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Charleston - Best Place for Couples in South Carolina

4 Best Places for Couples in South Carolina (2024)

Pristine beaches, warm hospitality, and charming sights make it a perfect romantic getaway. The atmosphere of South Carolina is all a couple needs for a romantic vacation. The rich history and soothing atmosphere draw tourists for a perfect romantic escape with their loved ones. The article gently takes you through various romantic spots in South Carolina. It also shares some travel tips and activities you should take advantage of in South Carolina! Please read the article if searching for the best places in South Carolina for couples.

South Carolina creates the perfect vibe for romance because of its decent temperature. It suits the requirements of couples and makes up for a comfortable place to roam around the state any time of the year. In addition to that, thrilling adventures, mouth-watering food, historic sites, and fun sports make it a perfect spot for your vacation.

4 Best Places for Couples in South Carolina

Let us take you through romantic destinations you should visit with your partner:

1. Charleston

Charleston tops as the number one destination yearly in the United States. Secret gardens, Colonial-era, restored mansions along the streets, and horse-drawn carriages are some of the best reasons you should visit Charleston with your partner.

The city gives you access to travel on foot with comfortable pathways throughout; the best to have those endless romantic walks. It also exhibits its low-country cooking from award-winning chefs, amazing shopping experiences, historical museums, and refreshing beaches within your reach, wrapping you up in a cozy vibe.

Charleston - Best Place for Couples in South Carolina

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Country cooking has been increasing in quality in recent years. If you and your partner love to dine and explore country foods, you will love to spend your vacation in Charleston. You can find amazing restaurants featuring local produce. In Charleston, you must try pimento cheese served with freshly baked biscuits. You shouldn’t miss out on trying the seafood here.

Beaches hug you with their refreshing air; if you want to catch the vibe, there is no better option than staying closer to the beach. Harbourview Inn has gotten the perfect location to stay. Also, the climate makes it just right for couples. Candle-lit dinners are arranged closer to the beach, creating the quintessential Charlestown vibe. If you are looking for the best places in South Carolina for couples, you cannot avoid beaches and candlelight dinners. Harbourview Inn provides you with a warm and fulfilling dining experience.

There’s something special about Charleston that makes it irresistibly romantic. The biking trails aligned with trees on either side are unmatchable for romantic rides. Imagine yourself chatting sweet nothings with your partner!

What would be better than watching the sunset with your loved one? The outdoor rooftop space in the hotels is a cherry on the cake, creating the perfect aura. Soft music in the backdrop and the perfect climate is nothing more than a fantasy!

Make the most of your romantic getaway by engaging in these activities in Charleston with your partner:

  • The Dock Street Theatre: If you and your partner love to learn about different places, visiting the historical landmarks will add to your romantic vacation! It would be a fine choice to go and watch a play at the Dock Street Theatre. It is a historical building built exclusively for theatrical performances, as the name suggests. It is the oldest theater in America, yet more private and rich in history.
  • Rooftop bars: Like cocktails, drinks, or coffee? It would be even amazing when you choose to have them in Charleston’s rooftop bars. The sophisticated, luxurious bars with fancy amenities under the natural starlight create the perfect ambiance for a romantic dream date.
  • Explore Downtown on foot: Downtown Charleston is the place to explore on foot. Charleston’s impression is its giant historical district decorated with beautiful blooms and lights. It is one of the places you should add to your list of best places in South Carolina for couples without any second thoughts.

2. Greenville

What is a date without dinner and a movie? Greenville has many options for exploring daytime adventures and nightlife experiences with your partner.

Paris Mountain State Park: If you want to go on hiking, try hiking trails at Paris Mountain State Park or Table Rock State Park. Tourists visit Paris Mountain State park for the refreshing waterfalls visible from the roads. Hiking is a great way to connect with nature. If you and your partner are nature lovers, you must visit Paris Mountain State park and enjoy the place to the fullest! The stairway spillway is more beautiful than the mere view at the entrance.

Water trails are laid throughout the forest area utilizing the city’s primary resource. Hiking through this forest brings you to a state of calm. At some point of hiking in the woods, you would find level off; it means you are approaching the mountain lake. Although the city’s fancy shopping and day activities beam with pride, it is always worth visiting these natural spots with your loved ones.

Drift Float and Spa: What is more relaxing than a spa? Luxurious spas with drift floating are the new twist to the traditional spa experience. If you wish to have sensory and stimulating spa services, Drift Float and Spa is the right place. You can also try infrared Sauna baths, oxygen bars, Lucia light treatments, and other sophisticated treatments to soothe your senses. If you are looking for the best spa experience, you should try Drift Float and Spa. It effortlessly becomes one of the best places in South Carolina for couples.

M. Judson Booksellers and Storytellers: M. Judson is one of the beautiful places to chat over coffee. If you and your partner share the same literary taste or love to attend book fairs or events, you must visit M.Judson Booksellers. The love for reading and sharing ideas on books is the most intimate and romantic thing. Plenty of avenues in M.Judson provide just the right setting to express your literary love.

3. Myrtle Beach

Can there be anything more romantic than a city with beautiful, clean miles of beaches? The city is a must-visit tourist spot and one of the top attractions of South Carolina. Here are a few places and activities you can engage in with your partners.


  • Grand Strand Beach: The incredibly diversified romantic experiences at Myrtle Beach will amaze you and your partner. You should visit Grand Strand if you have a thrill for amusement parks. The Grandstand exhibits attractions such as aquariums, amusement parks, and IMAX theaters.
  • Little River: Located on the Intracoastal waterway is a laid-back, peaceful beach for those who prefer quieter and calmer beaches.
  • Sunset cruise: If you are looking forward to spending quieter evenings with your loved one, you should consider booking a sunset couples cruise on the largest chartered sailboat in the city, the Enchanted Sailing Charters. Other cruises, such as the Anniversary cruise, Engagement dinner cruise, and Little River Inlet cruise, are some of the other romantic cruises you can ever experience.
  • Helicopter adventure: If you and your partner are inclined towards outdoor adventure, you should try the thrilling ride of a helicopter over Myrtle Beach. The ride gives you an amazing view of Myrtle Beach and lets you enjoy nature from a different perspective. You can choose the longer distance rides or stick with 5-minute rides that give you a full stretch ride over the beach.
  • Sunset Kayak Tour: Kayaks are always special when it comes to romance. If you want to access farther fishing holes or experience a stronger and calmer ride in waterways, kayaking is the best option! Watching the sunset behind the mountains and the full moon grow, with the vibrant sky colors, makes the evening dreamy and perfect. Why not try kayaking when backed up with popular operators?

4. Columbia

The perfect combination of tranquil nature and an artsy, lively, and cosmopolitan city provides several opportunities for activities for its visitors. Although the city offers a range of things for all ages, there are quite a few things and spots meant for couples.



    Cooking class: Isn’t it exciting to attend art and cooking classes with your spouse? Why not use the time to explore your hidden talents? You must try cooking classes at “Let’s Cook Culinary Studio” to enjoy hands-on coaching and learn your favorite dishes.

  • Axe throwing: If you enjoy challenging activities, try axe-throwing at “Craft Axe Throwing.” This activity is perfect for breaking the ice between couples if you have just started learning to know each other, giving way to smooth conversations. They also arrange supportive and friendly competitions that bring out the kid in you.
  • Stargazing: Ever heard of star gazing? Brighten your nights by visiting the University of South Carolina’s Melton memorial observatory. Bring your partner and yourself closer to nature and the stars. If the weather permits, you can go there on Monday nights to observe the moon, planets, stars, and star clusters. You will not regret visiting the observatory, and it’ll give you a memory worth keeping.


Some of the best places in South Carolina for couples are listed in the article for you to consider while planning your vacation. With modern times, the idea of romantic vacation has also evolved. Romantic vacations shouldn’t be limited to activities such as spas, beaches, and resorts. South Carolina has brought in many fun and diverse yet exciting activities for couples who love adventure and other fun facets. Fun is different for everyone; it could be anything from walking and reading to going on thrilling adventures. Prioritize and list down the places you wish to discover and activities you would enjoy when in South Carolina.

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