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Old Barracks Museum - Must-Visit Museum In New Jersey

11 Must-Visit Museums In New Jersey (2023)

For enthusiasts who are seeking to explore the insides of World-class museums, there’s isn’t a better place than New Jersey. The Garden State is home to over 250 museums, some of which are well known, whereas others are hidden deep into the layers of small towns, villages, and suburban regions. The diversity of culture & populations, along with the complex history, blesses the city with a fascinating set of museums; no doubt some of them are even noted finest amongst the entire United States.

New Jersey is one amongst the original thirteen colonies, and some of its towns, such as Morristown, have been a part of the American Revolution. This rich setting within the State contributes to the wealthiness of attractions. When we talk about Museums, galleries, and display complexes, the results are always a notch better than expected. If you are interested in learning a little more about them, go through our list of the 11 Most Popular Museums in New Jersey.

11 Must-Visit Museums In New Jersey

Have a look at 11 Museums to explore when in New Jersey below:

1. New Jersey’s Hall of Fame

An organization that introduced a unique legacy worldwide, the Hall of Fame is something that you must visit in New Jersey, regardless of your interests. It is an organization that honors individuals of New Jersey, the ones who made some notable contribution to the society and world around them. Anyone honored and picturized here is rare or an exception; however, the category can range from History, General, Enterprise, Sports, Arts, Entertainment, and beyond. The first induction ceremony was organized on 4th may 2008, and since then, the process has continued every coming year. If you want to know about the exceptional and unsung heroes of New Jersey, make sure you spare some time here.

2. Liberty Science Center

An interactive science museum, the Liberty Science Center, can be your best pick if you have interests in the same field. It is known to be the most technically advanced and the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere. The Museum is an excellent example of computer-driven engineering and is one of the celebrated works of the renowned artists, architects, inventors, and engineers Chuck Hoberman. It is home to the most significant exhibition on skyscrapers globally, where guests can learn about every single phenomenon of those huge sky-touching buildings. Along with that, visitors can also explore several permanent and traveling exhibitions. If interested, you can also be an active part of the teaching and learning processes here.

Must-Visit Museum In New Jersey-Liberty Science Center

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3. Old Barracks Museum

Old Barracks is a historical museum located in Trenton, the state capital of New Jersey. The museum building dates back to 1758 when it was used to house the British Army soldiers. For its significance in the State’s military history, it is noted in the lists of National Historic Landmark and Historical places. Today the building serves as an interpretive museum and houses several galleries, a meeting space, and a gift shop. Several Revolutionary War buffs from all over the Nation pay a visit to Old Barracks, especially during the Christmas time; the crowd here increased considerably. The Museum is operational Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm, and is worth visiting in New Jersey. Old Barracks Museum - Must-Visit Museum In New JerseyImage Source:

4. Cumberland County Prehistorical Museum

The Cumberland County Prehistorical Museum, though is dedicated to the local history of the region, its settlement is no less than what an extensive metropolitan museum carries like. The Museum is devoted to Archaeology with numerous features, including local inventions, transportation, furniture, and other interactive spots for both adults and kids alike. Apart from the Museum, there’s also a gift shop named History on High and a research library, both of which are worth visiting. Everything here inside is interesting, and even if your aren’t a history buff, your time would still go great while exploring the insides. The Museum covers over 250 years of history, and anyone can explore all of it for free.

5. New Jersey State Museum

One of the most popular and prominent museums in New Jersey, the New Jersey State Museum, is worth visiting. The Museum building beautifully overlooks the Delaware River and serves a vast region between Philadelphia and New York. The collection here features archaeological and ethnographic artifacts, natural history specimens, fine art objects, cultural history artifacts all lined nicely in dedicated Bureaus/ departments. Apart from the exhibits, visitors can also explore the 384-seat auditorium and 140-seat Planetarium. The Planetarium organizes some great shows for both kids and adults; thus, if you are high on time, make sure to stay a little longer here.

6. Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum

Noted as one of the best museums in New Jersey, the Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum houses everything from aviation and the space heritage of the State. Initially, the Museum was located in Teterboro Airport; however, when the collection expanded, they later moved it into a nearby building. The display here features space equipment, modern & historical artifacts, art & aircraft models, and several photographs of Honourees from aviation, military and space departments. Even though it isn’t as huge as other city museums, both the display and outdoor settlement here will surprise you (in a good way). The Museum also organizes Open Cockpit Weekends and Dare-To-Fly tours, open for visitors to participate and enjoy.

7. Cold Spring Village

The Cold Spring Village is 30 acres living history site with 27 fully restored historic houses, and in short, it can be classified as a set of architectural and historical museums. The site opens during the Spring-Summer season (from mid of June through Labour Day), inviting visitors who want to learn about the history of southern New Jersey in an open-air settlement. Here you can find interpreters dressed in period clothing demonstrating all those long-lost skills, including blacksmithing, bookbinding, printing, basket weaving, woodworking, broom making, and more. Visitors here can play historical games, ride the horse-drawn wagon or visit sheep, horse, and chicken farms. This fascinating restoration of how village life was in the early 1800s is exciting to learn and explore.

8. Franklin Mineral Museum

Located in the Fluorescent Mineral Capital of the World, the Franklin Mineral Museum is known for its finest public exhibit of Fluorescent Mineral. It became an open-air museum in the year 1964, though, before that, it was an active mining site from 1898 through the mid of 20th century. Today the Museum features an extensive collection of minerals, Native American artifacts, a simulated mine tunnel along with fossil remains of dinosaurs and other non-existing or rare animals from around the world. The display of minerals here is undoubtedly one of the most extensive and diverse in the world. From volcanic rocks to one mineral, samarium, europium, and pegmatite, you can find many rare entities here. Though the highlight of this mineral museum is the 32 feet long mineral display which is unmatched for its variety of colors in the entire world.

9. The Heritage Glass Museum

A historical museum famous for glass making and glass art, the Heritage Glass Museum is a must-visit in New Jersey. The Museum was established before the end of the American Revolution in the year 1779. It was once the best equipped and extensive glass producing unit in the United States with an enormous variety of colors and styles. However, once plastic began to dominate the market, mass glass production took a back seat. But still, the museum exhibit constitutes a comprehensive collection of historical glasses, animal glass art figurines, glass bottles, 18th-century glassmaking tools, and a lot more. Visitors here can also visit their extensive library and learn more about glass blowing and glass art.

10. Northlandz

Northlandz Museum is something that every single individual from new Jersey must be familiar with. It is home to the Largest Model railroad in the world, and for that, it also holds a special place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The model railroad has over 8 miles of track along with a 52,000 square foot building housing a few 3 story high canyons, hundreds of tunnels, unique regions, elevations, and whatnot. It is one of the best creations of human creativity in New Jersey, and no matter if you are an enthusiast or not, you will love being here. Apart from the model railroad, the Museum also features a 94-room dollhouse, a 2,000-pipe organ, and more than 200 unique dolls worldwide.

11. Vintage Automobile Museum

The only car museum in New Jersey, the Vintage Automobile Museum, is a hub for entertainment and learning experiences, ideally for automobile enthusiasts. Even though the collection here isn’t extensive, a dozen rare automobile units alone are great enough to engage one’s interest. From race cars to a comprehensive model collection that constitutes antique cars, trains, and other memorabilia, every single element at their display is surprisingly entertaining, and you will love your time here. Every single rare entity here has a play card so that visitors can learn details even if they are up for a self-guided tour. The Museum is operational from Wednesday through Thursday and is free to explore.

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