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Visit Vadnagar in Gujarat

Visit Vadnagar in Gujarat: The Hometown of the Prime Minister of India (2024)

Vadnagar is a small town in Gujarat, which has become an important tourist location because of cultural and historical reasons. Vadnagar has now found a place on the global map because it is the birthplace of the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. Vadnagar is home to several other historical places and places of religious interest. If you plan to visit Vadnagar, read this article to know the different places and structures that you should visit and see during your stay. Visit Vadnagar in GujaratImage Source

The Vadnagar Experience

Vadnagar has historical importance because experts concede that the town is in existence since the times of the Mahabharata. During those times, the name of the town was Anandpura or Anartapura. There are some places that you must visit when you are in Vadnagar, like Sharmistha Lake, the local Museum and Library and other such places.

Vadnagar is also famous amongst historians and students of history because of the various archaeological finds in the area.

Places To See In Vadnagar

Additionally, Vadnagar has several temples, making it a favorite among people interested in religious tourism. Some of the important places here are temples in honor of Lord Shiva, Lord Hanumana, Ambaji Mata, Sitla Mata, and the Swaminarayan Temple. The other places to see in Vadnagar are the Hatkeshwar Temple and the Kirti Toran.

Place To See In Vadnagar-The Swaminarayan Temple
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The Hatkeshwar Temple is one of the several Hindu temples that have beautiful carvings and sculptures all over, making it a must-visit place for religious tourists. The general color is light brown, and you will see sculptures of dancers and divine beings, making you marvel at the architecture knowledge that we had even back then. The authorities are taking good care of the temple, and you will see that it is the hub of religious activity in this area. The Sanctum Sanctorum has a Shivling with an idol of the Nandi Bull outside. The Nandi Bull is white. There’s another Jain temple in the vicinity that you must visit, the Hathi Jain temple.

Best Place To See In Vadnagar-Hathi Jain Temple
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The Sitlamata temple is also a must-visit place in Vadnagar. Like the Hatkeshwar temple, it is famous for the carvings and sculptures. The carvings on the walls depict Lord Krishna and the milkmaids. You must also visit the two Kiritstambhas (victory arches) that are built of red sandstone and depict divine beings.

Vadnagar is also an important place in India’s history, as there are reports that this is one of the places that experienced the humble beginnings of the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

Another place to visit is the Taranga Hills, which are about 25 km away from Vadnagar. There’s the Tarangaji Jain Temple at the top of the hill.

However, you will need to time your visit there, as there’s only one canteen there that provides food and beverages, Also, the trip to the main temple will have you climb some 200 steps, so make sure that you are okay with that kind of physical exertion. The Dharmsala will also offer accommodation, but that is only for those who follow Jainism.

All said and done, you will be able to spend a weekend, moving around in Vadnagar and traveling to the nearby places. For example, the visit to the Tarangaji Temple in itself is a one-day outing and a beautiful experience.

Where To Stay Near Vadnagar?

There aren’t many hotels around in the Vadnagar region, and you will have to travel a bit to get comfortable accommodation. The Hotel Siddharth is about 40 km away from Vadnagar and so is the Hotel Marigold. There’s an OYO that’s within 2 KM from Vadnagar. These hotels offer you accommodation under 2000 rupees per night. Even for lunch and dinner, you’d need to travel at least thirty km to Mehsana for the best restaurants. If these options seem expensive, look for the dormitories in Mehsana, which offer you a night’s stay for as low as 100 rupees, but only a cot and a place to store your belongings.

Best Hotel To Stay Near Vadnaga-Hotel Marigold
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For tourists, Vadnagar is a long weekend trip, and they create an itinerary for almost four days. Moving through Vadnagar requires you to either hire a private vehicle or travel via public transport. Also, the infamous weather of Gujarat is at its peak here, so make sure that you pack your sunglasses and hats, and anything else that you’d need to combat the heat.

How to Reach Vadnagar?

Vadnagar is in Mehsana and the nearest airport is in Ahmedabad, which is about 80 KM away. From Ahmedabad to Vadnagar, you will need to make other transport provisions. The nearest railway station is Kalol, which is again sixty KM away from Vadnagar. You can also travel by bus to any of the locations, Ahmedabad or Kalol, and then proceed towards Vadnagar with different transport solutions.

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