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Pecanland Mall - Tourist Place In Monroe, Tennessee

Free Visit Tourist Places In Monroe, Tennessee (2024)

Monroe County, a lavish city in Tennessee, United States, is a popular tourist spot with historical significance. It has a host of attractive locations to fall for. Moreover, the city also offers various fun activities that you can enjoy with your family and friends. What is most interesting is the budget-friendly tours that are popular here. You can savor every moment of your trip at a very minimal price.

Planning a trip to a foreign country can itself be a wholesome affair. Airline tickets always seem to be on the rise. On top of it, the accommodation rates are also increasing day by day. In this distressing situation, all you need is to find unique budget-friendly places in Monroe. The good news is, this is perfectly possible! You will get amazing tourist attractions to visit in Monroe that cost nothing at all.

Free Visit Tourist Places In Monroe, Tennessee

Here are some suggestions that can be on your checklist even with a compromising budget situation.

1. Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Located about seven miles from the hinterland, it exhibits the best natural landscape in Monroe. If you are fond of birdwatching, fishing, trails, shorelines, or just a beautiful landscape, this place has lots to offer. You can also enjoy breathtaking sunrise and sunset views here. These swamplands have been named after the Black Bayou Lake, which is situated at the rear end.

Fun Facts:

  • Get to see alligators freely roaming here! Yes, you heard it right. They can range from babies to 14-footer alligators that are amazing to look at.
  • You can also witness 100 different varieties of fish and many more unique migratory birds.
  • It may be a swamp, but the area is well maintained. You can easily plan a picnic here, which is also free!

Location: 480 Richland Pl, Monroe, LA 71203, United States

Nearby Places To Visit:

  • Northeast Louisiana Children’s Museum
  • Bayou Bowling
  • Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo

2. Pecanland Mall

It is an enclosed mall in Monroe which has a wide range of shops displaying local and international brands. Located three miles east of Monroe city center, this mall has everything to offer. If you want to buy unique items at the best prices, this mall can be your ideal choice. Its entry is free, so you can just have a look at the branded shops and spend quality time.

What is quite interesting is that these stalls often provide lightning discounts and deals for customers. So you may decide to just wander about this place, and still buy lots of useful things at amazing prices!

Fun Facts:

  • You can get original exquisite perfumes at great deals here.
  • The place originally had a pecan farm, and the mall is named after it.
  • It is the second major shopping area in Monroe that is fully enclosed.

Location: 4700 Millhaven Rd, Monroe, LA 71203, United States

Nearby Places To Visit:

  • Duck Commander
  • Forsythe Park
  • African American Museum

3. Masur Museum Of Art

Masur Museum of Art exhibits oriental art and artifacts from various countries of the world. China has the most influence on the artifacts, but you can also find very interesting modules of the ancient world here. Apart from this, the museum also offers various educational shows and programs almost every day. It is a great place for history lovers, enthusiasts, families, and children.

Fun Facts:

  • It is the single largest museum of visual arts in northeast Louisiana.
  • The museum was a former residence of the Masur family.

It contains a wooden figure of Zao Gongen, a Shinto deity with religious connotations. Many consider the Shinto religion to challenge Buddhism and its ideas. However, it is just the opposite. This Japanese religion was believed to remain in harmony with Buddhism in ancient times.

Location: 1400 S Grand St, Monroe, LA 71202, United States

Nearby Places To Visit:

  • Layton Castle
  • Cooley House
  • Tuscano’s Italian Kitchen

4. Downtown River Market

The Downtown River Market in Monroe is a french style open market system. It is free for all and exhibits the most brilliant collection of arts, commerce, entertainment, culture, music, and so much more. You will be able to witness the handcrafted materials made by the local people. Not only that, but the market also hosts music and dance festivals every day.

Enjoy the fun and frolic of the commoners in Monroe and explore the magic of the artisans. It is a family-friendly, kid-friendly place where you can spend quality time. Numerous restaurants serve mouth-watering food in and around the market area.

Location: 316 S Grand St, Monroe, LA 71201, United States

Fun Facts:

The sellers dig deep to make exquisite items for everyone. As such, the market sits on the first and third Saturday throughout summer. In winter, it sits during the Christmas festivities. Therefore, the sellers come up with unique and creative ideas and sell items at affordable rates.

  • The Ouachita river provides an excellent scenic view, with the market along the banks looking beautiful as ever.
  • Take part in adventurous outdoor activities that take place just beside the market premises.

Nearby Places To Visit:

  • The Amarillo Restaurant & Tavern
  • Reptile Zoo
  • Lake Tye Park

5. Chennault Aviation and Military Museum

Visit the historical Aviation and Military Museum in Monroe, named after General Claire Chennault. He was famous for his chivalric exhibition of Flying Tigers in the Second World War. The museum contains interesting artifacts from both World Wars. If you are a history enthusiast, you will not be able to take your eyes off the museum collections. They are unique and special, the ones which you had only read or heard of.

Fun Facts:

  • Know the details about Monroe Navigation School by studying the museum antiques. It is a hidden fact that comes alive in this museum every time a visitor adheres to detailing.
  • The museum is constructed in a classroom of the Selman Field Navigation School, with numerous documents depicting the same.
  • There is an amazing collection of dinosaur sculptures at the entrance. Experts say that they were offered by a Chinese delegation years ago.

Location: 701 Kansas Ln, Monroe, LA 71203, United States

Nearby Places To Visit:

  • Western Heritage Center
  • Kiroli Park
  • Landry Vineyards

6. Osterland Recreation Center

If you want to visit entertainment centers in Munroe free of cost, then Osterland Recreation Center is the right place to go. With its vast indoor and outdoor spaces, this place serves every other purpose of its visitors. If you have children with you during the tour, there is a special gaming space for them. Similarly, there is a playground, gym, Zumba classroom, Taekwondo training class, and much more.

Location: 710 Holland Dr, Monroe, LA 71203, United States

Fun Facts:

  • Take part in adventurous sports like skating, ping pong, and others in this recreation center.
  • It hosts weekly basketball and softball tournaments where you may participate.
  • Recently, a fun boat for children has also been established here.

Nearby Places To Visit:

  • Antique Alley
  • Restoration Park
  • Ouachita Brewing Company

7. Biedenharn Museum and Gardens

Have you heard of Biedenharn’s house in Monroe? If not, you are missing a crucial part of the exciting tour program. It is the house of Joseph A. Biedenharn, which has been turned into a museum. He was a very successful American businessman who revived the soft drinks industry. This place is where he resided, and he built a vast garden adjacent to this house.

Fun Facts:

  • Coca-cola was bottled here for the first time by Joseph A. Biedenharn. His company name was Biedenharn Candy Company.
  • The botanical garden contains over 100 species of trees and plants that are a treat to the eyes.
  • Biedenharn was also the founder of Delta Airlines.

Location: 2006 Riverside Dr, Monroe, LA 71201, United States

Nearby Places To Visit:

  • Layton Castle
  • Bayou Crafters Mall
  • Excalibur Family Fun Center

Rejuvenate In The Aura Of Magnificence That Monroe Has To Offer

If you are still thinking about paying a visit to the beautiful tourist spots in Munroe, confirm your tickets now. You will never regret spending your holiday in this most amazing place. If budget is your concern, then Monroe will not disappoint you at all. There are a host of places mentioned above that you can visit in Monroe at a budget-friendly rate. You will be able to enjoy all the pleasures and experience the serenity of the place in a great way.

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