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Tresca a Luxury Hotel Mid-Range Hotel in Chikmagalur

Budget, Mid-Range and Luxury Hotels in Chikmagalur (2022)

Chikmagalur, a fascinating hill station edged on the lap of Karnataka, a Southwest Indian state has a whisk of the green verdancy, sparkling blue waterfalls and the glowing orangish-yellow sunsets which will leave you startled and stunned with its breathtaking views. As Chikmagalur is a famous tourist spot, with umpteen tourist attractions, there are many budget, mid-range and luxury hotels in Chikmagalur which not only provide you dwelling but also help to balance your tiredness by the comfort.

Budget Hotels in Chikmagalur

Being a tourist spot, Chikmagalur is visited by people of different income groups. The budget hotels provide an opportunity for low-income groups to enjoy the scenic views of the place affordably and economically. They provide the necessary comfort and the necessary place to live in. You can choose amongst the following budget hotels to spend your vacations in Chikmagalur:

    • Hotel Rajmahal: This low-key budget hotel with traditional vibes and styling, is located on the main thoroughfare of Chikmagalur. The rooms have cable tv with the facility of room service. The upgraded rooms have an internet facility and mini-fridges as well. The place is at a distance of 6 km from the Chikmagalur Golf Club and 9 km from Hirekolale Lake. The amenities include full-service laundry, 24-hour front desk, an internet cafe, a lounge and bike rentals. The approximate price is rupees 1,136 (INR), and it is facilitated with a rating of 3.5 stars.
      Hotel Rajmahal Budget Hotel in Chikmagalur
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    • Flora Residency: This vibrant hotel located in N.M.C. CIRCLE, I.G. ROAD, S.H. 64, Chikmagalur offers free wifi facility to its guests. Although no parking facility is available, other amenities like a restaurant, a bar and air-conditioned rooms with good room service are prevalent h. The approximate price of this budget hotel in Chikmagalur is Rs. 1,272(INR), and the rating is 3.6 stars.
      Flora Residency Budget Hotel in Chikmagalur
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  • Chalukya Comforts: One of the most budget-friendly hotel, Chalukya Comforts is located on the Canara Bank Rd, opposite Terapanth Bhawan, Chikmagalur. This hotel provides value for the money spent and provides excellent and courteous room service as well. The check-in time of Chalukya Comforts is 12 pm, and the check-out time is 11 am. You will be quite stunned to know the price of the hotel, which is only Rs. 700 (INR). Despite being so cheap, the hotel provides the facilities of air-conditioned rooms, airport shuttle, free parking, room service, 24-hour front desk, and it is kid-friendly as well. The rating is 4.4 stars.Chalukya Comforts Budget Hotel in Chikmagalur
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Mid-Range Hotels in Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur has some of the best hotels for the middle-income groups which provide you with a comfortable place to dwell in at not so high prices. They provide value for the money spent by you. Some of the mid-range hotels to dwell in Chikmagalur are as follows:

    • The Orchid Hotel: The Orchid hotel has spacious rooms with a charismatic ambience. Though it is not so highly-priced, the facilities provided and the rooms give you a pleasurable experience. The air-conditioned rooms are elegant with clean and light-coloured walls. This budget hotel is located at the Cross, Indira Gandhi Rd in Chikmagalur. The amenities include free wifi, restaurant, fitness centre, room service, front desk, full-service laundry and the place is quite kid-friendly as well. The approximate price is Rs. 1,959 (INR), and the rating is 3.9 stars. The Orchid Hotel Mid-Range Hotel in Chikmagalur
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    • Tresca a Luxury Hotel: With free wifi, Tresca is located on the R.G. road, Vijayapura in Chikmagalur. This 3-star hotel with a free private parking area offers room service and available 24 hours. The hotel also hires cars for guests to explore the surrounding area. The rooms with flat-screen televisions are equipped with private bathrooms which have a shower, free toiletries and a hairdryer as well. The approximate price of Tresca A luxury hotel is Rs. 3,023 (INR).Tresca a Luxury Hotel Mid-Range Hotel in Chikmagalur
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  • Hotel Blue pearl: Equipped with modern interiors, spacious rooms and commendable service, Hotel Blue Pearl is edged on Indira Gandhi Road, Near Bolarameshwara Temple, Raameshwara Nagara, Nallur in Chikmagalur. The check-in time is 12 pm, and the check-out time is 11 am. The amenities include elegant, air-conditioned rooms, free wifi, free parking, airport shuttle, a restaurant named Dalchini which serves exotic cuisines, 24 hours available front desk, full-service laundry and a business centre. The approximate price of Hotel Blue Pearl is Rs. 2,197 (INR), and the rating is 4.1 stars.

Luxury Hotels in Chikmagalur

The hectic journey often makes a person dull and lethargic due to which he or she is unable to enjoy the beauty of the place. But this issue is combated by the various luxury hotels located in Chikmagalur which are of top-notch quality. The tiredness is offset by the posh and cosy ambience of the hotel. The various luxury hotels to dwell in Chikmagalur are as follows:

    • Java Rain Resorts: Edged on the Girija Estates, the Java Rain Resort provides a breathtaking and winsome view of the Mullayanagiri hills as it is situated on the coffee plantations overlooking the Mullayanagiri hill. The balconies, wooden design accents and south-east Asian artefacts give a traditional vibe to the place. The elegant rooms equipped with flat-screen televisions provide free wifi with a living area and indoor and outdoor bathrooms. The upgraded rooms even have hot tubs, kitchen and private pools as well. The check-in time of the hotel is 1 pm, and the check-out time is 11 am. The approximate tariff of the luxurious Java Rain resorts is Rs. 16,640 (INR), and the rating is 4.6 stars.
    • Gateway Chikmagulur: Sited on the NH64 highway, Gateway Chikmagulur gives you an aesthetic vibe due to its colonial-style structure. Set in the tropical gardens, the hotel provides arresting views of the mountains which will entice you to visit the place again and again. It is at a distance of 11 km from the Chikmagalur Golf club and 22 km from Hindu Deviramma temple Bindiga. The check-in time is 2 pm, and the check-out time is 12 pm. The approximate price of Gateway Chikmagulur is Rs. 7,249 (INR), and the rating is 4.3 stars.
      Gateway Chikmagulur Luxury Hotel in Chikmagalur

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    • The Serai: The Serai is located on the B.M. Road Mugthihalli Post in Chikmagalur. The elegant, air-conditioned and spacious rooms are equipped with a flat-screen tv and a private balcony where the fresh air will splash on your face. The room service is commendable, and suites as well as family rooms are available. Free wifi, free parking and free breakfast are provided to the guests. A fitness centre with a gym for the gym fanatics and a business centre with free wifi for the businessmen are also available. Such luxurious facilities come at a high price. Other amenities include a tennis court, game room, pool, bar, lounge, infinity pool, private pool, breakfast buffet, conferencing facilities and dry-cleaning facilities. The approximate price of The Serai is Rs. 20,056 (INR), and the rating is 4.5 stars.The Serai Luxury Hotel in Chikmagalur
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Thus, a vacation off to Chikmagulur would give you an escape from the daily monotonous life. This article would help you choose an ideal hotel from the given list above according to your preferences without being tensed about the budget. Tourists are free to choose any of the budget, mid-range and luxury hotels in Chikmagalur and prepare their itinerary according to it. Be it the posh ambience provided by the luxury hotels or the comfortable stay provided by the budget-friendly hotels; all hotels have their own charisma and benefits!

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