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Bear's Den Mountain - Ski Resort in North Dakota

Top 8 Ski Resorts In and Around North Dakota (2024)

Winters in North Dakota are a sight to see for everyone, especially if you love to engage in skiing, snowboarding, and play around in the snow. In fact, some of the most popular winter activities in North Dakota include downhill skiing, snowboarding, and tubing. There are four downhill ski areas in North Dakota that are very popular with snow lovers of all ages. Come winter and the first snowfall of the year, and you can walk through fresh snowy powder, ride a rail at the terrain park, and feel the exhilaration of tubing down the slope.

Top 8 Ski Resorts In and Around North Dakota

Here are the top ski resorts to visit in and around North Dakota:

1. Huff Hills Ski Area in Mandan

The Huff Hills Ski Area is one of the most popular ski resorts in North Dakota. Located conveniently only 16 miles south of the Bismarck-Mandan area, it is close to the state’s capital for more people to visit this place. The ski area is known for its popular skiing and snowboarding activities for the entire family. Depending on what the weather looks like, the ski area is usually open all through the winter months all the way up to mid-March.

The unique thing about the Huff Hills Ski Area that has made it popular amongst visitors is that there is a separate beginner area with terrain more suited for children and beginners. Another great point is that Huff Hills Ski Patrol members give free ski lessons. This attracts a lot of visitors to the Huff Hills Ski Area.

There is a restaurant at the site that serves delicious food like hamburgers, chili, and even pizza. For those who don’t have their own equipment, you can easily rent equipment here.

The Huff Hills Ski Area is one of the largest ski areas in and around North Dakota, having four chairlifts and 16 runs. The longest run is over 0.75 miles long. So the next time you want to enjoy the winter months and happen to be in the area, head over to the Bismarck-Mandan region to pay a visit to the Huff Hills Ski Area.

2. Frost Fire Ski Area in Walhalla

If you want to enjoy the winter chill, visit the Frost Fire Ski Area located right at the North Dakota-Manitoba, Canada border. This is only two hours southwest of Winnipeg. The Frost Fire Ski Area is a popular ski destination for both Americans and Canadians. In fact, people come from far away distances to visit this ski resort.

The beginner slope here can be used for snowboarders and beginner skiers. The trails of the Frost Fire Ski Area are rated as either easy, more challenging, most complex, or cross-country. If you are a beginner skier, you should try your luck first at the top-rated Appleton meadows or the Yarrow Trail here. Both these trails are popular with beginners and those who want to take it easy. There is also a separate tubing trail at the Frost Fire Ski Area, which is extremely popular with children.

3. Bear’s Den Mountain in Fort Ransom

This beautiful ski area is located in the quaint little town of Fort Ransom. Bear’s Den Mountain ski area is situated in eastern North Dakota, just between Fargo and Jamestown. This ski destination has a beautiful chalet, chair lift, Terrain Park, rope tow, and trails that are designed for both beginners and experts both. So no matter what your skill level or athletic ability is, Bear’s Den Mountain is the ideal getaway for skiing this winter.

4. Bottineau Winter Park in Bottineau

The Bottineau Winter Park is located in the stunning Turtle Mountains in North Dakota. The Bottineau Winter Park provides some of the best snowboarding and skiing facilities in this region, including six ski lifts, a full-service rental shop, eight downhill trails that provide some of the best views of the beautiful Turtle Mountains, and the best feature of the ski park are the beginner’s lessons the ski area offers. You can either take classes in private or go in for group lessons.

The Bottineau Winter Park has a wide range of trails. From trails for beginners (located in a separate area) to the ungroomed expert glade runs and many other run-of-the-mill challenging racecourses to enjoy, there is something for everyone at the Bottineau Winter Park. You will definitely have a fun day of winter sports here at the Bottineau Winter Park. There are many loyal visitors to this park who keep returning year after year.

5. Lake Metigoshe State Park

The Lake Metigoshe State Park roughly translates to mean ‘clear lake surrounded by oak trees in the local Chippewa language. The Lake Metigoshe State Park is famous for the many recreational activities you can indulge in here, including swimming, boating, camping, fishing, and canoeing in the summers. In the winter months, as the snow settles in, the park opens its doors for many winter sports like sledding, ice fishing, snowmobiling, and cross country skiing. There are no separate beginner trails here at the state park. Nevertheless, the course in the park connects to over 250 miles of groomed trails that are open for cross country skiing and takes you throughout the magnificent Turtle Mountains.

If you want to explore skiing in a relatively smaller place, the Lake Metigoshe State Park is the ideal ski area to head to in North Dakota.

6. The Greenway in Grand Forks

Located in the heart of the Grand Forks, the Greenway is sprawled over 2000 acres of scenic skiing and snowboarding destination. This ski area is home to multiple parks, two golf courses, four-disc golf courses, fishing sites, trails, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing. In the winter months, over 20 miles of multi-purpose trails are opened at The Greenway to allow people to enjoy cross country skiing.

7. The Pembina Gorge in Walhalla

Another stunning location for skiing and other snow recreation activities in Walhalla is at the Pembina Gorge. Located near the North Dakota-Canada border, the Pembina Gorge is home to over 12,500 acres of wilderness. There are many recreational activities here that attract people from both sides of the border, including biking, hiking, bird watching, hunting, horseback riding, and much more.

As the winter months set in, the trails are opened up for the cross country and downhill skiing as well as snowmobiling. There are many trails here at the Pembina gorge that are perfect for the entire family to enjoy, from beginners to experts alike.

8. Garrison Dam National Fish Hatchery and Aquarium in Riverdale

This might not sound like the best skiing destination, but the beautiful trails nearby this place are very popular with cross country skiers from all over the country. The Garrison Dam National Fish Hatchery and Aquarium is home to tracks that are located near the hatchery and link up to the downstream campground. After you are done with skiing, you can spend some time exploring this unique hatchery and aquarium to learn about the special conservation efforts in place to protect the native fish species here.

With so many awesome destinations to visit, it is a great idea to spend your winter months skiing in North Dakota and visiting these stunning trails as you catch a glimpse of the magnificent Turtle Mountains.

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