman wanted to guard the city and especially Lord Sri Ram’s palace from all attacks.

Later this place was turned into the present-day Hanuman Garhi Mandir, where a lot of devotees assemble every day.

Major Attractions in Hanuman Garhi Mandir

The Shrine of Lord Hanuman

The most important attraction of this place of worship in Ayodhya’s heart is the shrine of Lord Hanuman, the forever devotee and committed servant of Lord Sri Ram. Lord Hanuman is also worshipped as a symbol of courage and loyalty, also viewed as a deity of strength. Like other temples, Lord Hanuman is worshipped here in his real form of a powerful ape with divine powers.  The Shrine of Lord Hanuman in Hanuman Garhi Mandir

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There is also a belief that the pilgrims and tourists who are in Ayodhya and want to visit the temples which worship Lord Sri Ram and Goddess Sita should visit the temple of Hanuman Garhi first.

At Hanuman Garhi, Lord Hanuman is worshipped along with his mother, Anjani, who is in the form of an Ape and Lord Hanuman as a kid, sitting on her lap.

The elevated platform has nearly 76 steps, which you need to climb to reach the Hanuman Garhi Mandir. It is a huge temple complex that also provides a great view of Ayodhya’s city from the top of the temple. The typical tenth-century architecture is something commendable and enjoyable.

How To Reach Hanuman Garhi?

By Road: Even though the temple of Hanuman Garhi is not well connected to the other cities of Uttar Pradesh, Ayodhya’s city has the perk of excellent road transport systems that have established connections to other parts of Uttar Pradesh. Therefore, the transport facilities will be feasible, and the availability of both public and private transportation modes will give you a variety of choices to reach the temple without any complications.

By Rail: Once again, even though there are a lot of local railway stations in between, the province of Ayodhya has only two major railways, which have great connections to all parts of the country and also proper public and private transportation available. The railheads in Ayodhya and Faizabad are the two major railway stations with excellent connections to all parts of India.

By Air: The same goes for the air connectivity, too, as the nearest airport located to the Hanuman Garhi Mandir is the one at Lucknow, close to Faizabad. The road transport from there won’t be a concern as both the cities are very well connected through public bus transportation and other private transportation modes.

Hotels to Stay Near Hanuman Garhi

1. Fern Hillside Resort Bhimtal

The biggest luxurious hotel located near Hanuman Garhi Mandir is the Fern Hillside Resort Bhimtal, which offers you the best in the class, elite premium service, and amenities. It’s proximity to the temple is its biggest advantage as it is just 700 m away from the temple, which is an ideal walking distance. If you are looking for an elite class stay, this would be the perfect choice for you.

2. Tag Resorts Lavanya

Another elite class, a premium range of rooms provided by the Tag Resorts Lavanya, is just 1.1 km away from the Hanuman Garhi Mandir location. Giant infrastructure and super classy rooms which makes it a wonderful choice. The facilities and services provided are also brilliant and so convenient. The walking distance to the temple is also an ideal option available for the guests and devotees.

3. Fredy’s Bungalow

If you want a top of the class stay, with limited rooms but extraordinary service and hospitality. In that case, Fredy’s Bungalow is the perfect choice for you to pick in Ayodhya, near Hanuman Garhi. The resort cum lodge is also just 1.7 km away from the temple.

Places To Visit Nearby Hanuman Garhi

1. Ramkot Shrine

The shrine of Ramkot, which is the western end of the Ayodhya province, is a major pilgrim location situated close to the Hanuman Garhi Mandir. The shrine of Ramkot is just 900 m away from the Hanuman Garhi, which makes it an easily walkable option which can be covered quite easily. The Ramkot Shrine consists of a beautiful fort with mesmerizing landscapes and a citadel, a major tourist hub of western Ayodhya. You can always take a quick walk to reach this beautiful tourist attraction, which also has close connections and associations to Ramayana’s Indian mythological epic. 

2. Nageshwarnath Temple

The temple of Nageshwarnath is a very promising temple established by the second son of Lord Sri Ram, Kush, who built this temple for a devotee of Lord Shiva. He met a Naga Kanya in the river of Saryu, who was in unconditional devotion towards Lord Shiva. Impressed by her devotion and thoughts, Kush established the temple of Nageshwarnath in Ayodhya. This is one of Ayodhya’s most important temples after Ram Janmabhoomi, and even Lord Sri Ram was a devotee of Lord Shiva.  Great Place To Visit Nearby Hanuman Garhi - Nageshwarnath Temple

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Festivals Celebrated in Hanuman Garhi

1. Ram Navami

Ram Navami, which is the occasion of the celebration of Lord Sri Ram’s birth anniversary, is a huge festival in Ayodhya, and Hanuman Garhi is no exception. The festival is usually celebrated in February or March, where the whole city of Ayodhya witnesses a huge influx in tourists and pilgrims. 

2. Dussehra

The occasion of Dussehra refers to the Navratri, where all three prime goddesses of the Hindu community are worshipped for knowledge, wealth, and power. This is also another such occasion when Hanuman Garhi is decorated and turned into a fully festive mood. 

3. Deepavali

According to the Hindu calendar, one of the most important festivals, where Lord Krishna killed Narakasura, and the whole world celebrated it by lighting lamps and bursting crackers. Hanuman Garhi witnesses a huge rush, and the festivities will happen during October or November. 


Hanuman Garhi Mandir is the abode of Lord Hanuman, the resolute devotee of Lord Sri Ram. The temple’s establishment can be traced back to 10th century, and still, it is in the same form and shape. Hanuman Garhi is a must-visit place whenever you plan to visit Ayodhya when it is safe to travel again.

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