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Jaldapara National Park - Top Madarihat Sightseeing Place for Your Upcoming Trip

Visit Madarihat: 7 Amazing Places Near Madarihat For a Fantastic Vacation (2024)

Madarihat is a tiny town located in the Alipurduar district of West Bengal. You might not have heard about this town that much, but you must have heard about the famous places found near it. As this site is located on the National Highway 31C, it is connected to some of India’s major wildlife sanctuaries. Jaldapara National Park is located too close to the town. When people visit Madarihat, most of them go there to explore the Jaldapara National Park. This national park is quite well-known for being the home to wild animals like Royal Bengal tigers, Indian Rhinoceros, Elephants, and others.

When tourists visit Madarihat, they also explore other major tourist spots in North Bengal. One of the most popular sites that people explore from there is the Bauxa Tiger reserve. People could quickly get there within 1 hour from Madarihat. There are some other sites located pretty close to Madarihat that most tourists love to explore. In this blog, we are going to provide you with a list of the best places to visit near Madarihat. As the Northern part of West Bengal is full of beautiful places, you will know where you will want to go by reading this blog.

Madarihat is situated in such a fantastic location that you can easily visit Bhutan as well. The smooth roads amid the lush greenery of Jaldapara and Chilapata forest will allow you to reach Phuentsholing within hours. Phuentsholing is a town located in Bhutan that shares the India-Bhutan border with us. Apart from the places near the village, Madarihat is a pretty beautiful tourist spot. The entire town is surrounded by the thick forests and the babbling river Torsa. While exploring the city, you will see a lot of furniture stores located over there. Many tourists order this exceptionally-made wooden furniture while visiting Madarihat. This site is quite famous for the woodworks. If you stay there between October to March, you might be lucky enough to see Mount Kanchenjungha from your hotel room. At the other times of the year, this site is not that visible due to bad weather. But in the winters, due to crystal-clear weather, this viewing is possible.

Due to Madarihat’s proximity to so many fantastic tourist spots in North Bengal, the living accommodation available over there is quite good. You can stay there in government guest houses or luxurious resorts according to your budget. As there is a railway station located in Madarihat, you will have no problem traveling there by train. However, there might be fewer trains available to that station. In that case, you can take a train to New Mal Junction. If you are visiting there by airplane, you will have to take a flight to Bagdogra. The distance between Bagdogra and Madarihat is 138 km, and it would take you around 3 hours to reach there. There will be many cars available outside Bagdogra airport that would take you to Madarihat. So, let us start our journey to the different tourist destinations near Madarihat right now.

Top Madarihat Sightseeing Places for Your Upcoming Trip

The places located in the following part of this blog are situated at different distances from Madarihat. Some of them are located within a half an hour drive, while others are located in a three -hour drive. You will have to begin your journey from Madarihat according to the distance.

1. Jaldapara National Park

Founded in 1941, Jaldapara National Park is one of the most important wildlife reserves in India. Even though at that time it was not a national park, it later became one in 2012. One of the most interesting facts about this sanctuary is home to the second largest population of one-horned rhinoceros. You might know that the largest number of one-horned rhinoceros is found in Kaziranga. People from all around the world visit Jaldapara because it has more than 160 rhinoceros. The wildlife sanctuary also has bison, Royal Bengal Tiger, leopards, and other wild animals. Among all the animals, you have the highest possibility of witnessing a rhino in the park. Jaldapara National Park - Top Madarihat Sightseeing Place for Your Upcoming TripImage Source:

Apart from animals, Jaldapara National Park is quite well-known for being the home to more than 240 endangered bird species. Some of them include Barbets, Parakeets, Cuckoos, Brahminy Ducks, Whistling teals, Orioles, and others. The sanctuary is quite popular among nature lovers due to the presence of a wide variety of trees.

Throughout the forest, the vegetation cover is genuinely mind-boggling. The entire area is covered in lush greenery. You can explore the forest by participating in a jeep safari or a jungle safari. As this forest is right by Madarihat, you can arrange for all of your safaris from there only.

Many people participate in elephant safari as well. If you take part in that, you will be able to explore the forest even more closely. Those interested in bird watching must bring a good pair of binoculars while visiting Jaldapara national park. There are some watchtowers located on the park premises from where you will get to witness not only the birds but also the wild animals. Before visiting the park, you must remember that it is closed from July to September due to the monsoon season.

Timing: 9 am to 3 pm.

Entry fee: INR 100.

Elephant Safari Cost: INR 500 per person.

The distance of Madarihat to Jaldapara National Park is 2 km.

2. Raimatang

Located at one hour-drive from Madarihat, Raimatang is one of the most beautiful offbeat places situated in the Northern part of Bengal. As this site is located in Buxa tiger reserve premises, most people visit there while exploring the tiger reserve. This site is so breathtakingly beautiful that you will be surprised that it is not that well-known. The entire region is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and breathtakingly beautiful tea gardens. You will fall in love with this village right when you reach there.

Many tourists are now visiting this destination after it got popular through online platforms. If you are a nature lover, you will love this site deeply. You will be surprised to know that the site was used as a hunting destination by the King of Coochbehar in the 1890s. In the early days, Raimatang was home to many wild animals, including rhinoceros and tigers. Even now, you can participate in many exciting activities while exploring Raimatang. Many thrill-seekers choose this site to be the starting point for their trekking trip to Lepchakha village. Other tourists prefer to sit by the Raimatang river and enjoy the serenity of the surroundings. While visiting Raimatang, do not forget to explore the town as well. You will get a glimpse of the lives of the tribal people living over there.

The distance of Madarihat to Raimatang is 38 km.

3. Mendabari

Even a few years ago, not many people knew about Mendabari. This site is one of the latest additions to the list of gorgeous places in North Bengal. Mendabari is located only an hour’s drive from Madarihat, and it is mostly known for its natural beauty and historical importance. The Mendabari fort or Nalraj Garh is located on this site. If you are a history enthusiast, you will find this historical site quite fascinating. This is the last piece of evidence of the Nal Kings. As the fort was constructed in the 5th century, you will be quite stunned by seeing its architecture.

Apart from the fort, Mendabari has incredible natural beauty as well. The entire region is surrounded by a forest that is home to many bird and animal species. It is one of the few places in India that has both natural and historical significance. Many tourists visit Mendabari from Lataguri as well.

The distance of Madarihat to Mendabari is 34 km.

4. Chilapata

Apart from Jaldapara national park, Chilapata is another reason why so many people visit Madarihat. This forest is known for being home to a wide variety of wild animals, but it is also famous for its natural beauty. When you reach there, you will be pleasantly surprised by the scenic view provided by the forest. As both Torsha and Bania rivers are situated in this jungle, the entire region is extremely fertile. This site is home to many wild animals. Some tourists have witnessed wild animals like leopards, wild pigs, rhinoceros, and others.

Chilapata forest is also quite well-known for being home to more than 20 species of dangerous snakes. As there is a watchtower located inside the woods, you will view the entire surroundings and find animals and birds from there quite quickly. The Nalraja Garh is also visible from the watchtower. Like other wildlife reserves of this region, Chilapata is also closed during the monsoon season. You can also participate in boating in the beautiful Bania river situated close to the site after visiting there. As this site is located quite close to Madarihat, you will be able to return to your hotel in Madarihat on the same day after exploring Chilapata.

The distance of Madarihat to Chilapata is 24 km.

5. Hollong

Hollong is located inside the premises of Jaldapara national park, and it is a separate forest reserve located inside the park. One of the main reasons this site is so prevalent in Madarihat is that wild animals inside this region are pretty staggering. As you will have to travel around 8 km to reach there from the starting point of Jaldapara national park, the wildlife population is so much more in this region. If you visit Hollong, you will have a lot more chance of witnessing Bison, wild elephants, chital deer, and other animals than the rest of the forest of Jaldapara.

Many tourists have successfully seen one-horned rhinoceros, sambhar deer, and a wide variety of birds while exploring Hollong. Some of the most seen birds residing in the forest are jungle fowl, Finn’s weaver, Peafowl, Partridge, Bengal Florican, and others. A bungalow is located at Hollong, where nature lovers and thrill-seekers prefer to stay for a few nights. Even though there are no modern amenities available in the cabin, tourists loved staying there due to the unique experience.

The distance of Madarihat to Hollong is 8 km.

6. Jayanti

Located at an hour and a half-drive from Madarihat, Jayanti is one of the best places to visit over there. This village is a great site to explore the gorgeous beauty of Dooars. Jayanti is named after the breathtakingly beautiful river Jayanti that you can see while studying there. You will be surprised to know that it is the oldest town in the entire region of Dooars. Although there is not much to do after visiting the village, you will be quite contented after seeing it there.

The entire village is surrounded by the breathtakingly beautiful Jayanti hills and gorgeous Bauxa forests. While exploring the town, you might even spot a herd of elephants or rare birds. There are some exciting sightseeing sites located in Jayanti that include Mahakal cave and Pokhari. Both of these places are quite well-known for religious reasons. This site is known as the “Queen of Dooars” due to its splendid natural beauty.

The distance of Madarihat to Jayanti is 66 km.

7. Bauxa Tiger Reserve

Bauxa Tiger Reserve is one of the most critical wildlife reserves located in India. This is the 15th tiger reserve in the country that got its affiliation in 1983. You will be surprised to know that this site was famous for dolomite mining in the early days. Apart from tigers, this site is also home to other wild animals, including the Asian elephant and sambhar deer. It is also quite famous for being home to more than 150 species of orchids and 400 species of birds. Apart from that, the Bauxa tiger reserve is quite renowned among bird-watchers. Throughout the forest, you will get to see a wide variety of rare birds.

Apart from natural beauty, the Bauxa tiger reserve has historical importance as well. The Bauxa fort located inside the forest is one of the most important historical sites in India. The Dragon King constructed it to protect intruders against the old Silk route. The forest witnessed the revolution of the Indian national movement. Most freedom fighters were imprisoned in the said fort. Now, this site is immensely peaceful. Before visiting the Bauxa tiger reserve, remember to keep some time in your hands to explore the entire region. Usually, people take a whole day to explore this tiger reserve.

The distance of Madarihat to Bauxa tiger reserve is 53 km.

All the places included in this list are some of the most important places located near Madarihat. There are many other sites situated over there as well that cannot be mentioned in this blog. We suggest you do thorough research on the internet before planning a trip to Madarihat. The entire region is so full of life and beauty that you will regret it a lot if you miss some of the fantastic sites located over there.

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