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Bethany Beach - Explore The Amazing Delaware

Explore The Amazing Delaware: 10 Best Places to Visit in Delaware (2024)

Don’t go on the small and compact size of the place, Delaware is a fantastic destination to visit and has a lot to offer. For the people not in the know, Delaware was the first state to become a member of the United States Union. Not only this, but there is also a lot more to know about Delaware.

Delaware, despite having a population less than 1 million, is filled with joyous adventures at the ocean. Delaware accommodates chains of boutiques and galleries where tourists can shop tax-free. With all the outdoor activities, beaches, spas, and dining treat Delaware offers a hamper of experiences and fun.

We know you travel for fun, so restricting your choices to explore is not an option here. But anyway, before you start your voyage, you must keep your mind clear as to what you will find at this beautiful travel destination and what are the best places to visit in Delaware. Delaware beaches have also reopened with safer and hygienic surrounding after the pandemic hurdle in the tourism sector.

Explore The Amazing Delaware: 10 Best Places to Visit in Delaware

1. Wilmington

The riverfront at Wilmington is the best place to take a walk or sit in the calm alone or with the company. Wilmington in Delaware is a place that is known for offering at least something to every person; nobody can return empty-handed from here. Be it an individual on a business trip or a couple looking for beautiful candle-lit dinner, or a family looking for adventure and fun, everyone is treated welcomingly. In the nearer area, there are lots of beaches, parks and fun places for kids. Seasonal trips to Wilmington offer plenty of options to explore from tourist attractions to beautiful views. Make sure you confirm what day or month you are visiting Wilmington, you will have options accordingly.

Top Place to Visit in Delaware-Wilmington
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2. Bethany Beach

Delaware is best-known for beaches and activities on shores. A beautiful coastline covers the broad boundaries of this beach named after Bethany town. There are present several wide, crowded beaches in the area, but this place is comparatively more peaceful and quiet in Delaware. Tourists choose to go swimming, sunbathe and play fun-games with groups and families. Bethany Beach and its town in Delaware also offer super-cool dining places with super-delicious seafood and local recipes.

Bethany Beach - Explore The Amazing Delaware

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3. Bombay Hook National Village Refuge

Tourists are attracted to this destination in Delaware to see the beautiful the wildlife refuge collection formed with the remains of tidal salt marsh from Atlantic Region. Bombay Hook National Village Refuge houses a collection of migrant birds from the Atlantic coast. It had initiated as an establishment with wildlife groups from Canada and the Gulf of Mexico. Public access is denied for some of the sections of this wildlife refuge destination, while most of the remaining sides are open for tourists. The staff and researchers are allowed to access the restricted part for maintenance and study purposes. The general public, as well as staff, must maintain the peace and harmless culture so to avoid disrupting the wildlife and its natural habitat.

4. Dewey Beach

For those who love beach fun and water activities, Dewey beach is one destination where one can find parasailing, water skiing, dolphin shows and boating activities. Well-known for its adventurous water-sport fun, Dewey beach in Delaware is a great destination to play or participate in a beach volleyball game and other local games. Make sure you explore dining options at the beach; restaurants and café diners are found crowded almost all the time. Dolphin shows are often organized during a specific time of the year; tourists visiting Delaware can catch the view of dolphins dancing around the waters.

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5. Cape Henlopen State Park

A chain of dunes and lands claimed to be around 100 years old form this excellent destination for tourists in Delaware. This place is mostly visited for a one-day trip in the calm lands and dunes. I t offers extra-ordinary surroundings for camping and significant exposure to nature. Tourists visiting camps can find a lot of places that provide cabin rental services for accommodation because no camping demands luxurious hotel rooms. Now known as a state park and a tourist attraction, Cape Henlopen once had a lighthouse situated here to warn the ships coming to Delaware. However, the windy climate did not support its functioning and led to its closure sometime in the 1920s.

Sightseeing Place to Visit in Delaware-Cape Henlopen State Park

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6. The Capital City, Dover

Tourists going any place in the world must put on their list visiting the capital city of the nation they are willing to explore; indeed it’s the capital for a reason. Dover is the capital of Delaware, and it contains a lot of places one must explore if the idea of visit is on knowing about Delaware.

From the Air Mobility Command Museum to Biggs Museum, Dover accommodates excellent knowledge and history pieces and showcases including 200 years of art and history. Tourists will explore modern-day and vintage aviation and aircraft at the Air Mobility Command Museum and vast farming development knowledge at Delaware Agriculture Museum. Despite being a small town at the coastline, Dover sometimes surprisingly offers unexpected amenities and facilities to tourists in Delaware.

Must Visit Place in Delaware-The Capital City, DoverImage Source

7. Fenwick Island

Near the Ocean city at Maryland, Fenwick Island treats its tourists with the most significant experiences one can have on the beach. It makes family trips more convenient and fun at the same time and is regarded as the most beautiful beach facility in Delaware, especially for families.

Tourists looking for water-sport activities like water surfing, boating and exploring the marine life can surely plan a day or two chilling at this beautiful spot among the best places to visit in Delaware. The location is also known for go-karting and water slides near some cold dining spots at the beach suitable for families to relax and recharge.

Best Visiting Place in Delaware-Fenwick IslandImage Source

8. New Castle

Built with the original heritage of the old days and preserved culture of Delaware valley, New castle is a culturally rich building where tourists are welcomed and offered entertainment activities. The visit entails a castle walking tour straight leading the tourists to the shopping place and the beach. You will surely find something that interests you at this shopping spot.

Top Tour Place in Delaware-New Castle

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9. Newark

A trip to Newark is a must visit among the best places to visit in Delaware and is mostly focused on the Chapel Street Community Theatre and the Atlantic Ballet. The University of Delaware is located in Newark and welcomes a massive group of students from across the world. High-value events are organised in Newark, and the place gives easy passage to Philadelphia and Baltimore. Parks at Newark are much-visited tourist spots in Delaware, and the most-enjoyed activities include biking rides starting from this adventurous tourist destination.

Top Tourist Place in Delaware-Newark

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10. Smyrna

For a perfect family getaway, tourists must choose this highly recommended place in Delaware. Smyrna is not a tourist attraction; it is more of a settlement building where families can come and live for days and months. This destination was once a settlement based on just shipping, which is not the case anymore. These days Smyrna has started it’s earning through tourism segment and accommodation for families. Visit this peaceful place even if you are not planning on staying; it’s always great to explore what a place has to offer.

Attraction Tourist Place in Delaware-SmyrnaImage Source

Indeed, every busy man today deserves a great weekend or an entire month of relief, so why not travel? You may rely on our list of best places to visit in Delaware or explore more places and discover mile after mile walking along the beaches.

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