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Kalaseshwara temple, Kalasa In Kudremukh

Kudremukh Tourism: National Park, Places to Visit in Kudremukh, Hotels Nearby, Things to do in Kudremukh (2024)

Karnataka is known for its abundant travel opportunities. Ranging from the dense green forests to the ancient temples, accompanied by perfect weather, Karnataka has a lot in store. It is a state situated between the Western Ghats, Kannad Coast, and Deccan Plateau. There are coffee estates, riversides, beaches, temples, waterfalls, hills, etc. One of the best places to visit in Karnataka is Kudremukh.

About Kudremukh

Located in the Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka, Kudremukh is a beautiful mountain range. In the Kannada language, ‘Kudremukh’ translates to ‘horse-face,’ and it refers to the shape of the mountain range from an angle resembling the face of a horse. It is the second-largest wild-life protected area and has the tropical evergreen forest of the Western Ghats. There’s also an iron-ore mine town situated near the mountain for which it is popularly known. Kudremukh is known to be the 2nd largest peak in Karnataka after Mullayanagiri. The main attraction of Kudremukh is the Kudremukh National Park, which makes it so popular. The Kudremukh National Park is the world’s largest wildlife protected area and falls under the Global Tiger Reservation Priority-1. According to many reports, the best time to visit Kudremukh is during the months of October and May.

About Kudremukh National Park

The Kudremukh National Park in Chikkamagaluru district is widely famous. It is known to hold numerous endangered animal and plant species.

  • Best Time To Visit Kudremukh: The months of October-May are best suited to visit Kudremukh hill station and national park. The monsoon time is a bit rough here, and it might hamper your trekking experience.
  • Animals Found in Kudremukh National Park: Lion-tailed macaque, barking deer, sloth bear, gaur, langur, spotted deer, giant flying squirrel, and many more.
  • Plants: Eucalyptus, acacia, silk oaks, casuarinas are found here along with South Indian jewel Orchid and Nilambur Cobra Lily, which are almost extinct.
  • Birds: Almost 2000 species of birds are found here: Malabar Trogon and Malabar whistling thrush. To Get The National Park Permit, visit the Reserve Forest office in the Kudremukh town to get the National Park permit. If you require a guide, you can hire him from the office.
  • To Reach Kudremukh National Park: The nearest big city to this place is Mangalore, which is 100 km away. Bangalore is 350 Kms away. The nearest towns are Kalasa and Horanadu.

Places To Visit In Kudremukh

There are many places to visit in Kudremukh, the foremost being Kudremukh National Park.

a. Hanuman Gundi Falls

For those searching for a laid back holiday amidst nature, this calm and peaceful sight is perfect. It starts to flow from a height of about 100 feet and gushes down on natural rocks. You can chill and take a rest by it on your way to Kudremukh trek. It is one of the must-visit places in Kudremukh.

Place To Visit In Kudremukh-Hanuman Gundi FallsImage Source

b. Kalasa

The Kalasa town, which is popularly known as the temple town, is a perfect spot for a weekend trip amidst nature. The place is surrounded by rainforest and depends on the Bhadra River for water. The name Kalasa translates to a water pot and is justified as the soil here is extremely fertile. Kalasa holds the Kalaseshwara temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.
Kalaseshwara temple, Kalasa In KudremukhImage Source

c. Lakya Dam

The Lakya dam was initially built by the iron ore company prevailing in Kudremukh town beside the River Bhadra’s tributary. The scenic beauty of this place in Kudremukh is an attraction to the tourists.

Magnetic Attraction In Kudremukh-Lakya DamImage Source

d. Gangamoola

This mountain, lying 1458 m before sea level, is a UNESCO world heritage site. It has a temple of Goddess Bhagavathi and a cave with a 6-feet tall image of Varaha.

Must-Visit Attraction in Kudremukh-Gangamoola

Photo by Nikhil Verma  Image Source

Top 5 Stays In Kudremukh

1. Upasana Retreat

It is undoubtedly the most fabulous stay in Kudremukh. From every window, an exotic view of the Western Ghat mountains can be seen. It is placed in the most strategic location.

Top to Stay In Kudremukh-Upasana Retreat

Photo by Upasana Retreat  Image Source

Location: Samse Village

Price: Starts at 3k INR/per night.

2. Coffee Grove Resort

This resort is a bit far from the city center. It offers a great view of the nut plantations and the dense forests of Chikkamagaluru.

Best Resort to Stay In Kudremukh-Coffee Grove ResortImage Source

Location: Aldur Hobli, Chikkamagaluru District.

Price: 7 to 8 K INR/per night.

3. The Kanive Resort

It is beautiful and one of the best places to stay in Kudremukh. It has ten well-furnished cottages that are equipped with modern techniques. For those of you wanting to go for a peaceful getaway, this place is the best.

Amazing Resort to Stay In Kudremukh-The Kanive ResortImage Source

Location: Maidadi, Balige village.

Price: 3k/per night.

4. Honey Dewwz Exotica Resort

Yet another beautiful stay in Kudremukh is Honey Dewwx Exotica Resort. You can sip coffee and look at the lush green plantations.

Top Resort to Stay In Kudremukh-Honey Dewwz Exotica ResortImage Source

Location: Hospet, Chikmagalur.

Price: 6 to 8k INR/night

5. Golden Hill Hotel

Located amidst the lush green forest of Kudremukh, lies the Golden Hill Hotel, perfect for some relaxation. It has airy and spacious rooms with efficient staff. You can take a dip into the pool or take a sip of your cocktail at the bar while keeping your kids in the entertainment room.

Hotel to Stay In Kudremukh-Golden Hill HotelImage Source

Location: Kemmanagundi Road, Ballavara.

Price: 4k INR/per night

Things To Do In Kudremukh

  1. Trekking: The main attraction of Kudremukh is its trek route. The climate, location, and weather are ideal for a trekker. Away from the noise of the busy city, you can go for a short trek along Kudremukh.
  2. Hiking: Hiking is ideal for the climate, location, and weather of this place. You can go hiking along with the beautiful mountain range of Kudremukh whenever you want.
  3. Bird watching: Almost 2000 types of birds are found here, which is an attraction for all the bird watchers.


Kudremukh is a unique spot away from the clamor of the city. Situated between the Deccan Plateau and the Western Ghats, Kudremukh is a beautiful location with pleasant weather all year round. Many luxurious stays have developed surrounding the Kudremukh National Park, which is affordable. If you wish to go away from your packed, tedious daily routine and take a break amidst the lap of nature, Kudremukh is ideal for you. It is one of the best tourist places in Karnataka.

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