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Ninai Waterfall

Visit Ninai Waterfall: The Natural Waterfall Experience in Gujarat (2024)

Ninai Waterfall is one of the most popular tourist locations in the Narmada District, Gujarat. If you plan to visit the waterfalls, read this article to know what to expect. The Ninai Waterfall is also known as Malsomat Waterfall among the locals.

Ninai Waterfall Experience

The authorities are taking good care of the waterfall and the surrounding area. You will see an arch that serves as the entry to the waterfall area. The entire pathway is in lush greenery, and there are trees and shrubs all around. You need to walk for at least twenty minutes or more, and the path consists of mud trails and steps. When you finally reach the Ninai Waterfalls, you will see that the total height of the waterfall – which is one point from where river waterfalls into a lake, is about 30 feet. Ninai Waterfall

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The Ninai Waterfall area is one of the few places that are virgin tourist locations. You won’t see many tourists here, apart from the locals who know the place and come for a dip during the hot afternoons and the summer season. There’s not much to do here unless you love to spend some time in the water and greenery. The water is not the cleanest, but if you are in Gujarat and want to experience a waterfall, this is the place to go. The waterbody separating the land and the actual waterfall point is quite big, so everyone can’t go right below the waterfall.

If you like being in the water, you can spend about an hour in the waterfall area. But if you aren’t that much of a water body, you will wind up your visit within half an hour or so., There is no commercial activity nearby, so make sure that you pack something to eat and drink for your visit. The path to the Waterfalls is secluded, and you don’t have many shelter areas around. So, you should pack sunglasses, hats, and even a suntan if you so wish. While traveling, make sure that you wear full-sleeved pants and shirts, as you will be moving through the greenery.

The Ninai Waterfall is the perfect location for someone looking for serenity and to spend some time in the lap of nature. You will see greenery wherever you move in the vicinity, including some villagers who tend their animals in the various water bodies here. So, the Ninai waterfalls and its periphery becomes an excellent option for people looking to click photographs of wildlife and birds and insects in their natural habitat.

The Ninai Waterfall is a natural one, so there’s every possibility that there’s no water during the summer season. The best time to visit is the monsoon season.

Ninai Waterfall is an excellent location to spend a quiet afternoon. But the place is secluded, so the other destinations of tourist interest are anything between one to three hours of driving. If you have a weekend in hand, you can head over to the Golden Bridge, which is about three hours from Ninai Waterfalls.

How To Reach Ninai Waterfalls?

Ninai Waterfalls is a three-hour drive from Bharuch and is easy to reach. It’s about 2 hours from the Statue of Unity as well. You will need to walk about 5 KM into the greenery to get to the waterfall area. Because it is so secluded, it is perfect for a group and a family picnic area as well.

How To Reach Ninai Waterfalls in the Narmada District, Gujarat

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One tip is to plan your journey early in the morning and plan to return by early afternoon as well because the place doesn’t have a lot of people around.

Hotels Near Ninai Waterfalls

You don’t have many hotels near Ninai, so you will have to plan to stay at Nandurbar, Rajpipla, Kevadia, and other places. These places are within sixty kilometers away from the Ninai waterfalls. The hotel rates here are on the higher side, but that’s because there aren’t many in the vicinity. You will pay anything from 2000 to 5000 for a night’s stay. So, you will need to have at least a two-hour drive from your hotel to the waterfalls, but all of it is worth it because of the calm and serene experience that you get. Another place that you can stay at is the Sagai Forest Camp.

Hotel Near Ninai Waterfalls-Nandurbar Hotels
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If you are a photography enthusiast, make sure that you pack a macro lens for nature photography and a telephoto lens if you have one. Ninai Waterfalls and its vicinity has lush greenery, and it will be a haven for nature photography, which includes insects.

To reach Ninai Waterfalls, you will first need to travel to Vadodara, which is about 150 KM away. You can reach Vadodara either by air or train. Vadodara is a busy tourist and business hub, so several flights and trains pass through. You can also travel to Vadodara via roadways. You will find State Transport buses plying on this route, and there will be several private buses that take this route.

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