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Parola Fort: The Hometown of Rani Laxmibai

Parola Fort: The Hometown of Rani Laxmibai (2024)

The Parola Fort is in the Jalgaon District of Maharashtra. It has historical importance and is a tourist spot for many. Because it is close to the city, you will see that the fort has several tourists. If you are planning for a trip to the Parola fort, here is something you should know.

Historical Importance of Parola Fort

Parola fort is an integral part of the fort tourism in Maharashtra as it is the native of the Rani of Jhansi. Her father built the Parola fort. In touring circles, this fort is famous as ‘Rani Laxmibai’s fort’. Apart from this, Parola is also home to several ancient structures, including temples, making it a must-visit place for anyone interested in the history and cultural heritage of India.  Historical Importance of Parola Fort

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Structures Within Parola Fort

One of the most important and splendid structures in the Parola fort is the Shree Balaji Temple. Experts claim that the temple is more than 300 hundred years old.

The Balaji temple has spell-binding architecture and carvings that will mesmerize you with their serene beauty and skillful drawings. This temple has the tallest Balaji chariot in Maharashtra. The Garudstambh inside the temple is a must-see structure as well. The temple is the highlight of your visit. It offers a calming experience. The temple has several religious idols in a unique carving style.

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There is a Mahadev temple inside the Parola fort as well. The temple has now undergone contemporary structural changes. Another temple devoted to Lord Hanuman also exists within the fort. The Hanuman idol in this temple is orange in color. You will also see a deep well, that would probably be quenching the thirst of royalty once upon a time. The well has modern contraptions now and is in use. Higher up, you will see another water-well. There is also another lake inside the premises. All this gives us an idea that the royals tried to ensure that everything they wanted was available within the premises of the Parola fort.

A moat surrounds the entire perimeter of the Parola fort, making it difficult for the enemies to approach the fort to attack it.

Inside the Parola fort premises, you have a Muslim prayer area as well. All around the Parola fort, you will see carvings and designs on the wall, giving you an idea of the kind of creativity that existed back then. At one of the entries, you see a carving of four circles that have a design resembling flowers. You see the ruins of several structures all along, including what would have been the court where the Maratha warriors held their discussions and announced their decisions.

Parola fort is one of the few places where you can see the ruins of a bathroom and a kitchen. You will be able to see the remains of a mortar-pestle, but the pestle is not around anymore. The other ruin that you see could be the entertainment area and the place where the entertainers to the royalty stayed.

Tourist Experience of the Parola Fort

The Parola fort has dense shrubbery and greenery all along the way. One would mistake it for a full-blown forest if it were not in the heart of the city. While moving about in such a place is an exciting experience, tourists should make sure that they cover their arms and legs and stay away from the insects that are bound to bite. A visit to the Parola fort is not a trek, and anyone can visit the fort, even the highest point of it.

The steps help the tourists reach all the places in the fort. The top of the fort gives you a unique view where contemporary villages surround structures that are hundreds of years old.

There is ample commercial activity around the Parola fort, so you do not need to pack anything. But it makes sense to buy water and some snacks, as you will take at least two hours to explore the entire Parola fort.

Places To Visit Near Parola Fort

Parola Fort is in Jalgaon, and there are several places that you can visit while you are in Jalgaon. Here is a list:


Farkande is about a 40-minute drive from the fort. The main attraction here is the tower, an example of ancient Indian architecture. The place had two towers earlier. 

Best Place To Visit Near Parola Fort - Farkande

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Mahatma Gandhi Garden

About an hour from the fort is the Mahatma Gandhi Garden. You can spend a calm and serene afternoon surrounded by colorful flowers and other natural bounties. The Garden, like many others in the Maharashtra area, is an excellent location for photography.  Top Place To Visit Near Parola Fort - Mahatma Gandhi Garden

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Mahatma Gandhi Research Foundation

If you are interested in the life and times of Mahatma Gandi, spend some time at this research foundation. The foundation is a multi-media museum and depicts the Mahatma’s life in thirty segments. If you would like to buy something that reflects the Mahatma’s ideas, there’s a souvenir shop as well. This place is also about an hour’s drive from the fort.

Patnadevi Temple

The Patnadevi Temple is another must-visit place in Jalgaon. The temple is ancient and surrounded by lush greenery. The temple is a two-hour drive from the fort.  Famous Place To Visit Near Parola Fort - Patnadevi Temple

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Kirti Mall

If you are tired of moving through ruins and other structures, head over to the Kirti Mall, that is about a two-hour drive. You can check out the local couture and maybe pick up something as a memoir of your visit to Jalgaon.  Great Place To Visit Near Parola Fort - Kirti Mall

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How to Reach Parola Fort?

Jalgaon is well-connected with most of the cities in India. Parola fort is about 50 KM away from Jalgaon city in Maharashtra. From Jalgaon city, you can hire a rickshaw or even a tonga to the fort. If you are traveling from Mumbai, you will take about eight hours to reach Jalgaon by train.

You can travel to Jalgaon via train, bus or even by road and the road distance is about 400 KM. A bus journey from Mumbai to Jalgaon will take about 11 hours. If you are traveling from Pune to Jalgaon, the train journey will take about nine hours.



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