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Tahquamenon Falls - Amazing Waterfall in Michigan

15 Amazing Waterfalls in Michigan (2024)

Michigan has protected wilderness and waterfalls from decades and is home to hundreds of these protected magical white beauties. Michigan is one of America’s most picturesque waterfalls state and thus experiences huge rush on those naturally crafted and preserved sites. From the tallest falls to the two-coloured fall or the most picturesque one, cities and counties in Michigan have miles of natural water showers in the form of alluring waterfalls.

The best time to witness the true beauty of Waterfalls in Michigan is the spring season when trees are decked up in beautiful shades of red, yellow, and brown holding the overflowing waterfalls in its lap. During winters, the waterfalls here are generally frozen, which in itself holds no less beauty than one’s imagination.

15 Amazing Waterfalls in Michigan

Out of numerous waterfalls in the State, have a look at the 15 Amazing Waterfalls in Michigan.

1. Tahquamenon Falls

Tahquamenon Falls is the second most voluminous waterfall in the Eastern US with two waterfalls dropping on the Tahquamenon River. It is noted as Michigan’s largest fall, where the lower fall stretching 22 feet tall and 100 feet wide located four miles downstream and the upper fall stretching at 50 feet tall and 200 feet wide. The waterfall is a part of Tahquamenon Falls State Park and is known for its thunderstorm roars, two coloured water (rustic and white), scenic surroundings, and variety of Flora and Fauna found nearby. The upper fall is located 23 miles north of Newberry whereas the lower fall is 4 miles up to Paradise. The Park can only be reached via personal vehicle crossing a beautiful driveway. Tahquamenon Falls - Amazing Waterfall in MichiganImage Source

2. Agate Falls Scenic Site

An autumn destination stated as one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Michigan is the Agate Falls in south-eastern Ontonagon County. It is 39-foot-high dropping down from the highlands of the western Upper Peninsula. The water dropping from the Agate Falls tumbles over sandstone sections, which makes it look nothing less than stunning and scenic. Though the fall is live throughout the year, it is the vibrant autumn foliage and colourful leaves which adds the panoramic beauty to it in the true sense. It is located nearby the MDOT-maintained Joseph Oravec roadside park on M-28 and can be walked with a few minutes of walk.
Amazing Waterfalls in Michigan-Agate Falls Scenic SiteImage Source

3. Bridalveil Falls

A seasonal waterfall that drops over a cliff at the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is the Bridalveil Falls. It is counted amongst one of the highest waterfalls in Michigan that can be best viewed by either Pictured Rocks cruises, kayak rental (from close through water) or by Miners Castle from a certain distance. Justifying its name, the water falling from the cliff looks precisely like any Bride’s veil, long, white and beautiful. Though visitors often choose to go near, the Bridalveil Fall’s best beauty if seen from a little afar.
Best Waterfalls in Michigan-Bridalveil FallsImage Source

4. Horseshoe Falls

A beautiful spring-fed waterfall, the Horseshoe Falls is a privately-owned site and one of the most visited waterfalls in Michigan. The uniqueness which adds to its beauty is the series of cascades after the 20-foot drop at the top of the falls. It is consistently flowing and can be reached at 602 Bell Avenue, Munising with a minimal admission fee. Nearby the waterfall is a lovely little pond with few fishes and ducks, attracting kids’ attention the most.
Top Waterfalls in Michigan-Horseshoe FallsImage Source

5. Bond Falls

Bond Falls is the most famous waterfall in Michigan due to its scenic view, especially during winters and autumn. It is approximately 50 feet high on the middle branch of the Ontonagon River in the Porcupine Mountains. It is easily accessible from a boardwalk with six dedicated spots for viewing. A unique feature that adds to Bond Fall’s beauty is that not even a single cascade drops into the pool below but the series of waterfalls, layered over jagged rocks with various other smaller falls that lays the entire journey to the pond below. It is one of the most visited waterfalls in Michigan and is an ideal picnic location as well.
Attraction Waterfalls in Michigan-Bond FallsImage Source

6. Hungarian Falls

Hungarian Falls is one of the most beautiful Waterfalls in Michigan with a series of 3 waterfalls and the largest being around 50 feet. The smaller two joins it for one of the most scenic overviews that are worth a watch. When water is high, the entire Hungarian Falls produces a magnificent view that can be less defined in words than with eyes. The total height of the Hungarian Falls is 90 feet and is noted as the third tallest waterfall in Michigan, after the Houghton Falls and the Laughing Whitefish Falls. It can be reached via trail surrounded by lush green trees, leading you to a quieter location than of the city for some dramatic views.
Famous Waterfalls in Michigan-Hungarian FallsImage Source

7. Douglass Houghton Falls

The tallest Waterfall in Michigan, the Houghton Falls is 100 feet high dropping off a sharp, volcanic rock from the Hammell Creek cascades. The waterfall is located on the upper peninsula in a deep gorge flanked by sharp loose rock. It is named after the first recognized geologist of the Michigan States, Douglass Houghton. Besides its beauty, the Houghton Falls is vividly known for its dangerous geological makeup which makes it potentially dangerous to be reached there. Before 2018, the waterfall was privately owned; however, it is now a Michigan state park property. It can be reached two miles south of Douglass Houghton Falls or Hammel Creek near Lake Lindon. Though it is still potentially hazardous and visitors are advised to be extremely cautious.

8. Tannery Falls

One of the best waterfalls in Michigan, the Tannery Falls is not a big yet excellent site to walk towards. It has a 40-foot drop into an appreciable sandstone canyon with a cave lying behind which adds a unique and dramatic effect to its full scenic view. The waterfall is livelier during the rainy season or depending upon the melting of snow. The Tannery Falls is more of a hidden beauty of Michigan and thus is a little hard to spot than the other Waterfalls in the State. Not just the fall, the trail leading towards it is as beautiful and raw as one can imagine it to be. When in Munising, do not miss this site.
Must Visit Waterfalls in Michigan-Tannery FallsImage Source

9. Miners Falls

Another waterfall on the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is the Miners Falls is known for its alluring site and easy accessibility. It can be reached through a 0.6-mile gravel path under a constant canopy of tall trees and picturesque backdrops. The fall is approximately 40 feet high drizzling over the sandstone cliff which further plunges into a water pool. Though the waterfall gives a captivating view throughout the day, when overlooked from the platformed base during sunset hours, one can capture the most striking and colourful sites that can wholly justify the word “Delightful”.
Top Visit Waterfalls in Michigan-Miners FallsImage Source

10. Spray Falls

Justifying its name, the Spray Falls sprays down the sandstone cliff into the Lake Superior enchanting a dramatic look for your eyes and photographs. Of all the waterfalls in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, it is the remotest, but the most impressive fall and is not worth a miss. What increases its beauty is the surroundings comprising lush green trees, clear blue water, and dramatic skies during the sunset hours. The view of Spray Falls can be achieved from the waters by booking a boat cruise. It can be accessed via a 1.5 miles hike on the North Country National Scenic Trail from the Little Beaver Lake Campground from the land. However, the view from the water is unbeatable.

11. Laughing Whitefish Falls

The city of Munising in the Michigan States is home to several beautiful and scenic waterfalls of which one of the most appealing is the Laughing Whitefish Falls. It is a 100 feet tall waterfall which is almost as tall as the Houghton Falls. Being one of the most photographed locations in the states, the Laughing Whitefish Falls is noted as one of the Best Waterfalls in Michigan. The fall can be accessed at the Laughing Whitefish Falls State Park which lies in the western Alger County. The water flows widely down a rippled limestone escarpment and then collects into the Lake Superior. The trail towards the main sight has various observation decks and vantage points from where visitors can capture both live and photographed views.
Amazing to Visit Waterfalls in Michigan-Laughing Whitefish FallsImage Source

12. Manido Falls

Manido Falls is a 15 feet high waterfall probably the smallest fall on the Presque Isle River. Depending upon the river’s volume, its crest fluctuates between 50 and 150 feet. It can be accessed through a trail and is said to be the most beautiful during sunny days. On sunny days as the sun sinks in the west, a vast and bright rainbow shadow cast over the fall, creating a picturesque view that is difficult to find usually. Even though it is not as big as several other waterfalls, its scenic beauty and panoramic views can beat the beauty of many.
Nice Waterfalls in Michigan-Manido FallsImage Source

13. Ocqueoc Falls

A hidden treasure that can fulfil your dream of swimming in a waterfall is the Ocqueoc Falls located about 11 miles west of Rogers City. It is the main waterfall in the Michigan’s Lower Peninsula and is also counted amongst the largest there. Though it is comparatively small then other waterfalls in Michigan, it still is a beautiful sight and a safe and only surface for swimming in the Lower Peninsula. The surroundings here are ideal for hiking, biking and cross-country skiing opportunities.
Beautiful Waterfalls in Michigan-Ocqueoc FallsImage Source

14. Sable Falls

An impressive 75-foot drop from a sandstone cliff is the Sable Falls near Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore offers. It is one of the hidden treasures of Michigan as the road leading towards the fall is quite rough, which makes it difficult for small vehicles to make their way. What makes it unique is the dunes surrounding which are rare to be found around waterfalls. The path towards fall might be challenging for vehicles; however easier if you take the trails. The trails further go towards a beach and on the west to the Grand Sable Dunes.
Best Waterfalls in Michigan-Sable FallsImage Source

15. Rock River Falls

One of the most secluded but amongst the most beautiful waterfalls in Michigan is the Rock River Falls. It can be accessed deep inside the Hiawatha National Forest by driving and hiking several miles on unmarked forestry paths. It is 15-foot-tall dropping over a limestone shelf between the serenity of a beautiful wilderness setting. During the spring and ice-melting season, the water here flows laboriously creating a panoramic view. It is an ideal site for those who are interested in exploring hidden places and off-road adventures. Just make sure you have a Hiawatha National Forest in hand.

These were the 15 Amazing Waterfalls in Michigan. As most of them are lying in the lap of forests, make sure you soak yourself well in insect repellent and wear comfortable footwear to avoid any discomfort during your visit.

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