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Kalindi Kunj - Amazing Places To Visit In Delhi In Winter

Visit Delhi in Winter: 7 Amazing Places To Visit In Delhi In Winter (2024)

Visiting Delhi in Winter

Delhi, the national capital of India, is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit during the winter. During the months between November and February, you can simply plan a trip to the city and visit all the major tourist destinations with more comfort and entertainment. Compared to the hot summers of Delhi, it is also ideal for picking the wintertime to visit the place and give yourself a nice vacation and an experience like never before. Delhi is also a great option for all types of winter vacations. It is rich in history, hangout places, street foods and great for shopping and all other types of entertainment too. The variance in this makes the position of Delhi a significant one on the map of India. Now here is the list of best places to visit in Delhi in winters.

7 Amazing Places To Visit In Delhi In Winter

Below are Places to Visit In Delhi In Winter:

1. Kalindi Kunj

How about visiting a wonderful garden, which is undoubtedly one of the best gardens in Delhi? Kalindi Kunj is one such garden that deserves so much appreciation for the way it is built and its extravagant structural beauty. The lush green lawns and the hangout spots also make it an ideal option for a picnic. The Kalindi Kunj is situated very close to the river Yamuna, making it an absolute scenic beauty to visit. If you are visiting Kalindi Kunj, you might not want to miss the Atlantic water world, which is one of the best water theme amusement parks in Delhi. The Atlantic water world has everything to offer, which will make your winter vacation worthwhile and, more importantly, memorable for a lifetime. The rides are indeed the major attraction here as you will be able to enjoy them to the fullest. Kalindi Kunj - Amazing Places To Visit In Delhi In WinterImage Source

2. Hauz Khaz

The historical fort complex of Hauz Khaz is one of the popular tourist destinations in Delhi, which you might not want to miss in the winter. The major attraction of the Hauz Khaz complex is the gigantic water reservoir, which is the major reason behind the construction of the Hauz Khaz complex. All the buildings here are perfect examples of the Islamic style of architecture which prevailed in India during the medieval era. Alauddin Khilji, the most popular emperor under the Khilji dynasty, was behind the construction of Hauz Khaz and its water reservoir, which connected to Fort Siri. After that, the Hauz Khaz Fort witnessed a lot of radical changes going on, which turned the entire surroundings of Hauz Khaz into a celebrated marketplace. Even now, the visitors and tourists can take a look at the remains of the shops along with enjoying the scenic beauty and architectural marvel of the place.
Amazing Place To Visit In Delhi In Winter-Hauz KhazImage Source

3. India Gate

Wars have been an essential part of shaping a country’s history, and in the case of India too, it wasn’t much different. The India Gate is one such monument that has a long drawn history to recite about the wars and war heroes of the nation. India Gate is a major attraction in Delhi, which witnesses an influx of thousands of visitors every day. The India Gate was unveiled in 1931, which was built as a commemorative monument to pay tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of 70,000 Indian soldiers who fought the first world war and the third Anglo-Afghan war. The India gate has names of nearly 13,300 soldiers on it. The Amar Jawan Jyoti, a light that is kept lit to pay respects to the soldiers of the nation, along with a rifle and a military helmet, are other major attractions in India Gate. The arch is designed by Sir Edward Lutyens, and it is located at the Rajpath, one of the popular locations of Delhi.
Place To Visit In Delhi In Winter-India GateImage Source

4. Khan Market

Shopping is simply one of the unavoidable parts of every trip, especially when it is to a new destination. Delhi is undoubtedly one such place that has a number of destinations where you can shop your heart out. Khan Market is one such place which is great for shopping, especially during the winter. A major part of the market is owned by huge brands, both domestic and overseas ones, sealing all the categories. From footwear and clothing to jewelry and artifacts, Khan Market offers everything to the visitors, especially the tourists who crave shopping. Another major attraction of the Khan Market is the quality and variety of food it has to offer to the foodaholics who are visiting. From all wide varieties of street food to top quality restaurants, Khan Market simply excels in everything, making it one of the ideal places to bring out the shopaholic in you.
Attraction Place To Visit In Delhi In Winter-Khan MarketImage Source

5. Lodhi Gardens

Ever thought of a place in a destination where you had traveled, where you can relax in utmost peace and silence with all kinds of greenery around? If you are on a trip to Delhi, then Lodhi Gardens is indeed the place you are just looking for. The lush green lawns, which are spread over 90 acres of ground, is such a treat for nature lovers and, most importantly, the tourists who like to have a place to relax and enjoy the ambiance to its fullest. Lodhi Gardens are named after one of the popular Delhi sultanates, the Lodhi dynasty, believed to be built in the 15th century. Some of the other major attractions of the Lodhi Gardens are the tombs of Mohammed Shah, Sikandar Lodhi, Shisha Gumbad, Bara Gumbad, etc. These tombs are constructed in a very impressive manner, making them a breathtaking sight to behold. There are also a number of mosques inside the Lodhi Gardens, giving the place a divine appearance too.
Popular Place To Visit In Delhi In Winter-Lodhi GardensImage Source

6. Lotus Temple

Lotus temple is one of those rarest temples which completely catches our attention from the outlook itself. The lotus-like shape with those beautiful petals surrounding it, the outlook of the lotus temple, is indeed a mind-blowing and breathtaking sight. The temple was established in 1986, which is dedicated to the Baha’i community, which beliefs in no god. Lotus temple is, again, one of those rarest temples that beliefs in no deity and gives importance to mental peace and relaxation and thereby attaining salvation. There are no deities placed in the lotus temple as it mainly constitutes the prayer hall, which is used by the visitors for meditation and performing silent chants in utmost peace. The interiors of the lotus temple, too, are simply extravagant in all sense. The beauty of its interiors cannot be described in words as the blend of traditional and modern art has worked out very well for the Lotus Temple. The central hall again is a major attraction here as the magnificence of the architecture can be witnessed at its best state here. The gigantic prayer hall can hold up to 2500 devotees at ease at a time. No wonder that the architectural marvel of Lotus Temple has won many awards and has received appreciation from all parts of the world. It is also on the list of most visited buildings at a global level, adding pride to the national capital and the country too.
Famous Place To Visit In Delhi In Winter-Lotus TempleImage Source

7. Akshardham Temple

Akshardham temple of Delhi, without any doubt, is one of India’s most famous temples and a great place to visit in winters in Delhi. The temple is mainly known for its gigantic complex, which conserves all kinds of traditional and modern art, along with the serene ambiance of divinity around. The Akshardham temple is dedicated to Lord Narayana, a form of Lord Vishnu, one of the most worshipped gods as per Hindu mythology. The temple was established in 2005 and gained prominence and popularity within a short span of time. The type of architecture used in the construction of the temple played a major role in securing this position for the Akshardham temple. The temple complex is itself a treat to the visitors as it is full of lush green gardens and water fountains, adding more beautiful features to the surroundings. The inscriptions on the walls and the paintings too deserve much appreciation. The Akshardham temple is located in the Noida Mor region of Delhi.
Must Visit Place In Delhi In Winter-Akshardham TempleImage Source

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Without any doubt, Delhi is a great option for you to enjoy a winter vacation, which is memorable and totally worthwhile. Delhi has a bunch of unique places that are best to visit during the winter so that you can escape the heat of the summer. So plan your visit during the winters and book your tickets when it’s safe to travel again.

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