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Lake Metigoshe State Park Beach - Top-Rated Beach in North Dakota

10 Top-Rated Beaches in North Dakota (2024)

When you think of North Dakota, you might not immediately come up with the image of golden sandy beaches with the sun shining down. You are more likely to imagine rolling grasslands and an open expanse of blue sky. After all, North Dakota is located in the heart of the Great Plains region. Nevertheless, the beauty of North Dakota is that there are some really great beach destinations you can visit spread out along its lakes and rivers. With a wide variety of vacation rentals in North Dakota, you can easily get access to some of the most stunning beaches and water bodies. The beach spots in North Dakota are some of the best places to relax and rejuvenate.

10 Top-Rated Beaches in North Dakota

Here are the top-rated beaches in North Dakota.

1. Devil’s Lake State Park Beach

The Devil’s Lake is the largest lake in North Dakota. Imagine sitting by the shores of this beautiful lake. The Devil’s Lake State Park Beach is one of the most popular destinations in the state for fishing and swimming. It is also the perfect destination for swimming.

Its sandy golden shoreline is perfect for sunbathing as you take in the magnificent views all around. Apart from swimming in this cool water, this is a kid-friendly beach that features a playground nearby for children to enjoy and have fun.

The Devil’s Lake State Park Beach is also the safest beach in North Dakota for families because there are many alert lifeguards monitoring the waters and keeping a close watch.

The Devil’s Lake State Park Beach is divided into two sections, the south and the north. The north beach is known for getting more sunshine and having a sandier shoreline for sunbathers. The southern part of the beach is rockier and more shaded.

2. Beaver Lake State Park Beach

Located on the shores of the beautiful Beaver Lake, the Beaver Lake State Park Beach is another top-rated beach of North Dakota. The Beaver Lake State Park Beach features a small golden sandy shore, sparkling blue water, and a large grassy area for your children to play on.

This beach is a great place to have a family beach holiday as you spend the day swimming around in the water, getting a tan by the shore, and the water here is perfect for water activities like fishing, canoeing, boating, and water skiing. The grassy area is ideal for family games, so keep a ball or a Frisbee to play with. The picturesque views all around are one of the many reasons why people flock to Beaver Lake State Park Beach. Easy hikes, beautiful beach, and a breath of fresh air – the Beaver Lake State Park Beach has it all.

This beach is also ideal for holding family reunions, gatherings, anniversaries, or birthday parties, as there are many picnic shelters around Beaver Lake State Park Beach that allow you to have a more intimate setup. The picnic shelters have six picnic tables and electricity.

3. Jamestown Reservoir Beach

Located in Jamestown, the Jamestown Reservoir Beach is one of the best beaches in the state of North Dakota for children. The beach is famous for its spacious shoreline where kids can run around freely and make sandcastles, forts, and sculptures out of the golden sand here. For the grown-ups, you can just place down your beach towel and have a relaxing day while sunbathing. If the day is too hot for your liking, help yourself to a beach umbrella and rejuvenate under a bit of shade.

The Jamestown Reservoir Beach has many amenities, including playgrounds for children, concession stands selling delicious treats, clean restrooms, and there is even a disc golf course nearby.

You can even take your kids to visit the nearby pond to teach them how to fish. If you want to spend a day or two in the area, you can consider staying at one of the luxury cabins located close to the Jamestown Reservoir Beach. Some people even like to pitch tents and camp nearby to enjoy the beach holiday.

4. Lake Metigoshe State Park Beach

Sitting on the banks of the mesmerizing Lake Metigoshe, the Lake Metigoshe State Park Beach is situated in the heart of the majestic Turtle Mountains. Surrounded by crystal clear cerulean water and giving some of the most stunning views of nature, the Lake Metigoshe State Park Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in North Dakota.

The lovely coastline of this beach is well worth the time you spend here as it features scenic landscapes of rolling hills and aspen forests. The place is ideal for taking some excellent family photos. If you are visiting with kids, there is a nearby playground where they can enjoy when they are not swimming.

There are many boats, kayaks, pontoons, and canoes available for rent at the Lake Metigoshe State Park Beach if you want to spend some time on the lake.

5. Lake Ashtabula Beach

Located in the beautiful Valley City, Lake Ashtabula Beach is one of the best toddler-friendly beaches in North Dakota. The soft powdery coastline and clean, calm blue waters here are ideal for letting your toddler play. The coastline has a golden sandy shore with pristine water and a gentle slope. There are almost little to no waves here, making it great for toddlers and younger children.

After swimming, there is a nearby playground that has swings, slides, and a jungle gym, perfect for kids.

This beach in North Dakota is also an excellent destination for fishing and boating. There is a fish-cleaning station nearby where you can easily clean and prepare the fish you have caught earlier. This beach is also a perfect place to visit for those who love hiking. There are many trails located near Lake Ashtabula Beach for a day of family hiking.

These trails let you ride off-road vehicles, and some of the tracks are perfect for horseback riding. Biking trails if you want to ride your bike are also located nearby, making it a complete holiday destination for the entire family to enjoy.

6. Lake Sakakawea State Park Beach

Located in Pick City in North Dakota, the Lake Sakakawea State Park Beach is a great family-friendly beach in the state. Sitting inside a 739-acre park features a sandy shoreline, a grassy lawn, and gentle water that is perfect for young children to swim.

This is an ideal spot for spending family vacations. The Lake Sakakawea State Park Beach features two playgrounds, a sandy beach volleyball court, and many accessible showers and restrooms. You can swim in the pristine blue water, make sandcastle and sand sculptures on the beach, and play family games, or hold a picnic on the grass lawn.

There are also horseshoe pits nearby where you can enjoy a full-service marina and rent water vehicles. If you have your own boat or any other water vehicle, you can take it with you on your holiday as there is a boat ramp at the beach from where you can launch your boat.

7. Icelandic State Park Beach

The Icelandic State Park Beach is located on the shores of Lake Renwick in Cavalier, North Dakota. This beach is very popular with local beachgoers and also as a campsite. This is the perfect little quiet beach for those who enjoy a bit of peace away from the summer crowds at the beach. Just like the other beaches in the state, this is an ideal beach for children to happily swim in the calm waters or make sandcastles in the golden sand as you relax and work on your tan nearby. The picturesque scenery all around is an added bonus.

Boating, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and stand-up paddle boarding are some of the other activities you can enjoy here. The shoreline also includes picnic tables for having your homemade meals, or you can buy refreshments from the many concession stands on the beach. The Icelandic State Park Beach is also popular for those who own a dog as there is a dog park nearby, and you can take your beloved pet with you to enjoy a day out. For history lovers, there are some historical buildings located nearby that you can explore when you take a break from swimming and lounging around comfortably on the beach.

Along this coastline, there are over 150 campsites you can choose to camp at overnight to continue your beach holiday the next day.

8. Beaver Creek Recreation Beach

The Beaver Creek Recreation Beach is located in Linton. It is not to be mistaken for the beaver Lake State Park Beach. Situated on the banks of Lake Oahe, this popular beach is famous for the many recreational activities that are fun for all ages.

If you want to indulge in adventure water sports with your family, this is the ideal beach destination to head to. You can go boating, water skiing, canoeing, fishing, and many more. The coastline also has a nearby playground for young children, restrooms, clean showers, picnic grills, and tables that makes this the perfect place to enjoy a day of barbecue with your family and friends.

9. Lake Tschida Recreation Beach

Located in Elgin, North Dakota, Lake Tschida Recreation Beach is another popular family-friendly beach. This is one of the best family beaches in North Dakota to enjoy many summertime activities. You can enjoy boating, fishing, having a picnic, and water skiing. There are several picnic tables where you can set up, or you can even opt to have a picnic by the shore.

There are many amenities at the beach where your family can have a wonderful holiday. Boat ramps to launch your water vehicle, picnic shelters you can rent, clean restrooms and showers, and a nearby concession stand that sells pizza, live bait, ice, and much more.

For tourists from outside the state, there is a gift shop from where you can buy beach bags, blankets, beach towels, tumblers, souvenirs of North Dakota, and much more.

10. Fort Stevenson State Park Beach

The Fort Stevenson State Park Beach can give any oceanfront beach a run for its money. With beautiful blue water and stunning landscape views, the Fort Stevenson State Park Beach is the perfect beach destination to enjoy an afternoon going on a water adventure. This beach in North Dakota is known for the many water sports activities like paddle boating, canoeing, kayaking, paragliding, and much more. The beach has a separate fishing dock, boat ramps, a nearby dog park, and many hiking trails located nearby for those who want to enjoy the beautiful landscape surrounding the beach.

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