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Newark - Best Tourism City To Explore in New Jersey

10 Best Tourism Cities To Explore in New Jersey (2024)

New Jersey, a simple mention of this East Coast State is enough for making one crave for a holiday. Also known as the Garden State, New Jersey might be the fourth-smallest U.S. state (in the area), but nothing can beat the charm of N.J when it comes to stunningly beautiful spots. You can be an outdoor enthusiast or an indoor worm; there will always be plenty of options for you within the State boundaries. With beautiful beaches, world-famous attractions, great food, and diverse culture make New Jersey one of the most popular States in the U.S. when it comes to tourism.

Busy roads, priced homes, and the high cost of living alone can make one understand how rich the State would be. However, a high percentage of revenue in New Jersey is generated from tourism and travelers, and an estimated 116 million visitors are hosted here every year.

10 Best Tourism Cities To Explore in New Jersey

Regarded as one of the most celebrated tourism spaces, New Jersey has a lot of options for you to cover.

1. Atlantic City

True to its name, Atlantic is a coastal city known as New Jersey’s entertainment hub; all credit goes to its beaches, world-renowned broad walks, nightclubs, and casinos. All thanks to numerous revue theatres, Atlantic city is also known as the ‘Las Vegas of the East’. Most of the venues here are within reach of the boardwalk so that one can enjoy the vibes of both the coast and the city. No matter which time of the year you choose for your vacation, there’s something or the other going around the city with new activity at a distance of every single minute. If partying is your ultimate goal, you must add Atlantic city to your New Jersey Itinerary.Best Tourism Cities To Explore in New Jersey-Atlantic City Image Source

2. Trenton

When in New Jersey, you cannot miss being in its capital city, Trenton. From its historical background to appealing modern touch, topped with laid-back vibes, there’s something about Trenton that is difficult to find somewhere else. It is home to the 6th oldest U.S. Capitol (New Jersey State House) and the famous Lower Trenton Bridge. The Old Barracks Museum, the William Trent House Museum, and the New Jersey State Museum are excellent options for museum enthusiasts. Arm & Hammer Park and Trenton Thunder hosts as great sport venues. For experiencing the local food scenes, do try mofongo, yucca with chicharrones, brisket, hunter’s stew, Hungarian beef goulash, and the Zagat’s-rated Italian Pork.Best Tourism City in New Jersey-TrentonImage Source

3. Newark

New Jersey’s second-largest city, Newark, has plenty of things to do and places to visit. It is home to Newark Museum, the largest museum in New Jersey, and Branch Brook Park, U.S, ‘s oldest park in the entire Nation. Here you can explore the most extensive collection of cherry blossom trees in the entire United States of America and indeed the most beautiful as well. Travelers often choose Newark because of the riverfront park and the historic Ironbound neighborhood in the city. The city is also famous amongst the art junkies, and to make your desire true, there’s nothing better than visiting the Newark Symphony Hall. Food enthusiasts must do try the diversity and heritage of cuisines in Newark, especially their steak, Portuguese grills, and Pizzas. Top Tourism City in New Jersey-NewarkImage Source:

4. Jersey City

Jersey City initially settled immigrants who came here via Ellis Island; however, the scene is completely changed now. Presently, Jersey City is known for its cultural diversity, population, world-class restaurants, thriving art scenes, an assortment of museums & galleries, beautiful parks, and a whole lot of other admirable features. The Liberty State Park and Liberty Island are two prominent features in the city. It is also home to the Empty Sky Memorial that pays tribute to the innocents who lost their lives in the 9/11 World trade center attack. When in Jersey City, visitors can be a part of boat tours and explore the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, following the tranquillity and fun of the tour itself. Further, for some great cuisine highlights, hop into the Jersey Girls Food Tours and get into an incredible eating experience and unforgettable adventure.Popular Tourism City in New Jersey-Jersey CityImage Source

5. Boonton

When it comes to tourism cities in New Jersey, Boonton is really underrated, but the city is truly one of the hidden gems. The city is known for its Underground Railroad, Canadian Terminus, which helped 40,000 slaves escape to Canada in the 19th century. However, that isn’t all that you must know about the city. Boonton is home to one of the top-rated attractions in New Jersey, the Paterson Great Falls, a prominent waterfall known for several different reasons. When in the city, do visit the Grace Lord Park, an excellent site to spend some time with nature. Apart from that, antique stores, eclectic restaurants, and natural beauty are sure to admire and adore.Attraction Tourism City in New Jersey-Boonton Image Source

6. Montclair

Two things that make and complete Montclair are the lip-smacking worldly cuisine and the bohemian arts scenes. It is noted as one of the best cities in New Jersey and is home to several still and performing artists. When in Montclair, you can visit the Wellmont Theatre or attend the Montclair Film Festival and admire the world of performing artists from close. The city boost in several museums, including Montclair Art Museum, Yogi Berra Museum, being the best and prominent amongst all. If you want to spend some time in the tranquillity and beauty of nature, make sure you visit the 140 years old Van Vleck House & Gardens or the most extensive non-commercial garden in the world dedicated to irises, the Presby Memorial Iris. Montclair is also known for its Mediterranean, Brazilian, and Italian food affairs; thus, make sure you try some.Must Visit Tourism City in New Jersey-Montclair Image Source

7. Edison

If your ultimate vacation goal is to run away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life, then there’s isn’t a better and approachable option than Edison. One of the popular tourist cities in New Jersey, Edison; though it isn’t massive but there are plenty of excellent activities and places to explore here. From the Thomas Edison Museum to Triple C Ranch and Havana Central Menlo Park Mall, every element here has something better than the other. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you can add Rutgers Ecological Preserve, Farrington Lake, and the Roosevelt Park to your itinerary. Lastly, for some Asian vibe, visit the restaurants in Oak Tree Road and experience a blend of Indian, Pakistan, and China via the culinary experts.Beautiful Tourism City in New Jersey-Edison Image Source

8. Princeton

Though not a very big city, Princeton has a significant role in the development of New Jersey and even several other parts around the globe, all thanks to its World Best colleges. The city dates back its existence to 1675, and since then, nothing here is actually stopped. When in Princeton, you can visit the famous Princeton University Art Museum and if the excitement is still hungry, then head towards the McCarter Theatre Centre for the Performing Arts. For the outdoor enthusiast, the city holds several great options, including Delaware & Raritan State Park, Lake Carnegie, Marquand Park, Princeton Battlefield State Park, and the surrounding Princeton Battle Monument. When in the city, make sure you take a Drumthwacket tour, specifically if you are interested to learn about the history and culture of Princeton.Nice Tourism City in New Jersey-PrincetonImage Source

9. Asbury Park

New Jersey is home to some of the glorious beach cities in the world, and Asbury Park is one great example of that. Asbury Park beautifully hugs the Atlantic coastline presenting the gorgeous ocean on one side and the bustling sea-side town on the other. It has that perfect retro-cool vibe, and there is something or the other going around in the city all throughout the year. Asbury’s boardwalk was established almost 150 years ago, and from upscale boutiques to bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues, it has every element that can attract a crowd. For some prominent attractions, Parlor Gallery and Stephen Crane House are some must-visits. Asbury Park has some classy eating scenes, including the Booskerdoo Coffee and Bakery, Confections of a RockStar, and the Moonstruck restaurant.

Amazing Tourism City in New Jersey-Asbury Park Image Source

10. Wildwood

One of the top-rated destinations in New Jersey, Wildwoods is an ultimate resort city on the coast. The city is known for its Sandy beaches, boardwalk, iconic Sightseer tram car, waterparks, food and music festivals, and basically family-packed entertainment. The coastline here covers almost 5 miles presenting several beaches for water adventure and sand leisure. The boardwalk here in itself is a hub of entertainment, and to experience the best vibes, make sure you take an end-to-end tour of Sightseer Tram Cars. Visitors also enjoy the Silver Bullet Tours that last for 90 minutes and allows them to experience marine and birdlife while enjoying the snacks and drinks on board.Top-rated Tourism City in New Jersey-WildwoodImage Source

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