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10 Must-Do Outdoor Activities In Houston (2021)

10 Must-Do Outdoor Activities In Houston (2024)

Don’t get confused about Houston, just because it is a metropolitan city. Many people do not think of Houston as a hub of several outdoor activities. In Houston city of Texas State, you can stumble on endless biking, hiking, and kayaking areas if you look closely. Read more to discover the 10 amazing outdoor activities in Houston that you can experience in the city of Houston.

10 Must-Do Outdoor Activities In Houston

Some of the most notable outdoor activities to do in Houston include:

1. Surfing at the Surfside Beach

If you already know how to surf, then you can enjoy surfing at the surfside beach of Houston. You can find plenty of surfboard rental spots on this beach. Those who are beginners or do not know how to surf can reserve a surfing lesson with Bayou City Adventures. This activity is undoubtedly amazing and highly engaging. You are surely going to have the finest experience of your life while being a part of surfing at the Surfside Beach.

2. Houston City Walk Tour

Plan a walking tour if you are keen to learn more about the Houston city’s history. A city walk tour is another beloved outdoor fun in Houston. The city of Houston offers dozens of walking tour options that can keep you busy all day. Hit upon some of the breathtaking historical sites along with the finest eating places in the country. These wondrous sites can be witnessed through the city walk tour. Downtown Bites and Sites Food Tour, Haunted Houston Walking Tour, Houston Old Town Historic Pub Tour are a few enthralling Houston walking Tours.Houston City Walk Image Source

3. A Bike Ride In Houston

The city of Houston is considered an incredible place for bike riders. Here you can discover a number of open roads that are perfect for cycling. Plus, there are several bike-friendly zones in the town. Critical Mass is a local social biking association that is meant for bikers of any level. The association’s goal is to promote biking all through the city, and they organize night-time rides free of cost. You can see a large percentage of bikers riding in the Critical Mass Pack. Every month, the biker at the Critical Mass travels about 18 to 25 miles.
Outdoor Activities In Houston-A Bike Ride In HoustonImage Source

4. Discovering The Bay Area Via Water Or Land

Kemah in Houston is quite popular for its energetic boardwalk. It has got countless shops, restaurants, and rides. A waterfront entertainment area is situated on Houston bay which is dazzling for a pleasant weekend. Many tourists do not know that Kemah is an excellent location for outdoor fun in Houston, such as Kayaking. There are numerous bay zones to travel around. The option of a kayak or paddle board on rent is available too in the Kemah area. The rental fee is $25 for an hour. You can even take a guided tour in this area. Sunset tour and Friday night fireworks tour are the two beloved ones. Visit online for booking any of these guided tours conveniently.

5. Boating at Lake Conroe

Houston’s well-known lakeside getaway is Lake Conroe that spans around 21000 acres. During the daytime, the lake is filled with pontoon boats, paddle boards, and jet skis. For escaping Downtown, Lake Conroe is an exquisite place. The system of renting a boat is there in the Lake Conroe area. The boat rentals start at $22 per hour, and the site offers both monitored and un monitored boats. You may not get much shade in the Lake area, so it is better to carry sunscreen and wear a hat all the time. On crowded days, you need to drive the boats cautiously as there would be abundant speeding jet skis and motorboats within the lake.
Best Outdoor Activities In Houston-Boating at Lake ConroeImage Source

6. Watching Bats at the Waugh Bridge

 Amazing Outdoor Activities In Houston-Watching Bats at the Waugh Bridge

By Swept Away With Jennifer Broome Image Source

Those who are in love with nature should not miss out on the Waugh Bridge of Houston city. During the summer nights at Waugh Bridge, the bat colony arrives for fun. Tons of bats fly out from their home and sit under the bridge. They fly in a gang into the sky to have their dinner. Watching them from the Waugh Bridge is surprisingly one of the best outdoor activities in Houston.

7. Check out the Buffalo Bayou Park

Buffalo Bayou Park is one of the most iconic parks of the city. The park lies just outside the Downtown. You can witness tremendous skyline views of Houston from this park. There is an underground reservoir under the park that you should visit as it is quite historic. Daily tours of the reservoir are provided by the park; advance bookings can be made to have more comfort. The reservoir even showcases impressive art installations, including light shows that utilize walls and pillars to form a mesmeric image. You can notice a 4.8-mile loop inside the Buffalo Bayou Park which is well-liked for biking, running and hiking. It even offers greenery and charming skyline views. Full of natural trees, plants, and industrial bridges, this location is ideal for being a part of the outdoor activities in Houston.
Nice Outdoor Activities In Houston-Check out the Buffalo Bayou ParkImage Source

8. Enjoy a show at Houston’s Discovery Green

There is something extraordinary about the Discovery Green of Downtown Houston. The vacationers can enjoy many outdoor moving shows and concerts. The families can bring blankets to relax and enjoy the show. The shows performed here are mostly free. The park makes the largest outdoor skating rink in the South West United States from November end to early February. This skating rink is prepared by freezing recycled water from Lake Kinder.
Top Outdoor Activities In Houston-Enjoy a show at Houston’s Discovery GreenImage Source

9. Heading to Sam Houston National Forest

Sam Houston National Forest covers over 163000 acres of land. There are innumerable camping sites and hiking tracks. For spending some peaceful and relaxing moments with family or friends, this place is a suitable one. Accessing the Sam Houston National Forest is easy. Besides, the parking spot is close to it.
Beautiful Outdoor Activities In Houston-Heading to Sam Houston National ForestImage Source

The Lone Star Hiking Trail of the national forest is about 129 miles in length. You can spend a great time in actions like hiking, making it the best day expedition. To enter the forest area, you need to pay any fee. For accessing some campsites, and other activities, fees are mandatory.

10. Biking in Jack Brooks Park

The Jack Brooks Park is a flat landscape that is popular among the Houston inhabitants. In this park, you can uncover numerous bike trails for both novices and professionals. The park is about an hour from the South of Houston in Galveston County. The bike trails can be challenging for the passionate mountain bikers, but it is still easy to reach for the beginners. The best part about the trail is that it’s a one-way track that lets the cyclists go swiftly around the curves and down hills. Thus, the cyclists do not get anxious about the bumping with the incoming traffic.

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