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Houston Arboretum and Nature Center - Top-Rated Place in Houston To Get Close To Nature

10 Top-Rated Places in Houston To Get Close To Nature (2024)

Every person on this earth sometimes visits and relaxes at places where he/she can feel close to nature, where the sun is shining bright you can listen to birds chirping and would love to breathe fresh air. When we talk of Houston, it might be known for its belligerent drivers and chaotic traffic, but some places in the city of Houston are for the people who want to relax and enjoy some quiet time with themselves amidst nature.
Houston is home to numerous natural places that will take you away from the hustle and bustle of city life and will help you connect with nature.

10 Top-Rated Places in Houston To Get Close To Nature

Read furthermore to look for the best places to get close to nature in Houston:

1. Houston Arboretum and Nature Center

Houston Arboretum and Nature Center - Top-Rated Place in Houston To Get Close To Nature

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Even though Houston Arboretum and Nature Centre is located near Galleria’s bustling area, this place is pretty scenic and peaceful. It is genuinely amongst the places to really hear nature and to think about the creative aspects of life.

This place is sprawling with unique wildlife with different species of hummingbirds, turtles, owls, and scarce species of shrubs and flowers, which you might not have seen anywhere else. With more than 5 miles of nature trails, this place offers a peaceful escape into the wild. You can also add this place for your daily running activity with no rush and noise.

2. Japanese Garden

One of the most beautiful natural places in Houston is the Japanese garden. This place is breathtakingly serene and beautiful, with lush green spaces all around the garden. The garden is located in Hermann Park and is filled with cherry trees, crepe myrtles, Japanese camellias, and azaleas.
Top-Rated Place in Houston To Get Close To Nature-Japanese GardenImage Source

The most serene pastime here is spending hours while staring at the beautiful and stunning waterfalls falling down from the top over the rocks. The goldfish found in the dispersed ponds is also one of the best visuals available at this location. This garden is exceptionally very peaceful and quiet in the morning, with very people walking and jogging around with their pets.

3. The Menil Collection

Something is very calming and tranquil about this place. Among the unique paintings and sculptures in this place, the Menil Collection, which is located in Montrose, is pleasantly very calm and well glittered. With quiet surroundings, this is a place with modern life ambiance with the buildings.
Top Place in Houston-The Menil CollectionImage Source

Even though the Menil Collection is famous for its artwork that is surreal to our eyes. This place is also home to a variety of artifacts and Magritte’s paintings with numerous beautiful nature trails to enjoy a peaceful stroll surrounded by beautiful artwork collections. This place is undoubtedly the best place for nature and art lovers.

4. Cockrell Butterfly Center

Located just next to the Houston Museum of Natural Science, this stunning glass-enclosed butterfly habitat, also known as the Cockrell Butterfly Center, is one of the best places to get close to nature in Houston. The site has a simulated rainforest which has thousands of colorful butterfly species flying around in the forest area. You could also spot some of the rarest species of butterflies here.
The butterfly is also home to a dramatic 50-foot huge waterfall with exotic and unique plant species surrounding the fall. The most beautiful experience here is to sit around the waterfall and listen to the sound of water falling down over and the chirping of the birds along with it.

5. Bear Creek Pioneers Park

The Bear Creek Pioneers Park is located on the west edge of Houston city. It covers an area of 2,154 acres with numerous walking and equestrian trails. Being one of the most favorite best places to get close to nature in Houston for family travelers, this park indeed has something to offer everyone. There is also a small pond that is teeming with geese and wild ducks.
Amazing Place in Houston-Bear Creek Pioneers ParkImage Source

You can also explore the various trails that will take you far away from the noise and hustle-bustle of the city life and will surely bring you some hours of peace and serenity under the lap of nature. If you are looking for a place to squeeze away your stress, then Bear Creeks Pioneer Park is one of those places that will add nature to your day.

6. Baytown Nature Center

Just 20 miles from the east of Houston, you will find a vast area of 450 acres boasting nature that should not be missed. The Baytown Nature Centre is spread over the regions surrounded by two peninsulas, both a recreational area and wildlife centers.
Popular Place in Houston-Baytown Nature CenterImage Source

The site is full of marshes, grassy areas, and ponds and has numerous bird species with many wildlife. It also has a children’s nature discovery area with multiple bicycle paths, butterfly gardens, and fishing sites. The Baytown center is the best escape into nature from the time of sunrise to sunset.

7. Surfside Beach

Nature is not restricted to green spaces or forest areas. Anything which is appealing to you and offers you peace in the most natural form is nature. The surfside beach, just a few hour’s drive from the southwest of Houston, is one of the quietest and serene beaches. A tiny beach town with shinny white sands will offer you the most tranquil and peaceful beach experience.
Famous Place in Houston-Surfside BeachImage Source

There are numerous beach houses available if you want to stay and spend some time along with the beachside, listening to lush sounds of waves crashing the seashore.

Also, you will witness the most beautiful sunrise and sunset views from this beach town, so make sure you don’t miss it at any cost.

8. Galveston Island State Park

One of the best places to experience nature in Houston is Galveston Island, State Park. Just drive for an hour to the south of Houston, and you will see the most extensive area to relax in the lap of nature. The most extensive nature stretch offers biking, bird watching, and numerous quiet beaches to relax and feel close to nature.
Sight-seeing Place in Houston-Galveston Island State ParkImage Source

Every beachside has different camping grounds where you can spend a night enjoying camping and bonfire sessions with the locals residing near the beach. At Galveston Island State Park, you can not only relax and feel close to nature but also enjoy different nature adventures like hiking. Here you will find numerous nature trails where you can pitch your tent along the way and enjoy camping in the wild too.

9. Dripping Springs

Just like the same say, Dripping Springs is the place where you will get wet. A unique hiking spot with serene hiking trails that takes you through lush, picturesque landscapes until you reach the gorgeous Hamilton pool. The Hamilton Pool is a natural pool created when a ceiling collapsed over the underground river. This also revealed an enchantingly beautiful 50-foot waterfall.

Spend some time sitting in the lush green forest area and after that, resist down your thirst with the best craft beers back in the town area. To make the most of your nature excursion here, consider spending a night stay in the little town of Magnolia. This small town is beautifully tucked amidst the Austin state park and Houston National forest, with serene landscapes all around.

10. Sam Houston National Forest

For the ones who are really looking to escape into nature and want to lose themselves in the vibes of nature, then Sam Houston National Forest offers the most beautiful experience of nature in Houston. The forest is sprawled over an area of 163,000 acres with 50 miles of forest.
Attraction Place in Houston-Sam Houston National ForestImage Source

This is amongst the favorite spots for the hikers who trek the 128 miles of Lone Star Hiking trail, which takes you through stunningly beautiful landscapes on the way. Enjoy camping out at the designated areas near Lake Conroe, where you can also enjoy fishing and swimming. If you are also a history lover, then you can again hike up to explore the various archeological sites that date back to the 12,000-year-old history of humans.


If you are planning to stay away from the monotonous hustle and bustle of your life, you should definitely pay a visit to the places closer to nature in Houston. Each one of the places mentioned above is top-notch and you are certainly going to experience the best time of your life!

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