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Ride the Horse Carriage in Mackinac Island - The Best Outdoor Activity In Mackinac Island

What Are The Best Outdoor Activities In Mackinac Island? (2024)

Mackinac Island is one of the jewels of Michigan and indeed a top-rated sight-seeing destination within the State. Located in the Lake Huron, and being an island and resort area, the tourism rush here is uncountable every year. Even if it is to see the rugged scenic rocks, hike around the high cliffs, ravines, & natural bridges, roaming around the fragrant evergreen forests or just relaxing beside the calm water, the experience of visiting Mackinac Island is one of its kind and definitely to be treasured for the upcoming years.

Even though being a spot of high tourism rush, what maintains the atmosphere and rawness of Mackinac Island is “Almost no use of any motorized vehicles”. Additionally, the mode of transportation within or nearby the Mackinac Island enhances the experience to a whole different level and adds more amazement to your trip here.

What Are The Best Outdoor Activities In Mackinac Island?

There are plenty of tourist destination in Mackinac Island and a lot of things to do when here. Out of the lot, we have shortlisted the best and compiled a list of the Best Things to do in Mackinac Island.

a. Ride the Horse Carriage in Mackinac Island

An iconic activity that will take your heart away is exploring Mackinac Island through the Horse Carriage. Thanks to the ban on motorized vehicles in the Island, Horse Carriage got a boost in transportation which was usually lost back in years, all due to modernization. When in Mackinac Island, book a guided or unguided tour and explore the places and sight-seeing tourist destinations. There are several options for booking a private carriage for an intimate ride or even command your own horse or buggy. This is one of the finest things to do in Mackinac Island, which is another way challenging to find anywhere else.Ride the Horse Carriage in Mackinac Island - The Best Outdoor Activity In Mackinac IslandImage Source

b. Explore the Waters in Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is about 80% water, so what’s better than taking off your boats to explore the water area here. Visitors here often slowly gliding in paddleboats, traditional boats, single or double kayak and enjoy their time on the water. Few tour providers within the Island hosts Arch Rock Excursion, Sunrise & Sunset Cruise, and tours to historical lighthouses. Though one can explore the water independently and view turtles and small fishes swimming on the level, birds chirping around or just sit down and behold the magnificent scenery of this natural wonder.

Best Outdoor Activities In Mackinac Island-Waters in Mackinac Island

Image Source

c. Brush Your Skills At The Unique Golf Courses Along With The Views

Mackinac Island is home to some uniquely designed golf courses out of one is the oldest Golf Course in Michigan, the Wawashkamo Golf Club. It is located high on a hill and playing golf here is undoubtedly a unique experience. Another one is the Mission Point Resort’s 18-hole golf course that is located next to Bistro on the Greens and offers an overlooking view of Lake Huron. Further, the Jewel Golf Course is also noted as one of the most unique golf courses in the United States due to its beautiful location and the magnificent view it offers. It is also known as the Golf-on-the-Jewel and is suitable for both novice and expert golfers. Even if you are not a fan of golf, these sites and the other golf courses in Mackinac Island are definitely worth visiting.
Brush Your Skills At The Unique Golf Courses Along With The Views, Mackinac IslandImage Source

d. Rent the Bicycles Or Simply Walk Around

Since transportation modes in Mackinac Island are limited, one of the best options for exploring the lands is by renting the Bicycles. Riding around the water line is one-of-a-kind experiences, with the cool breeze touching your face and your eyes experiencing one of the most scenic views of Mackinac Island. Visitors can either bring their own cycles on the ferry or rent one from various service providers within the Island itself.

However, to experience the beauty around impressive homes and legendary haunts of the Victorian era, walking down the lane is one of the best options. Specifically, if you visit Mackinac Island during Autumn, explore its land on foot, having the grand view of Lake Huron on one side and colourful autumn trees on the other.

f. Droll Into Fudge Like Never Before

Apart from the scenic views and vast spread water, what attracts visitors the most here is the famous Mackinac Island’s Fudge. Not only in Michigan, but the Fudge of Mackinac Island is also highly renowned in the entire United States and even around the world. When here, you can experience the whole Fudge making process at various sites, try some lip-smacking samples, or shop for mouth-watering and one of the best fudges from the shops here. If you have a sweet tooth, be prepared for putting up a pound or two after exploring the aromatic and flavourful fudges in Mackinac Island.

g. Look Back To The Past

Mackinac Island holds quiet much of history which can be best explored through its museums, a handful of oldest Michigan’s buildings, and the two historic military forts. The old building here ages back even to 100 years and would take you back to the Victorian architecture. The two historic military forts here are the Fort Mackinac and Fort Holmes. Both of them dates back to the British and American military outpost dating back from the 18th century to the 19th century. Out of both, the Fort Holmes sits at the highest point in Mackinac Island and is open during summers.

To know more from the history, visitors also explore the Richard and Jane Manoogian Mackinac art Museum, Robert Stuart house, Fort Mackinac post cemetery, the historic downtown, Colonial Michilimackinac (largest historic area in the Island), Historic mill creek discovery park, and the old Mackinac point lighthouse.
Amazing Outdoor Activities In Mackinac Island-Fort Mackinac Image Source

h. Pray at the Sainte Anne’s Catholic Church

Sainte Anne’s Catholic Church is an alluring church which is made up of wood. It is noted as the oldest catholic church in Michigan and the first church dedicated to Sainte Anne. The church’s original structure was brought to the Island across the frozen lake and was in wooden form; however, it was restored later on. The church basement houses a charming museum that depicts the church’s history, the brining of Catholicism to the Mackinac island (in 1670) and a lot about Mackinac and Michigan.
Attarction Outdoor Activities In Mackinac Island-Sainte Anne's Catholic ChurchImage Source

i. Enjoy the Winters on Mackinac Island

Even though Mackinac island is a summer holiday spot, but lesser people know the divine white beauty this Island turns into during the winters. Mackinac island experiences an average of 89 inches of snow per year and transforms into a fairy tale land. Winters here are less crowded, making it even peaceful for your stay rather than those overcrowded hill stations in the US. Snow opens up the opportunities for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, fat tire biking, or just playing around.
Enjoy the Winters on Mackinac IslandImage Source

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