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Tantitundu Homestay - Delightful Homestay in Chikmagulur

12 Delightful Homestays in Chikmagulur (2023)

Getting away from the shrill screams of the metropolis and finding a spot like Chikmagalur in Karnataka is sometimes all we need. These homestays in Chikmagalur are ideal for those who wish to immerse themselves in Malanad culture or those who just want to get lost in Mullayanagiri’s mist. At bloom season, the verdant expanses of the Western Ghats transform into an explosion of color and fragrance in this quaint hill village. You may view the river Bhadra meandering peacefully behind your homestay.

With its rich foliage and calm surroundings, Chikmagalur is an ideal place to stay in order to experience the finest of the area’s natural beauty. Chikmagalur’s best homestays are a great place to relax and recharge your batteries throughout your holiday. With that in mind, here are some of the Best Homestays in Chikmagulur for that tranquil holiday you’ve been looking forward to so long.

1. Tantitundu Homestay

Tantitundu Homestay in Chikmagalur is ideal for a family vacation. The hotel’s on-site restaurant provides wonderful meals every day, and the family rooms are large and well-equipped. It’s also possible to sit about in the communal living room or stroll across the front yard. Your youngster will have a great time in the children’s playground. The front desk of the Chikmagalur guesthouse is open 24 hours a day.

2. Clover Leaf Homestay

Clover Leaf Homestay is one of Best Homestays in Chikmagulur, surrounded by lush green valleys and often shrouded in mist. People traveling in big groups will find this an ideal place to stay since it has all the amenities of home. If you’re in the mood for a hearty meal, the hosts will make it happen. Guests may park their cars in the homestay’s wide parking area. There’s also a nearby adventure camp where you and your friends may have some fun together.

Clover Leaf Homestay, Chikmagulur

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3. River Woods

Chikmagalur’s greatest homestays are River Woods, a tranquil 360-acre coffee farm retreat. You’ll be spellbound by the outlines of the hills and the soaring birds in the dusk sky. River Woods is a popular Chikmagalur homestay, thanks to its top-notch amenities and attractive d├ęcor. These activities include kayaking and river rafting as well as climbing to Merthi Peak in Kudremukh National Park and a wildlife sanctuary tour for visitors.

4. Vismita County, Vastare

If you’re visiting Hirekolale Lake, Vismita County is a great choice because of the friendly staff and first-rate amenities. Rooms include a flat-screen TV, air conditioning and a jacuzzi tub at the homestay. While enjoying your complementary continental breakfast on the balcony of your room, take a refreshing plunge in the hotel’s swimming pool.

5. Guddadamane Homestay

Among the coffee plantations, the tranquil 150-year-old Guddadamane Homestay offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. The windows of this Chikmagalur homestay provide stunning views of the surrounding mountains. You may hire a vehicle for touring in Chikmagalur if you have a communal living space and a garden in the front. The on-site restaurant at Guddadamane serves delicious fresh handmade malnad food.

6. Thippanahalli Homestay

Thippanahalli Homestay in Chikmagalur’s undulating hills is another excellent Mullayanagiri homestay. Beautiful views of the surrounding hills and coffee plantation may be enjoyed from the hotel’s big rooms. Guests staying at Thippanahalli Homestay will be cared for by a delightful couple Arpitha and Nitin who go above and beyond to ensure their comfort.

7. The Hidden Valley

The Hidden Valley is an excellent option for Best Homestays in Chikmagulur for couples looking for a quiet getaway. There are romantic boat excursions on their own private lake, which is one of the nicest Chikmagalur homestays. This 30-acre coffee plantation is home to ducks, bunnies, turkeys, and wild poultry. With the help of his adorable German Shepherd, your host takes you on nature hikes. Because of their excellent hospitality and loving character, they have been able to achieve great success.

8. Karadigundi Estate

The Karadigundi Estate Homestay is tucked away in a 40-acre coffee plantation in the Western Ghats, surrounded by hills, verdant valleys, sparkling streams, and coffee farms. Even though it’s nice year-round, visiting during the monsoons is the best time to see the area at its greenest and freshest. Homestay Karadigundi is one of the greatest in Chikmagalur if you are looking for a place to unwind and recharge. It’s a great opportunity to escape the rush of city life and take in the natural splendor of this idyllic location.

9. Bettadamalali Estate

Bettadamalali Estate Homestay, run by a local family, provides a homely atmosphere and a wide selection of exciting activities. This guesthouse in Chikmagalur offers a wide range of activities, from hiking and boating to climbing and swimming. This homestay is likely to provide something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat or a chance to explore the many nearby attractions.

10. Mullayanagiri’s Siddercool Coffee Estate

Siddercool Coffee Estate Stay is located in the foothills of the Baba Budangiri range and provides a delightful holiday in Chikmagalur. The house is surrounded by a coffee, pepper, and cardamom plantation, and there is a big verandah and garden area filled with peace and tranquillity for you to enjoy. During your stay, you’ll be treated to a traditional south Indian breakfast.

11. Vintage Coffee Estate

This forty-year-old guesthouse, housed on a five-acre coffee farm, is the perfect retreat for the restless traveler. Vintage Coffee Estate offers three bedrooms and a front yard, so you may enjoy the morning sun in comfort. The provision of meals during your stay may be arranged in advance. With a campfire outdoors or stargazing from the balcony within, evenings can be rejuvenating.

12. Chikkamane Homestay

Chikkamane Homestay in Chikmagalur will make your stay memorable and unforgettable. It has large rooms with all the necessities, including a flat-screen TV, for a relaxing and enjoyable stay. Taking a refreshing dip in the nearby pool is an enjoyable way to cool down in the heat of the day. Breakfast is included in the price of your room, which is conveniently located near the Bandaje River and the Hebbe Falls.

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