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Bear Lake - Best Lake in Utah

6 Best Lakes in Utah that Will Take Your Breath Away (2022)

Utah is known all over the world for its aesthetic beauty, archaeological digs, skiing activities, lakes, mountains, and so on. Although Utah is a state that is primarily located in the desert, it has many lakes that drive the tourists crazy. Many lakes in Utah are formed by the damming of mountain rivers. Some lakes in Utah are shallow, while others are clear and deep.

Some of the lakes in Utah are near urban centers, while the others are in remote areas. There are many recreational activities such as snowmobiling, camping, ice fishing, etc., that you can enjoy at lakes in Utah.

6 Best Lakes in Utah that Will Take Your Breath Away

Below is the complete list of the best lakes in Utah to explore.

1. Strawberry Reservoir

Strawberry Reservoir is one of the best lakes in Utah and is home to crayfish, rainbow trout, kokanee salmon, and cutthroat trout. You can explore many fishing areas at the lake, such as Strawberry Basin, Soldier Creek Basin, the Narrows and Meadows Basin.

There is also a marina near Strawberry Reservoir whereby you can enjoy snowmobiling and boating. During the winter season, tourists enjoy ice fishing on the lake. You can also easily avail the service of a professional guide as they can help you explore the lake better and even find the best spots for angling. You also need not worry at all about your stay because there are many lodges with guest rooms near the lake.

2. Bear Lake

Bear Lake is located in the far northeast of Utah and is a great spot for tourists. The visuals of Bear Lake soothes the eyes as it has a beautiful turquoise colour. Twenty miles long and eight miles wide, Bear Lake makes for an incredible spot for all kinds of activities that can take place in water.

One of the special things about Bear Lake is that it is home to the longest beach in the state, i.e. Rendezvous Beach. The beach’s shallow water makes it an ideal spot for playing and wading. So, you can enjoy yourself there with all your water toys. There are many more wonderful and joyous activities you can enjoy at Bear Lake, such as tubing, wakeboarding, sailing, waterskiing, and so on. If you have a knack for fishing, then do try it too; you can expect to find sculpin, Bonneville cisco, cutthroat trout, lake trout, and many more species in the lake.

There are seven campgrounds near the lake that are run by the states wherein you can enjoy camping. Bear Lake is wholesome- near the lake, there are ATV trails, mountain bike riding routes, golf courses, and horseback riding routes to make your trip more enjoyable.

Also, make sure to attend the Raspberry Festival if you visit the lake in August.

3. Lake Powell

Sitting along the Colorado River and created by the flooding of the Glen Canyon, Lake Powell is one of the top lakes in Utah. It is a worldwide famous summer spot for tourists, owing to its beauty.

There are also many popular landmarks near Lake Powell, such as Hite Crossing Bridge and Rainbow Bridge National Monument. Lake Powell is known for its magnificent desert scenery.

You must enjoy boating through Lake Powell – you will get to explore arcs of sand, rock formations, placid waters, and the popular Hamburger Rock.

If you don’t want to go boating, then you also enjoy camping activities along the shoreline of Lake Powell.

Many visitors enjoy renting a houseboat when they visit Lake Powell, as these floating lodges have bedrooms, kitchens, showers, and all the comfort.

You can also go fishing and hook crappie, striped bass, bluegill, or walleye. You can also visit Hall’s Ferry and Bullfrog Bay when you visit Lake Powell.

4. The Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake is the most popular lake in Utah. It covers a huge area of about 1,700 square miles, but the unique fact about this lake is that its size keeps changing every year depending on the amount of water flowing in from the 3 rivers that supply it and the amount of evaporation.

The Great Salt Lake is a fascinating place to swim as the water makes you float near the surface due to its saltiness. You can also explore Antelope Island State Park when you visit the Great Salt Lake. You can enjoy hiking, camping, biking and many more activities at Antelope Island State Park.

If you enjoy birdwatching, you will find Salt Lake heaven because you can view many native birds and waterfowl and shorebirds.

5. Utah Lake

Utah Lake is one of the best lakes in Utah and is located within the Provo-Orem metropolitan area. You must visit Utah Lake State Park as it has EPIC Recreation that offers rentals of pontoon boats, kayaks, powerboats, jet skis, and sports equipment. You can go fishing and hook channel catfish, bluegill, perch, and walleye. For birdwatchers, Utah Lake is a haven as it is home to over 200 species of birds, including sandhill cranes, great horned owls, golden eagles, and so on.

6. Willard Bay Reservoir

Willard Bay Reservoir is located in the northeast corner of Great Salt Lake and is considered one of the best lakes in Utah. It is a recreational site for Salt Lake City and features showers, restrooms, restaurants, and sand beaches. One can rent jet skis, kayaks, pontoon boats, paddleboats, and other equipment to have fun in the water.

People who enjoy birdwatching can also walk the shore and view common loons, bald eagles, yellow warblers, and other bird species.

This was the complete list of the best lakes in Utah. Make sure to visit these lakes whenever you visit Utah and enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, and camping.

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