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Golden Spike Tower of North Platte - Nebraska’s Amazing Attraction For Making Your Trip Worth It

Visit Nebraska’s 10 Amazing Attractions For Making Your Trip Worth It (2024)

Nebraska has always proved to be one of the ‘must-go destinations in the world,’ and it’s majorly because of its underlying beauty. The landscape of Nebraska often proves to be an eye-catching, and presence of some of the beauties of Nebraska like Chimney Rock, Golden Spike Tower. Comprehensively, that it’s going to be the place where you can find the best places for a perfect vacation. With so many attractions present in this place, you are surely going to get confused about which one to visit while being here. Thus, you would have to plan your whole vacation accordingly!

Visit Nebraska’s 10 Amazing Attractions For Making Your Trip Worth It

Check out some of these best and alluring vacation spots in Nebraska State of the United States.

1. Golden Spike Tower of North Platte

The Golden Spike Tower comprises eight stories and is wholly roofed in the glass. Further than the Bailey Yard, the full breadth of the Platte River valley opens out as visitors watch out from the screening spot. The Golden Spike Tower features a bird’s-eye vision out over the Bailey Yard, legitimately authorized as the world’s most massive railroad yard. More than 150 trains and 10,000 rail cars a day pierce into Bailey’s yard. Thus, this yard will be an amazing sight-seeing destination in Nebraska.Golden Spike Tower of North Platte - Nebraska’s Amazing Attraction For Making Your Trip Worth It

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Address- 1249 North Homestead Road, North Platte

2. Carhenge

The Carhenge is most likely to be called as an exact copy of the great Stonehenge of England, and this can be a must-visit destination in Nebraska. Despite being the replica of the Stonehenge, Carhenge has been the major attraction for the tourists coming to Nebraska State. This piece of art is constructed with the arrangement of thirty-eight cars together in different positions. Some of the cards are placed underground, and some have been placed on top of each other. After the Carhenge construction got completed, it was later on painted grey by some of the Reinders families residing closer to the structure. This was done only to mimic the image of the original Stonehenge perfectly.

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Address- 3 miles North of Alliance, on Highway 87

3. Scott Buffs National Monument

This natural structure can be checked out far from the Nebraska Prairies. In the ancient period, this place was used as a landmark by the Native Americans who inhabited the region and followed by the travelers who passed through the Scott Buffs National Monument. The entry in the Scott Buffs National Monument is free of cost. This is one of the most liked spots for the ones who are passionate about long walkways, hiking, or rock climbing. The hiking option leads its visitors to a great viewpoint, which itself a must-visit attractions in Nebraska.

Top Attraction Place In Nebraska’s-Scott Buffs National MonumentImage Source

4. Old Market of Omaha

For spending leisure time with your family and friends, the old market of Omaha can be a perfect past time place. A terrific spot for shopping purposes, family dinner, and exploring the nature of Omaha would be an incredible journey itself. The old market is packed with coffee houses and cafes, which are a lot of pleasure in spending some good moments with your family. The streets of the Omaha city are well designed and lovely to wander. Thus, this spot can be a beautiful place to visit in Nebraska.

5. Omaha Henry’s Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Zoo has been one of the most eye-pleasing tourist spots anywhere around the world. It allows us to witness several species that we do not get to see in our daily routine. Zoo also let us know what species living in a particular environment can survive in which type of environment. For small kids, it is going to be a real adventure of having a sight of wildlife and environmental actions. The beauty of this amazing would not go to miss you out to enjoy the perks of this beautiful destination. Visiting The Omaha Henry zoo and discovering almost 130 species and several underground caves is so overwhelming. This particular zoo also includes the largest indoor desert and the largest indoor rainforest of North America, which declares it as a great attraction to visit in Nebraska.

Top Tourist Place In Nebraska’s-Omaha Henry's Doorly Zoo and AquariumImage Source

Address- 3701 10th Street, Omaha, Nebraska

6. Chimney Rock Historic Site

The Chimney Rock site, which is itself an excellent site for any visitor to explore, was not as similar to what it is now. In the ancient period, it was used as a landmark by the European colonizers who migrated from Westward. Visitors can catch a feeling of what it must have experienced like for the colonists when they newly arrived here. The center for the visitor is also located around the Chimney Rock Historic Site, which offers handy visitor information about Geology, the formation of the rocks, and other historical events held in this location. Therefore, it turns out to be a perfect tourist destination in Nebraska.

Top Tour Place In Nebraska’s-Chimney Rock Historic SiteImage Source

7. Haymarket District in Lincoln

The Haymarket District is an affirmative compilation of Historical centers, atmosphere, and sophisticated restaurants, etc. The entire Lincoln City would be an excellent tourist destination in Nebraska. Being a dynamic spot to travel around with your family, the best time would be in the evening. While there is something special in the Haymarket District that charms its visitors, the restored water tower and town clock are the places that a visitor must add in his/her list.

Must Visit Place In Nebraska’s-Haymarket District in LincolnImage Source

8. Strategic Air and Space Museum, Ashland

This museum is a comprehensive exhibition of aircraft and Spacecrafts. An admirer of airplane and aviation technology would get stunned by the wide-ranging collections on show at this museum in Ashland, midway between Omaha and Lincoln. It primarily came into being in 1959 as the Strategic Air Command. The museum developed over the years and, in 1998, moved to its current location in an updated resource. Later, this place name got changed to the Strategic Air and Space Museum. Moreover, there is a planetarium inside the site where the tourists can take a delightful experience of astronomy shows and motion rides. Hence, this so-called Aviation center would be a significant attraction and a fantastic tourist destination in Nebraska.

Best Visiting Place In Nebraska’s-Strategic Air and Space Museum, AshlandImage Source

9. Indian Cave State Park

Located on the banks of the Great River Missouri makes this place a beautiful tourist spot. This destination is usually liked by the visitors as it is perfect for several adventurous activities, which even include cycling, camping, and hiking. The natural scenes and captivating designs of this beautiful structure make it a fantastic sight-seeing destination in Nebraska.

Sightseeing Place to Visit In Nebraska’s-Indian Cave State ParkImage Source

10. Tour of the Sandhills

The 1/4th area of the Sandhills covers Nebraska State. Many of the visitors name it as the home for nature lovers. A large number of outdoor actions can be carried out that are- bird watching, a driving tour of the Sandhills, clicking beautiful pictures, or sitting across the lake in peace. While doing a driving tour of Sandhills, a lot of houses that are built on the side of the lakes can be noticed, along with grasslands. Hence, this would be a fantastic sigh-seeing destination in Nebraska.

Beautiful Place to Visit In Nebraska’s-Tour of the SandhillsImage Source

11. Ride the Cowboy Trail

If you have an internal craving to turn into a lonely cowboy making his way across the Great Plains, then the Cowboy Trail is just right for you. This 195-mile track chases an old railway line as it passes through the northern part of the state. You’ll expect to have the track and the vast open sky all to yourself; the track is lightly used. Small towns are situated along the way, so you can replenish on essential supplies or get a room for the night. This place can turn into unique sight-seeing destinations in Nebraska.

Amazing Place to Visit In Nebraska’s-Ride the Cowboy TrailImage Source

12. Columbus

Columbus is another appealing destination of Nebraska State, which offers a wide range of attractions such as- adventurous sports and historical sights. Walk around the Platt County Museum, the Agricultural Park, and the Statue of Liberty duplication as well as other historic sites. Get in the open air and take pleasure in one of the major activities- jogging, cycling, or scenic walking paths next to tree-lined parks and the city’s two lakes. Columbus itself can provide you with excellent leisure time to cherish as it’s a must-visit attraction in Nebraska.


Visitors can enjoy the shopping tour along with a lot of other sports, which would give the visitors a boost. A lot of dining options are available in the land of Nebraska, where you can take pleasure in various styles of cuisine. The ones who are fond of art and culture scenes, this state would be a Masterpiece. All these bizarre events make Nebraska a refreshing destination for every age group desire for a perfect vacation. That’s all, folks, and we expect that we provided an immense source of information about the beauty, the people, and the historical culture of this beautiful state of Nebraska. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to pack up your belongings and come to Nebraska.

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