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Survival Camping in Houston

Outdoor Survival Guide : Tips for Camping in Houston’s Wilderness (2024)

In our previous articles, we talked about many beautiful and enjoyable places in Houston, but in this piece, we will talk about survival camping in Houston. Survival camping is the perfect and advanced type of outdoor adventure if you enjoy camping and want to make your next camping trip safe and enjoyable with Houston wilderness.

Survival camping has a higher level of skills and ingenuity than basic camping. You will have to learn some skills and survival gear to start with an adventurous trip. There are plenty of camping sites in Houston for exploring the Houston wilderness.

Now, let’s dive into the article to learn and grab the basic information about the survival gears needed to survive in the Huston wilderness.

What is Survival Camping?

Survival camping includes staying for multiple days or weeks, depending on survival skills and gear. It is also known as Survivalist camping. In this camping, you need to gather your own food and make your own shelter. Survival camping means getting in touch with nature. You need advanced survival tools and skills to survive than casual camping.

What is Survival Camping? Houston, Texas

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Types of Survival Camping

There are several types of camping ideas that you can adopt for the Houston wilderness, which we are going to discuss in this section. Camping offers peace of mind and connection with nature’s beautiful sites. Let’s go through some camping ideas.

Glamping camping

It is known as glamorous camping, including the luxury of a home or hotel. It is more than a nice tent because you can find various luxury options, such as cabins, villas, tipis, lodges, and treehouses.

Tent camping

It is the most basic and famous type of camping around the globe. In this camping, you can pitch your tent to a park where you can sleep for some nights. If you want to spend less money or are new to the camping adventure, tent camping is the best option. It is a perfect fit for the family camping trip because your children will learn teamwork and create bonds with each other. 

Backpacking camping

This camping gives you a chance to stay away from the hustle and bustle city for long days. The backpacking trip ranges from several nights to months. If you are going for a backpacking trip, inform someone about your plans for an emergency.

Survivalist camping

It is a type of camping where you need to know all the survival skills for various outdoor situations. In this camping, you will have to hunt food for yourself, and you will also have to discover emergency treatments for yourself.

Tips for Survival Camping in Houston’s Wilderness

There are several things to remember before going on a survival camping trip. You will also have to prepare yourself mentally. Hence, here are some tips you must master before heading toward it.

Set emergency contact

Before heading toward your trip, set an emergency contact so that at the time of emergency, you can get help immediately. The emergency setting contact must be a friend or a family member. Also, pack a communication device with you, like a phone or walky-talky.

Enough navigation skills

If you decide not to take any gadgets with you, you will ultimately have to depend on your navigation skills, for which you should have sufficient knowledge of navigation skills. It is an essential part of your camping trip; for example, if you are supposed to be lost on any day hike, this skill will help you return to your camp.

Master first aid

Always carry a first aid kit and be prepared for the worst-case scenario. If possible, take first-aid training before heading for your trip to learn to care for yourself if you get sick or injured.


You should have crafting skills so that you can prepare a tent or a weapon in worse situations. For example, even if you do not carry a traditional tent, your crafting skills will help you build a shelter to protect yourself from animals and predators.

Essential items for your survival camping kit

After learning about the survival tips, you should also know what things are necessary for a survival camping kit. This section will discuss all the items essential for a survival camping trip.


Take a camping knife or pocket knife multitool with you. This multitool also includes scissors, a mini-plier, and more. These items are handy and are used for various purposes, like cutting, hunting, etc.


It is also an essential and handy item because it will help you get back to the camp if you get lost or want to go hunting; the compass will show you the correct direction where you want to go.


It is crucial to carry firestarters with you because, with a fire tool, you will be able to cook the foods hunted by you. Carry a steel lighter or stricker according to your convenience, but it is recommended to carry waterproof matches if you are moving for survival camping. 


Don’t forget to take a headlamp or a rechargeable power source with you. It will help you see or show a path at night. Remember not to keep it on all night; otherwise, it will drain quickly and is not easy to charge because you need energy supplies.

Sleeping bag

It is an essential thing you need because a relaxing sleep is a necessity. So, carry a sleeping bag according to your comfort level. You can also carry an emergency blanket which is known as a space blanket or thermal blanket.


In conclusion, remember that safety should be your priority if you are on a survival camping trip. You will have to keep in mind the tips mentioned above for a safe camping trip. Remember to carry the essential things, especially a first aid kit. We hope this article has provided enough information to plan a survival camping trip. So, don’t be afraid and start planning!

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