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Oklahoma City - Best place to visit in Oklahoma

Visit Oklahoma: 12 Incredible Sight-Seeing Destinations of Oklahoma (2024)

The Oklahoma state is situated in the south-central region of the United States, proudly known as the land of Red Dirt. Also, it’s a perfect blend of nature, historical sites, and family outdoor attraction. Well, it is known for its famous art galleries, museum, and copious gardens. Many of its visitors prefer Oklahoma for its long drives and breathtaking highways. Among which, the state’s stretch of Route 66 is likely to be one of the highways which delivers a tremendous driving experience. The state is also known to be the “Tornado Alley” by its locals. This is because Oklahoma is vulnerable to strong and destructive rotating winds, which is pretty standard there. The atmosphere witnessed in Oklahoma is full of dampness.

Visit Oklahoma: 12 Incredible Sight-Seeing Destinations of Oklahoma

We have curated a list of 12 amazing places to visit in Oklahoma:

1. Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is also the capital city of Oklahoma. Apart from political activities, the city is famous for outdoor actions such as kayaking, tubing, and water rafting. All this outdoor fun can be done in the Riversport Adventure Park. The museums of the city are also very much famous for the artwork that includes the prosperous International as well as American paintings, which makes it a must-visit destination in Oklahoma. A widespread number of restaurants and cafe shops can be observed anywhere throughout the journey of Oklahoma City. Architecture buffs can lead to the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, which is at the Gaylord-Pickens Museum and the Oklahoma History Center.

Oklahoma City - Best place to visit in Oklahoma

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2. Enid

Enid can be a favorite spot for the visitors who are fond of wine, as the city is very close to the Plain View Winery and Indian Creek Village Winery. So, Enid can be one of the best sight-seeing places to visit in Oklahoma. The kids can venture themselves in the Museum Quest to discover the exhibition of science and technology, while the adults are having a good time in the renowned Wineries. Many things are available in Enid City, which is meant for every generation that comprises- fine places for shopping, attending live events based on music/entertainment.

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3. Broken Arrow

Visiting The Broken Arrow in the summers would be the best option for planning a journey to Oklahoma. The tourists can commence their vacation here by doing some sort of shopping, enjoying delicious blueberry ice creams with your families, and involving in several other outdoor recreations. Other flavors, are- blackberry, raspberry, and strawberry, are also served in the Thunder Bird Farm to the visitors, a pleasant family mark and a rejuvenating tourist destination in Oklahoma. The Thunder Bird Farm is vacant during the late spring through the summers.

Must-Visit Attraction of Oklahoma-Broken Arrow
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4. Tulsa

Tulsa is another big city in Oklahoma State. Tulsa has a dense variety of food to off. Some of the ethnic food options are American, Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern. The local people are always searching for the well known Wild Al’s Food Truck, which delivers locally crafted and rapid ready delicious sandwiches. Moreover, don’t omit to attend the outdoor concert organized below the open skies, which is acknowledged as the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra. The Tulsa City would be a great place to visit in Oklahoma for all the visitors.

Nice Place to Visit In Oklahoma-Tulsa

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5. Tahlequah

Placed at the Ozark Mountain slopes, Tahlequah resides in a scenic landscape covered with lakes, streams, and the greens. The large lake Tenkiller attracts a lot of tourists to have a great family picnic. It also assures sunny beaches for swimming and sunbathing. Heading towards the town, Tahlequah features many nearby restaurants for lunch/dinner, where the visitors find sizzling seafood, catfish, and even frog legs for those who are wild eaters. Hence, Tahlequah would be a must-visit destination in Oklahoma for the guests looking for a beach outing.

Amazing Place to Visit In Oklahoma-TahlequahImage Source

6. Lawton

Lawton will go to an exciting landscape that would feature several historical sites deciphering ancient Oklahoma’s past. The visitors can access the Museum of Great Plains for brushing up their knowledge about Oklahoma history. The Wichita Mountain, which is close to Lawton, can be a great place to visit in Oklahoma. The Wichita Mountain features a large amount of wilderness, letting the visitors observe animals like bison, elk, deer, buffalo, longhorn cattle, etc. The tour of the Wichita Mountains can create an encouragement in the recreational activities that take account of hiking, cycling, biking, and rappelling. These activities are adequate to enthrall a tourist heading to Lawton.

7. Route 66

Route 66 has been a great place to visit in Oklahoma for many decades. Route 66 of Oklahoma state is busy in capturing the interest of the voyagers. A load of villages and towns can be seen while passing through this route. This route was even considered as the landmark by many of the local people. During the road trip, you can also take a break and check in the roadside motels to have the typical American dinner fetching the best burgers and milkshake. The journey will keep you engaged in having a look at some of the historical sites as well.

Incredible Places to Visit in Oklahoma-Route 66Image Source

8. Natural Falls State Park

Placed in the Ozark Mountains, the Natural Falls State Park is an impactful spot for the tourists to craft a visit, though it is also cited in the list of amazing sight-seeing destinations in Oklahoma. The park is an enormous place to spend a few days in touch with nature and enjoying the unique vegetation that flourishes in the waterfall’s microclimate. You can fetch a tent to the campsite and use some time walking and climbing by the side of three miles of stunning paths.

Top Place to Visit In Oklahoma-Natural Falls State ParkImage Source

Address- 19225 E 578 Rd, Colcord, OK 74338, United States

9. Edmond

Edmond, the tourist destination in Oklahoma, is located just north of Oklahoma City on renowned Route 66, which proffers visitors a suitable foundation to discover this special district. The visitors can acquire knowledge of the Wild West at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum that possesses the foremost anthology of western artifacts. You can expect a lot of frolic and things to do while being here at Edmond! The boundless beauty lying here accompanied with a lot of fun proves to be the finest and commendable fusion ever!

Beautiful Place to Visit In Oklahoma-Edmond

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10. Ardmore

Located in south-central Oklahoma, Ardmore bids the tourists with a first-class range of historical, artistic, and open-air activities in and around the town. Horsemen will be drawn to the significant Hardy Murphy Coliseum, which anchors horses’ diversity and other amusing events. At the same time, history fans can travel around the Greater Southwest Historical Museum, the exclusive Eliza Cruce Hall Doll Museum, and the Military Memorial Museum. The town’s cultural venues feature the Charles B. Goddard Centre for songs, plays, and visual arts. Hence, Ardmore would be a great place to visit in Oklahoma.

Best Visiting Place In Oklahoma-ArdmoreImage Source

11. Chickasaw National Recreation Area

The Chickasaw National Recreation Area is a call for all the nature buffs around Oklahoma. It covers all the fundamentals required for an absolute vacation. An authentic oasis gives freshwater lakes, waterfalls, and a lot of natural swimming pools. These fresh lakes consistently give its visitors the opportunity of showcasing their talent by providing a lot of water sports. Activities like boating, fishing, and sailing are also enjoyed in these stunning lakes. So, the Chickasaw National Recreation Area can be a must-visit tourist destination in Oklahoma.

Address- 901 W 1st St, Sulphur, OK 73086, United States

12. Sky Dance Bridge

Being one of the famous bridges of Oklahoma City, the Sky dance bridge is majorly used as the landmark for years. This unique bridge is inspired by Oklahoma’s state bird- the scissor-tailed flycatcher. It is approximately 197 feet tall and lengths about 115 meters. The visitors can take a long leisure walk with their loved ones on this bridge. It even provides benches where the people can take a break from their walk. This landmark impresses its spectators mainly at the time of night; it lit up in a succession of multi-color lights that assists in charging up its exquisiteness. This bridge will be an incredible sight-seeing destination in Oklahoma State for a wonderful evening.

Must Visit Place In Oklahoma-Sky Dance BridgeImage Source

Address- Oklahoma City, OK 73109, United States


Thus, those were some of the cool and exciting points of this remarkable state- Oklahoma. After knowing all these qualities, you may also fancy visiting there. So what are you waiting for now? Take a break from all the hard work, stress, and other routines of the world and plan an ultimate journey to Oklahoma with your friends and family of all time.

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