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Glacial National Park - Must-Visit Places in Montana

Montana Travel Guide: 9 Must-Visit Places in Montana (2024)

Montana is an ideal place to visit for the nature aficionados and adventure enthusiasts. This Northern State of the US has many activities to proffer to its guests. It shares the border with Canada and has one of the longest borders of the country.

Montana Travel Guide: 9 Must-Visit Places in Montana

With a plethora of outdoor activities, there are many best tourist attractions in Montana. For this reason, the place is also known as the “land of the shining mountains”. Be it the adventures or the winter sports or the water sports; you name an activity and Montana proffers it to you. With the impressive variety of landscape and wildlife, particularly the Rocky Mountains, the place is also known as the Big Sky Country.

There are many breathtaking natural attractions in the area, and the name of the site Montana means mountains in Spanish. Montana is the 4th largest state of the US. However, it is one of the least populated states as well. You can visit the Glacier National Park or the Yellowstone National Park.

Here is a list of the 9 Must-Visit Places in Montana:

1. Glacial National Park

With a whisk of High mountain ranges, Meadows, gleaming waterfalls, glaciers and dense frondescence, the Glacier National Park is a heaven for the nature aficionados. Moreover, the place has hiking pathways of more than 700 miles. This unique attribute makes it an ideal location for the adventure fanatics as well. Apart from the natural landscape features, you can visit the place by car also. The Going-To-The-Sun-Rd is 50 miles long and connects St Mary through the Logan pass and West Glacier. The Logan Pass is 6646 foot high. This is one of the most beautiful roads in America. You can sight some of the marvellous views from this road, like the Triple Divide.

Glacial National Park - Must-Visit Place in Montana

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The triple divide is a watershed between the North Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific. The picturesque view that can help you to fill your Instagram feed is the scenic sights of the Saint Mary Lake and the surrounding mountain ranges. You can also visit the Logan pass visit centre or flock to the Logan pass visitors centre, which has the peaks of Reynolds and Clement Mountain. The top of Reynolds is at the height of 9128 feet, and the Clements Mountain is 8,773 feet.

2. Lewis and Clark Trail

The origin of this historic pathway sights some of the most beautiful landscapes of Montana. This is one of the best places for the adventure fanatics. Many discoveries have been made in the Levis and Clark Trail in Montana. One such innovation is the miraculous and breathtaking giant Springs. The gleaming azure waters form one of the largest Springs in the world. You can also sight the Heritage Park and other centres while walking through the trail. Please your eyes by beholding the shortest River in the world, rivers Edge trail and Visitor centre.

3. Museum of the Rockies

Museum of the Rockies is one of the best tourist attractions in Montana. It is edged in Bozeman and is much loved by the history fanatics. You can acquire a startling and quirky experience by visiting the Smithsonian Institution of the museum. It exhibits the displays of Dinosaur eggs and their skeletons. Not only this, but it also has some models of numerous species of dinosaurs which proffer a real look. In the collection of the exhibits of Dinosaur, is one of the largest in the US. You can also search for tyrannosaurus’s skull, which is the big worlds most prominent skull here.

Other highlights of the museum include a direct thighbone with soft tissue, Big Mike and T-Rex skeleton at the entrance of the museum. The log home and other western arts are showcased in the museum.

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4. Helena

Helena is the capital of Montana and was previously known as the last chance Gulch. It was known so because there was a group of people who were digging the place for gold. They were about to go, but fortunately tried their last dig when they found gold. It has many attractive buildings in the US. Such structures exhibit the Renaissance style of architecture. Moreover, the buildings are fabricated from sandstone, Granite, copper Dome, and many murals exhibit Montana’s past.

By flocking to Helena, you can explore the best tourist attractions in Montana like the Helena, Lewis and Clark National Forest. There are many activities to try out in Helena. You can fish in the Blackfoot and Missouri rivers or watch the big game in the Elkhorn wildlife management unit. This unit is sketched on 3 lakh acres of ground. By hiking in the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, you can let the adrenaline rush into you.

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5. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is an ideal place to have a gala time with your family. Being one of the most visited sites in Montana by the tourists all around the year, there are many places to have fun and do a roadside picnic with your near and dear ones. You can sight some of the most stupendous locations of Montana from the cars. A perfect display of natural beauty, the exotic frondescence of Montana is always loved by the nature lovers. The adventure enthusiasts can hike in the hiking pathways of the park.

Sightseeing Place in Montana-Yellowstone National ParkImage Source

6. Fly fishing

All the fishing aficionados can sign up for the Montana angler fly fishing. Not only this, but such signing up also proffers you some day trips and affordable. There are experts, primarily meant to guide you and take you to the best fishing lakes and seas. This place in Montana will proffer you one of the most quirky and distinctive experiences of your lives.

Best Place in Montana-Fly fishingImage Source

7. Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Centre

One of the best places for the wildlife enthusiasts, the grizzly and wolf Discovery Centre is a place to be must visited by you in Montana. This centre was initially inaugurated as a sanctuary, where animals who were friendly around humans resided.

You can get an insight into the behaviour and performance of the grizzly bears and the Wolf while they live in their natural habitats. Some of the activities include beholding the Bears while they eat food or play in the lakes or with one another. You can also hear the howling screams of the packs of Wolf in the mornings and evenings.

Top Visiting Place in Montana-Grizzly and Wolf Discovery CentreImage Source

8. The Moss Mansion

The Moss Mansion in Montana is edged in the city of Billings and is one of the most critical and historic House of their location. It is built up of red sandstone and was fabricated by Henry Janeway, Hardenberg. He was one of the most famous architects of New York and has manufactured the designs of the Willard, Copley Plaza Hotels and Waldorf Astoria. This building has 28 rooms and was developed in 1903.

Apart from this, it is equipped with posh furniture, Persian carpets, various artefacts and original draperies and fixtures. Many exhibits and seasonal events and festivals are celebrated in this location. Moreover, you can take a guide with you for the tour of the mansion. However, Self-guided tours are also available at truncated costs. So, if you want to procure a mysterious experience, then this is the best place for it.

Best Tour Location in Montana-The Moss MansionImage Source

9. The Western Heritage Center

Another stupendous location of Billings in Montana is the Western Heritage Centre. The Western Heritage Centre is an ideal heaven for the history fanatics. It is located in the Parmly Billings Memorial Library, which was fabricated in 1901. The place houses more than 17,000 artefacts which encompass 6000 photos of the history and culture of the Yellowstone River region. It was inaugurated in 1971.

The exhibits of the place proffer you an insight into the history of the Northern High Plains, Smithsonian Institution and Yellowstone River Valley. On the other hand, you can also get an insight into the history of the Cheyenne and Crow Indians. If you do not have an interest in the past and culture of the place, then you can also attend the lectures, workshops and various educational programmes proffered here.

Best Montana tour Place-The Western Heritage CenterImage Source


Be it the history fanatics, the nature aficionados or the adventure enthusiasts, Montana has much to proffer to its guests of different preferences and needs. Not only this, but there are some of the breathtaking and awe-inspiring views of nature in Montana. You can also enjoy various activities like hiking, kayaking, fishing or trekking on the paths.

A heavenly experience is proffered to you by the waterfalls which sprinkle the azure and gleaming waters on your face in Montana. Enjoy the various tours of Montana which are available at affordable prices. So, there are many best tourist attractions in Montana. You can choose your favourite amongst the list according to your needs, preferences and budgets. So, roll up your sleeves and include the above-mentioned places in your itinerary.

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