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9 Most Popular Montana Hot Springs That You’ll Absolutely Love (2024)

A Geothermal wonder, Hot springs are absolutely divine. Formed millions of years ago, they are the hot tub time machines and indeed a blessing from mother nature. And when we talk about Montana, there are close to 61 known Hot Springs around the State. There are multiple great options, from some hidden at the backyard pool to others commercially developed inside the well-known resorts. Hot Springs are known for their healing and relaxation power, and the ones in Montana truly provide for the same.

Montana boasts plenty of outdoor physical recreational options. From hiking to mountain biking, skiing, kayaking, and whatnot. Though after putting all the bodily efforts into the same, one needs to relax and rejuvenate into a hot bathtub or with a hot oil massage. But when there are the divine Hot Springs available, going to artificial options cancels on its own. The mineral-rich water of Montana Hot Springs has been used for its healing properties for centuries. So why not you visit one of them and relax all your muscles. If the idea excites you, then here are some great options you can choose from. Have a look:

9 Most Popular Montana Hot Springs That You’ll Absolutely Love

1. Norris Hot Springs

Located in the Madison River valley, the Norris Hot Springs is a popular hot spring in Montana. 40 feet long and 30 feet wide, it is one of the largest communal hot springs and is known for its rustic and peaceful vibes. Water at the hot spring sits around 100 degrees Fahrenheit during summers, whereas 106 degrees Fahrenheit during winters. One of the highlights here is weekend live music that takes the Hot Spring experience to a whole new level. Other features of the location involve a snack bar grill and RVing and tenting space.

2. Chico Hot Springs

The Chico Hot Springs is a favorite amongst the locals for a family-friendly getaway. The hotel was opened back in 1990 and today is operating for over a century. Inside the hotel, there are two on-site open-air mineral hot spring pools. While resort guests can access them from 7 am early in the morning, day guests can only be allowed entry from 8 am. Further, it allows guests to stay back until 11 pm late every night. Other amenities here include a full-service day spa, luxury cabins, and multiple restaurants serving lip-smacking food.

Chico Hot Springs, Montana

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3. Yellowstone Hot Spring

Located 10 minutes north of the Yellowstone National Park (Gardiner entrance), Yellowstone Hot Spring is pristine. The place offers 4,000 square feet of cold and hot springs. The water temperature of the springs ranges from 67-degree Fahrenheit to 104-degree Fahrenheit, depending upon the outdoor weather/ season. These Hot Springs operate on weekends during winters, whereas every day during the rest of the year. Being alcohol and smoke-free facility, it makes for a family-friendly space. For visitors who want to stay back, several campgrounds and lodging options are available across the street.

4. Boiling River

As natural as it can get, the Boiling River is by far the best Hot Spring to visit in Montana. The water of Mammoth Hot Springs and Gardiner River both meet in Boiling River, making it grander than ever. Soaking into the warm water of Boiling River is an otherworldly experience though there are certain safety limitations to it. Because the water at Boiling River can reach a temperature where it can become dangerous to swim, there are only certain sections visitors can access. Visitors are advised to stay at those zones where the water is safe (temperature-wise). Besides that, summers add up into the green natural surrounding beauty, whereas winters take the soaking experience into a whole new comforting level.

5. Bozeman Hot Springs

Bozeman Hot Springs is a recreational hub where you will find hot pools, cold plunges, and warm swimming areas altogether. Inside this hot spring facility, there are 12 different pools mixed of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Water temperature within these pools ranges from 59 degrees Fahrenheit to 106 degrees Fahrenheit. While the outdoor pools are chlorinated, the indoor ones feature silica, bicarbonate, carbonate, sulfate minerals, chloride, and sodium. Their newly built outdoor dry sauna and pool are more popular for their spring setting and ambiance. There are rock features decorative lights along with holiday-based events and musical nights adding to the vibe. There are RVing spaces, tent sites, rental cabins, and nice campgrounds alongside those who want to stay back.

6. Elkhorn Hot Springs

If you want to shift from the modern commercialized hot spring, there isn’t a better option than the Elkhorn Hot Springs. These springs have a more rustic and old-school vibe to them; no wonder they have been in business since 1918. Inside the facility, there are two hot springs with water temperatures ranging from 92 degrees Fahrenheit to 106 degrees Fahrenheit, depending upon the weather and season. Besides hot springs, there is a sauna as well where visitors can rejuvenate before or after soaking. Before visiting the springs facility, travelers first go hiking and skiing nearby. The ones who want to stay back can choose from either old-style rustic lodges or modern cabins.

7. Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs

Located on Montana’s North tier, the Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs have been in business since 1920, over a century now. For more than 100 years of operations, sleeping buffalo has hosted the maximum number of guests anywhere in Montana Hot Springs. Inside the facility, there are two indoor pools with unique reddish color water. The water in these pools comes from a well that runs 3,200 feet deep and produces 108-degree Fahrenheit water over 900 gallons per minute. Because the water here flows continuously, it is by far chemical-free, natural, and full of beneficial and essential minerals. The longer you soak here, the more relaxed your muscles and skin will feel. For lodging options, the spring facility also features cabins and a campground, along with a huge menu of food and drinks.

8. Quinn’s Hot Springs

The best hot spring resort in Montana, Quinn’s Hot Springs, is where you definitely need to visit. This pristine destination features a variety of soaking pools with water temperatures ranging between 89 degrees Fahrenheit to steaming 106-degree Fahrenheit. Besides the hot spring, there is also an equally impressive ice pool. Visitors prefer alternating their dips for maximum effects. Plunging into cold water also increases blood circulation, though it is only for Braveheart’s considering its temperature. If you are only a daytime visitor, your package will include 3 accessing hours in the spring for the day. However, if you are staying in the rustic wood cabins here, you can access both the hot and cold spring for unlimited hours at any time of the day.

9. Additional Hot Springs To Visit In Montana

  • Broadwater Hot Springs (It offers undiluted mineral water from natural hot springs).
  • Hunters Hot Springs (It is the most voluminous hot spring in the State).
  • K Bar L Ranch & Medicine Springs (It is ideal for a therapeutic couple vacation).
  • Syme’s Hot Springs (An affordable, kids & family-friendly hot spring).

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