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Meadow Hot Springs - Must Visit Hot Springs in Utah

5 Must-Visit Hot Springs in Utah (2023)

Hot springs have been around since ancient times. Known for their healing and relaxation benefits, a soak in the mineral-filled waters of hot spring can do wonders. Throughout the beautiful state of Utah, there are many stunning hot springs that make the hikes to reach them, and the entrance fees seem worthwhile. And what’s more, the hot springs in Utah are much more than simply soaking and sitting. You will find many on-site excitement like paddleboard yoga, waterslides, camping, and even music festivals to turn the visit into an entire weekend getaway of fun.

5 Must-Visit Hot Springs in Utah

Here are some of the best hot springs in Utah.

1. Diamond Fork Hot Springs

Also known as the Fifth Water Hot Springs, the Diamond Fork Hot Springs is the most picturesque of all the hot springs in Utah. The hot spring here straddles the bubbling Fifth Water Creek, which also explains the unofficial name. The area is located very close to the Diamond Fork River, after which the actual name of the place is kept.

However, there is a fair bit of exploration involved in finding the springs themselves as they are located snugly in a deep valley that emerges from the majestic Wasatch Mountain Range in the eastern direction. There’s no need to worry, though, as there is a well-marked trail that takes you straight to the hot springs. In fact, the hint of sulfur in the air should be the first indication that you are getting close to the hot springs. You will then spot a spattering of purpose-built pools surrounded by ad hoc walls of stone. You will be able to spot them shining in bright colors of blue, green, and white.

The Upper Pools are located just above the river itself and provide some of the best views down the water channel. They are also the hottest, having a peak temperature of 108oF.

Do remember that you have to hike across a 2.5-mile trail both to and from this hot spring. So keep a pair of good boots and thermals if you are traveling in the winter months.

2. Mystic Hot Springs

The Mystic Hot Springs is one of the edgier springs to head to and bath al fresco in Utah. The spring gurgles up from the mountains around Monroe and the Sevier Plateau, welling up over rust-colored boulders and patches of sun-dried desert brush.

This hot spring has been popular since the days of the Shoshone and Ute people, who used this warmed land around the springs for shelter. Nowadays, the Mystic Hot Springs has become like a hippy oasis in the desert, with vintage bathtubs being wedged into the mud and concrete pools laid out to collect the hot water.

The water at the Mystic Hot Springs is believed to be full of good minerals that lend it a musky hue. However, there is no sulfur in this area. The hot spring at Mystic has its own campsite and collection of backcountry cabins. There’s even an alpaca farm.

3. Crystal Hot Springs

The Crystal Hot Springs is one of the most famous hot springs in the town of Honeyville, Utah. It’s conveniently located just off Interstate 15 as you head north to the Idaho state line. The spring here is famous for its Olympic-size bathing pool and many other attractions.

It is the breathtaking setting of this place that is the biggest draw. The rust-red foothills of Box Elder Peak, surrounded by alpine meadowlands all around, make for an awesome scenic view as you bath and relax here.

It surprises most visitors to find out that there are seven individual hot springs within this complex. And they are all manmade, so there is no need to trek for long distances to reach this area. Temperatures in the spring range from 65 degrees to a scorching 134 degrees. There are also dedicated children’s pools, a few waterslides, and small social islands here.

4. Homestead Crater

Housed within the sprawling three-star Homestead Resort, the springs here sit at the bottom of a 10,000-year-old crater that has been created over millennia by natural elements at work. This slowly formed into a natural bathtub with rock walls that are nearly 65 feet high. Deep inside the crater, the water remains maintained at a steady temperature of around 90-100 degrees. This is, in fact, the only warm scuba diving destination in the continental US.

5. Meadow Hot Springs

The Meadow Hot Springs is located at the turn-off of the E Veterans Memorial Highway sought of Filmore. This beautiful hot spring gives you a full view of the majestic Cricket Mountains. While they are not the hottest hot spring in Utah, but they are hot enough to give you an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Temperatures hover around the 100-degree mark. The water at Meadow Springs is completely free of charge. The three pools that make up the site are actually located on private land, but the owners allow visitors to enjoy the hot springs.

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