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Ghogha Beach The Ro-Ro Ride Adventure Beach in Bhavnagar, Gujarat

Ghogha Beach: The Ro-Ro Ride Adventure Beach in Bhavnagar, Gujarat (2023)

Ghogha Beach is in Ghogha Town and is about twenty kilometers away from Bhavnagar in Gujarat. Ghogha Beach is popular among tourists and locals because of its easy accessibility to people all over. If you are planning to visit this Beach, read this article to find out what to expect.Ghogha Beach in Bhavnagar, Gujarat Image Source

The Ghogha Beach is near Sardar Nagar, on Ghogha Road. Another aspect that makes this Beach popular is the water sports activities that are available.

Ghogha Beach Experience

The road to Ghogha Beach is a clean, empty and well-maintained road, so it’s quite an experience to drive to the beach. This is one of the few beaches that have a road passing along it, so you just need to park your vehicles by the side of the street and make your way to the beach. The road and the beach is segregated well, ensuring the safety of both the people visiting the beach and those driving through.

The beachfront is perfect for a long walk, as it’s a pretty long stretch. The water is clean, but you might find it too muddy in some areas, so you need to check before deciding on that dip.

Ghogha Beach has now become more popular because it offers Ro-Ro rides to Dahej. Ro-Ro rides are the next big thing when it comes to tourism in India. The Ro-Ro Ride is the closest you can come to a cruise experience in India. So, Ghogha Beach becomes one of the first places where you can experience a Ro-Ro ride. The Ghogha Beach is such that at during the low-tide, you will see many fishes and other aquatic animals like crabs wash ashore. Several tourists make it a point to visit the beach during low-tide to see this phenomenon. If you visit at the right time, you will even see small octopus wash up ashore.

There aren’t many food vendors available, but there are watersports activities. So, if you plan to spend some time here, make sure that you pack some food and beverages.

Also, make sure that you pack well for the Gujarat weather, which is harsh. Also, the heat at a beach is unbearable. Stay away from a headache at night by wearing a cap during the day – that’s what the experienced travelers will tell you.
You will be able to spend about an hour at Ghogha Beach. There are some other places around that you can visit, making it a perfect weekend outing for the entire family or group.

Places To Visit Near Ghogha Beach

If you drive for around forty minutes from Ghogha Beach, you will be able to see the Takhteshwar Temple. Another forty minutes, and you will be able to visit the Adishwar Temple. The Sampriti Raja Temple is also at around a distance of forty minutes. The Gandhi Smriti Memorial is also about forty minutes away from Ghogha Beach. Therefore, you can plan for a beach outing and visit two of these places on one day and the other two on the next day and explore some of the most happening places in Bhavnagar.

Place To Visit Near Ghogha Beach, Takhteshwar TempleImage Source

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How To Reach Ghogha Beach?

To get to Ghogha Beach, you first need to reach Bhavnagar, which connects well with the other cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, etc. You can cover this journey via road, rail or air. The nearest airport to Bhavnagar is four km away, the Bhavnagar Airport. Several flights from Mumbai, Delhi, and other places fly to Bhavnagar. Also, several rail routes from all over the country go to Bhavnagar. You will see trains from Jodhpur, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Delhi, Patna, Mumbai, etc.

How To Reach Ghogha Beach?Image Source

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