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Top 10 Cafes You Must Visit In The New York City (2023)

Many of us cannot live without getting our daily morning caffeine boost. For most of us, getting our java fix in the morning is not just to wake up but also to start our day on the right note. And when you live in New York City, there are some of the most fabulous cafes to help you begin your morning on a right note.

In fact, in New York City, cafes are not just a place to have your morning fix, but also an important place to have a meeting with friends, romantic encounters, artist gatherings, or just some time alone by yourself as you enjoy a side of breakfast with your morning coffee.

The cafes in New York City range from quaint, romantic, quaint, to, of course, convenient. They allow New Yorkers the perfect getaway from their crowded streets and tiny apartments.

Top 10 Cafes You Must Visit In The New York City

Whether you live in New York or visiting this beautiful and glamourous city, here are the top cafes you must visit in New York City.

1. La Colombe

La Colombe offers possibly the best cup of coffee in all of New York. Philadelphia-founded La Colombe has four locations in Manhattan, with the Noho place being the most spacious and brightest cafe out of all the locations. Fresh flowers and a warm and earthy minimalist vibe are what sets this cafe apart from the others. La Colombe is a perfect spot for artists who want the best quality of lighting to work under. The cafe is also perfect for hosting a large gathering as groups of people can sit on the smooth wooden benches surrounding the tables.

La Colombe

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La Colombe is a hotspot of a cafe, and you will find that all the locations are always jam-packed with people. However, the baristas are super-efficient and keep the queues moving along. The espresso and coffee here are full of flavor, and the draft latte is bubbly and delicious. A slice of the unique olive oil cake is a must-have as you sip on your cup of coffee.

One of the most exciting things to do while you visit La Colombe is to ask an employee for a tour of the upstairs coffee lab. Here you will get to see their prototype bottles and formulas scribbled on the glass wall that overlooks their distillery.

La Colombe is open from Sunday to Thursday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and on Fridays and Saturdays, the cafe stays open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. It is recommended to go during the Happy hour that runs from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. every Monday through Friday. During this time, you get to taste their in-house rum drinks, selected wines, and draft beer at half price.

The other locations of la Colombe are in Soho, Hudson Square, and Tribeca.


COFFEED is the place to head to if you want to experience delicious single-origin coffee that comes from fair and direct trade and has been sourced from coffee farms all around the world. COFFEED also has an enviable menu of sandwiches, salads, baked goods, and desserts – all made with local ingredients.

Not only does this cafe source its coffee ethically, but COFFEED also gives 3 to 10 percent of their revenue to charity partners that support environmental education, adults and children with disabilities, and many other community-based initiatives. So while sipping coffee and having a sandwich, you also get to give back to society while you are at COFFEED.

The Manhattan location of COFFEED is in Chelsea, and the most eye-catching feature is the big communal table with some smaller round ones placed around it. A few window seats complete the interiors of this café in New York.

COFFEED is perfect if you need a place just to sit and hang out with your cup of coffee and spend a few hours just catching up on your reading or working.

3. Café Angelique

Location on Bleecker Street in Manhattan, Café Angelique is not a place to miss when you are in New York City. This is your slice of Paris in the middle of the hustle-bustle of New York. The cafe is located just off the Bleecker subway stop, and it is a haven for those who want to relish some of the most wonderful French pastries in New York. Café Angelique is known for its French pastries, sandwiches, and an extravagant brunch fare, along with a vast collection of espresso drinks. The bestselling drink at the cafe is the delicious cafe au lait.

This small and cozy space is the ideal place to meet for a romantic date or to meet with your friends. If you are looking to take a break from the rush hour of the city, then heading to Café Angelique is a great option.

4. Ost Café

If you want to have an authentic European experience in the heart of New York City, then you need to head down to 12th Street. This Central European coffee shop will make you feel like you have been transported to Prague or Vienna. It is a quaint and cozy cafe by day and transforms into a chill and happening date-spot by night. After the evening, the cafe also opens its doors to serve beer and wine.

The Ost Café’s East Village location is well known for its desserts, wine, and small snacks, while the one on Lower East Side at 511 Grand Street sticks to serving delicious coffee and tea.

The Ost East Village is located just around the corner of Avenue A, but meanderers and coffee drinkers would be forgiven if they think they have landed up in yesteryear Europe. The signature drink of the Ost Café is their well-made Intelligentsia Coffee, best enjoyed with their signature baked goods.

5. Gertie

If you are looking for the best all-day cafe in New York Cafe, you must not miss going to Gertie. Located on the banks of the BQE, this soulful cafe is surrounded by cheerful art, and you may even think it looks like a Montessori classroom for adults.

Gertie is primarily a DIY cafe. You can place your order at a counter, grab a number, and then settle down in a seat at their light-wood bar or stick to the tables. Gertie is a spacious cafe with no dearth of space. In fact, there is even a small corner with books.

From rotisserie chicken with beans and mustard sauce to a chicken salad sandwich with their own bialy, Gertie has something for everyone. The bestseller here is their signature smoked-fish sandwich topped with melted Cheddar.

6. Hi-Collar

Having coffee at Hi-Collar in New York is genuinely all about the experience. This is a unique cafe by all measures. An incredible Japanese outpost that serves coffee by day and transforms to serve sake at night, this cafe is the place to head to if you want an exclusive experience. In fact, the cafe is so exclusive that it only seats about ten people. As you enter the cafe, you will hear cries of ‘Choose you Bean’ from around you. You can choose your coffee bean from a huge variety of them, and then also pick your brewing method. You must try the Mizudashi Iced Coffee, and the green tea Rice Krispy treat.

The cafe has a reputation for having some of the friendliest baristas in New York City, and they provide some of the best advice on what to drink and how to enjoy your experience here to the fullest.

If you are in the mood to splurge, you can pull up a chair at the counter and pay $7 to have coffee from a $700 Christofle cup with gold leaves. Hi-Collar is the perfect cafe to head to in New York City to truly feel like royalty.

7. El Rey

Located on the Lower East Side of New York City is this gem of a cafe. Its small quarters lend an intimate and charming feeling that is perfect if you want to enjoy a solo lunch or meet someone special over coffee. The El Rey cafe is known for its laid back California vibe, and if you love avocados, then you are absolutely going to love this cafe for the sheer amount of avocado-laced drinks and snacks.

It is highly recommended to grab a bite to eat as you sip a cup of coffee here. One of the best sellers is the kale salad, or if you want some protein, add a beet pickled egg to your order. Not only is the food here delicious, but also healthy.

You can choose to dine in or do a quick takeaway, but make sure to spend some time admiring the quaint atmosphere inside the El Rey cafe, located on 100 Stanton Street.

8. Irving Farm Coffee Roasters

The Irving Farm Coffee Roasters is known for its love of coffee like a true New Yorker. This cafe serves some of the most exciting variations of coffee you will see in New York City.

The cafe is located right in the heart of a bustling space where locals and tourists can easily get their caffeine fix. Perched on Orchard Street, the cafe is surrounded by a unique mix of new and old buildings, including the Tenement Museum. If you are a tourist to New York City, it is a great idea to check out the museum and then come to rest your tired feet at the Irving Farm Coffee Roasters to enjoy their Double Dutch Espresso. Whether you want to grab a quick cup of coffee or you want to sit down and read, Irving Farm Coffee Roasters is the perfect place to be.

9. Cafe Minerva

Known for its Mediterranean and European fare, Cafe Minerva has made a name for itself in New York City. This quiet and understated furnishing hides an aura of European luxury. Coming to Cafe Minerva will be a truly unique experience in New York as by the day, you can sit here to enjoy a cup of classic cappuccino, and by night, you can enjoy some of the best Mediterranean and European dishes here.

For the bookworms, there is an added appeal to visiting Cafe Minerva – there is a Three Lives & Company bookstore just five minutes away. It is a great idea to take a take away of your favorite coffee from Café Minerva and head down to the Three Lives & Company bookstore to enjoy your book of choice while sipping your cup of Joe.

10. McNally Jackson Books Cafe

To round off your trip to New York City’s best cafes, you must visit the McNally Jackson Books Cafe. With books hanging from the ceiling, this cafe is every bookworm’s fantasy come true. Located inside the bookstore McNally Jackson Books, this cafe and bookstore is an institution for writers and readers from both within and outside of New York City. You can help yourself to a bagel and coffee as you escape into the world of books. The cafe is strategically located on Prince Street and has many famous writers dropping by from time to time.

The ritual of getting your daily caffeine fix does not have to be a boring one when you are in New York City. With so many beautiful and unique cafes located all over the city, checking these cafes out will prove to be well worth your time. These warm and cozy spots will not only offer you your morning coffee or after dinner cappuccino, but they will also make for an unforgettable experience in New York City.

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