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History of Saryu River & Major Attractions To Visit On The Banks of River Saryu

History of Saryu River & Major Attractions To Visit On The Banks of River Saryu (2024)

Geographically speaking, Saryu is nothing but a channel of a tributary of the river Sharda. Saryu river is also called as Sarayu River. It breaks from the Sharda river at Uttarakhand and continues its flow through the lands of Uttar Pradesh. Hence it is a major source of water for the population of Uttar Pradesh.

Talking on geographical terms, Saryu is just another tributary, like hundreds of tributaries of various country rivers.

But taking the Hindu mythology and scriptures into consideration, Saryu is not just another tributary of any river but the same water body mentioned in the epic mythological scripture of Hindu community, Ramayana. Saryu flows through the Ayodhya province of Uttar Pradesh, the birthplace of one of the biggest and most worshipped deities of Hindu Mythology, Lord Vishnu’s seventh incarnation, Lord Shriram. Therefore, the role played by Saryu in making the land of Ayodhya fertile and witness the birth of Lord Shriram is huge and memorable whenever a question arises about Ramayana.

Ayodhya is indeed blessed with Saryu river, which is currently a major tourist destination. Most of the city, which is on the banks of Saryu river, consists of several tourist attractions and pilgrim destinations. Now let us take a look at what history Saryu has and the major attractions that one can visit on the banks of this river.

History of Saryu

Saryu originates from the great Himalayas’ foothills, becomes a tributary of the River Sharda, and flows as Saryu for the next 350 km covering the Uttarakhand and Prominent tourist destinations of Uttar Pradesh.

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In the Hindu mythological scripture of Ramayana, the mentioning of the river Saryu and that too multiple times is one reason behind the popularity of the river. It is also believed that Lord Shriram passed away on the banks of the river Saryu. Like this, Saryu is interrelated to a lot of tourist attractions and pilgrim destinations.

Let us look at some of the best tourist attractions in Ayodhya, situated on the banks of river Saryu.

Major Attractions To Visit On The Banks of River Saryu

1. Ram Janmabhoomi

The birthplace of Lord Shriram and one of the most glorious and most celebrated tourist attractions cum pilgrim destinations of the Ayodhya province. It is well known for its prominence, and the biggest temple of India is to be constructed in the Ram Janmabhoomi, which is considered as a sacred land according to the Hindu mythology. This is a prime tourist destination located on the banks of Saryu. 

2. Hanuman Garhi Mandir

Hanuman Garhi is the next most important temple in the Ayodhya province, located at the heart of the city. Hanuman Garhi Mandir is dedicated to the forever resolute devotee of Lord Shriram, Lord Hanuman. The location is a perk as it is at an elevation and can enjoy some great views from here. This also used to be the home of Lord Hanuman during his time in Ayodhya. 

3. Moti Mahal

One of the non-religious tourist attractions of the Ayodhya province, which is also visited by thousands of people, Moti Mahal, is the portrayal of absolute beauty.

This one features a lot of Mughal architecture and excellent craftsmanship all over its items. The construction of this palace traces back to the 18th century. 

4. Treta Ke Thakur

Treta Ke Thakur is another major tourist destination on the banks of the river Saryu which has several statues and craft works displayed together, mostly including the various deities and shrines. This place, too, witnesses a lot of influx on this specific day when thousands arrive here to worship the ancient statues and idols of Lord Shriram and many other deities. Since it is located at the banks of the river Saryu, you can also capture some impressive landscapes and river views.  Top Attraction to Visit On The Banks of River Saryu - Treta Ke Thakur

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5. Guptar Ghat

One of the most famous things Uttar Pradesh is well known for. Ghats are commonly found in the rivers and water bodies of the place and are considered sacred. One such on the river Saryu is the Guptar Ghat, where it is also believed that Lord Shriram drowned to eternal salvation.

Similar to other Ghats, the Guptar Ghat is also worshipped every day by preparing Arti.  Amazing Attraction to Visit On The Banks of River Saryu - Guptar Ghat

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6. Kanak Bhavan

Kanak Bhavan is another auspicious abode of the Royal dynasty that ruled Ayodhya’s land as per the Hindu mythology. The Kanak Bhawan is a wonderfully constructed temple with the help of modern architecture and the use of modern art, which is so pleasing for the ambiance of the temple. Kanak Bhawan is still maintained with the same glow and legacy, reflected in its offering to the tour packages.  Great Attraction to Visit On The Banks of River Saryu - Kanak Bhavan

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7. Mausoleum of Bahu Begum

A place of brilliant historical interest and some construct that throws some light into Mughal architecture’s excellence and the number of other designs installed in the mausoleum of Bahu Begum. A historical place of interest on the banks of the river Saryu.  Famous Attraction to Visit On The Banks of River Saryu - Mausoleum of Bahu Begum

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8. Gulab Bari

Just as its name suggests, Gulab Bari refers to the garden of roses. This was the favorite hangout place for the Nawabs as the place provided all kinds of luxuries and activities within a pleasing ambiance. The construct resembles a modern architecture style, a blend of both Mughal and Hindu types of literature. This nawabi style of the construct is also a major place to visit on the river Saryu.  Perfect Attraction to Visit On The Banks of River Saryu - Gulab Bari

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River Saryu holds an immense prominence when it comes to the major rivers with huge religious importance under various mythological stories and scriptures. There are also many tourist attractions and pilgrim destinations to visit the banks of the river Saryu. Make sure you pitch in for a wonderful boat raid, too, at Saryu when it is safe to travel again.

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