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9 Top Outdoor Recreational Activities to Do in Charlotte, NC (2024)

Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina, with its tallest structures as well as a significant urban sprawl. We now understand that the residents of this area are really lucky to have access to so many enjoyable ways to spend time outside. After checking out some of Charlotte’s top outdoor activities, we decided to recommend our own favorites for locals and tourists alike.

9 Top Outdoor Recreational Activities to Do in Charlotte, NC

So do not forget to pay a visit to these places to enjoy some really cool and fun activities with your friends and family.

1. Neighborhood Walk:

Even if you don’t originally live in Charlotte, you may already be aware of some of the city’s incredibly hip districts. you can always enjoy strolling around the South end, and Plaza Midwood in addition to Downtown Charlotte. What are your favorite Charlotte neighborhoods to visit if you’ve visited them before? When you check in you could have the good fortune to receive the cards. The Orange and Red routes were both enjoyable to many and you can play with your young child while you are there.

Time: The evening would be wonderful to have a little walk from your house up to your neighborhood.

2. Parks:

Parks are a great idea to spend your time either with yourself or with your children. However, Charlotte has more than 200 parks, so there is a lot of open space for you to wander. The most well-known ones are Reedy Creek Nature Center and Preserve Freedom Park and Independence Park. And after visiting these three, you’ll understand why and want to see the others as well. So do not miss out on these parks where you can always find some interesting to do and spend quality time.

Parks, Charlotte, NC

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Time: Evening would be an ideal time to visit these parks mentioned above.

3. Visit US National Whitewater Center:

The US National Whitewater Center is among one of Charlotte’s most well-liked outdoor attractions. Because of the following, you can always also include it on your North Carolina list of places to visit. You may speed through to the rope swing, hike the climbing wall, and sail and raft along through the lake here. Additionally, you may simply unwind while enjoying a dinner at River’s Edge, a beverage at the Pump House Biergarten, or a stroll in one of the many green spaces. Keep an eye on the US Whitewater Center’s events schedule to learn about kid-friendly activities, competitions, concerts, and hence more.

Time: Evening would be the perfect time to visit this place. It is open 24/7.

4. UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens:

Perhaps one of the most serene long walks in the city may be found at the UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens, popularly known as the Charlotte Botanical Gardens. You will always find flowers and potted plants in bloom whenever you arrive. You can make use of them either inside the McMillan Greenhouse or on one of the several pathways on the property. Spending some quality time here with your loved ones will always feel good and therefore, you should not miss out on this top outdoor recreational activity to do in Charlotte.

Time: It is open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm and closed on Saturday and Sunday.

5. Bank of America Stadium:

Charlotte’s sporting events schedule fills up quickly, specifically during the winter when the NFL’s Carolina Panthers and their supporters fill Bank of America Stadium on Weekends and holidays. The Belk Bowl and Belk Kickoff Game, as well as summertime European soccer tournaments, are also held in the stadium. The Knights, a Minor League Baseball team connected to the Chicago White Sox, call BB&T Ballpark their home. Additionally, the park offers one of our favorite vistas of the city and is a great site to watch a sporting event.

Time: On specific holidays and weekends.

6. Outdoor Concerts:

The recreational locations in Charlotte host a ton of performances on a regular basis. Look out who will be performing at PNC Music Center to see the big acts. The city provides a range of free and inexpensive performances during the summer at a number of locations, such as Freedom Park, the US Whitewater Center, and other locations you can keep up with anyway. This is among the top recreational activities in Charlotte. You will always be amused by the amazing performance of the artists here.

Time: In summer, the evening would be pleasant to visit this place.

7. Carolina Raptor Center:

Since Carolina Raptor Center is primarily a raptor rehab center, it assists in the rehabilitation of sick or injured prehistoric birds of prey. Additionally, they feature a 3/4-mile Raptor Walk that is primarily sheltered and receives up to 40,000 visitors annually. They have more than 30 species of birds, notably owls, eagles, and hawks, which are on show throughout the walk. If you are a bird lover you should certainly plan your visit to this amazing place as there could be no better activity for you than to watch birds here.

Time: Open every day from 10 am to 12:30 pm in the morning and from 1:30 pm to 4 pm afternoon.

8. Lake Norman:

A wonderful place to spend your time with your loved ones is to explore a lake or any water body. You might find peaceful or a cheerful environment depending upon the place you wish to visit. Lake Norman is one such lake that you might find amusing as it is one of the largest man-made lakes and notably consists of a plethora of fun activities to do in Charlotte. The place covers 1300 acres of floor and has trails to discover, a beach where you can swim, and a place to camp. Apart from this, the trails of crowders mountain state park are much more intriguing to visit. Be sure to make a trip to this place and enjoy the best view of the city from these mountains in the Gaston region.

Time: The trails are accessible from morning 8 am to 8 pm, and the lake could be visited during evening hours for the best experience.

9. High Seas Miniature Golf:

An incredible place for you to stroll is the High Seas Miniature Golf, the place offers interesting discounts for military personnel, and children would surely love the place. It is a great location to explore.  It’s hard to drill holes. Given how frequently they have been used, the apparatus was in generally fair condition. Snags were present on certain greens, although they didn’t hinder play. It was well laid out. The one drawback, if there was one, is that it is very busy, but it flows smoothly and you aren’t held up for too long. Everyone was backed up by one hole—the pirate ship. However, after playing that hole, you’ll understand why. Overall, great time and location. The price is fair, and they offer refreshments, even adult cocktails. This is also one of the top outdoor recreational activities that you can do in Charlotte.

Time: Open from Monday to Thursday from 11 am to 8:30 pm; on Friday to Saturday from 10 am to 10 pm, and on Sunday from 10 am to 8:30 pm.

These were the top outdoor recreational activities that you should definitely take a look into and try while you are in Charlotte. From parks to golf courts, neighborhood walks to incredible lakes and trails, await your visit. Enjoy to the fullest and we are sure you will have a blast while doing these activities.

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