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Crystal Beach - Top Rated Beach in Texas

10 Top-Rated Beaches in Texas (2024)

Texas is one such city that boasts 400 miles of beautiful and stunning coastline, which is the perfect place for those summer days when we look for some places to enjoy beach side activities. With gulf coast waters, the lone star state of Texas provides some excellent beach destinations for the visitors where they can sail, swim, kayak, or can enjoy fishing for a fun-filled day in the sun with family or friends.

Whether you want to enjoy some raging water sports like surfing, parasailing, or you want to relax or stretch at the beach sides or looking for diverse wildlife, the wide range of Texas beaches has a lot to offer its visitors. So here are some of the best beaches in Texas to explore and beat the summer heat during your next summer days:

10 Top-Rated Beaches in Texas

They are:

1. Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach - Top Rated Beach in Texas

Credit: Kevin Goode Image Source

Crystal beach in Texas is situated on the Bolivar Peninsula and is a beach that is stretched over 7 miles. The beach was named after its sparkling shores. This environment-friendly beach is famous for its fishing activity, along with crabbing and the fresh seafood available at the nearby eateries. It is less crowded than other beaches, so you will get the option to avail yourself of beach cabins easily that are perfect for family beach time. Crystal beach is ideal for enjoying beach and water sports activities. The beach is very easily accessible with a ferry that departs from Galveston and Crystal beach throughout the day. 

2. Surfside Beach

Top-Rated Beach in Texas-Surfside Beach

Credit: Andrew Day Image Source

Located far away from the city’s hustle-bustle, Surfside beach is the perfect place to escape yourself from the daily schedules of work. It is less than an hour away drive from Houston and is near to the city of Freeport. Surfside beach is amongst the most beautiful beaches inTexas, where visitors can enjoy plenty of activities to enjoy. You will be spoiled with choices for fun activities. The beachgoers can straight drive to the beach and enjoy some coastal eateries along with water activities. This beach is perfect for enjoying a fantastic fun time with your family and friends, separate from the average city crowds. You can also enjoy bonfires to end your sunny day with a beautiful ending in the night time.

3. Mustang Island State Park, Port Aransas

The Mustang Island State Park is a spectacular beachside area in Texas where you can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and a lot more things to make your day fill with joy. The dog-friendly beach enables the visitors to bring their four-legged friends so that they can also enjoy beachcombing for seashells. At this beach, you will find one of the rarest breeds of turtles, and the area around the beach is shimmering with diverse wildlife, which includes hundreds of species of birds. And the main highlight of this beach is the time when the sun goes down, and beachfront campfires come in the front row. Apart from this, there are beautiful paddle trails where you can kayak along the shore.

4. Rockport Beach, Rockport

Rockport beach is a top-rated beach in Texas that faces towards Aransas Bay in Rockport’s small town. It is considered one of the cleanest beaches in Texas and offers visitors beautiful sandy beaches stretched over a mile. Rockport beach is famous for its absence of strong waves that ensure that every family member can get into the water without any fear. The popular activities to enjoy at this beach includes boating, bird watching, and fishing. Numerous restaurants near the beach offer lip-smacking seafood, and gift shops near the beaches bring the best souvenir keepsakes. The beach is also the favorite place for all the couples who look for solitude and romance around them.
Best Beach in Texas-Rockport Beach, RockportImage Source

5. Port Aransas Beach

If you are looking for some quiet beachside where you can enjoy some quiet relaxing time, then Port Aransas beach is the beach that is perfect for soaking some sun and letting go of all your stress with its tranquillity. The Port Aransas beach in Texas boasts long stretches of quiet and serene beaches where you can spend some alone quiet time with yourself, along with nature vibes with you. Port Aransas Beach is the best place to visit if you are looking for a quiet relaxing day at the beachside, either with your significant ones or with your families.
Amazing Beach in Texas-Port Aransas BeachImage Source

6. South Padre Island

One of the most favorite tourist spots in Texas, and for all the right reasons, it is South Padre Island. This is the place where you can spot diverse wildlife like dolphins or giant turtles and also the most beautiful beach sides. The area of the island is sprawled over 33 miles of velvety sandy beach. You can indulge yourself in numerous activities like swimming, parasailing, kayaking, or you can sit back on the white sand and admire the clear environment surroundings. Bird watching is the most prime activity at South Padre Island, and there are over 300 bird species that flock around the beach during the spring season.
Attraction Beach in Texas-South Padre IslandImage Source

7. Boca Chica State Park, Brownsville

Must Visit Beach in Texas-Boca Chica State Park, Brownsville

Credit: Vince Smith Image Source

The beachside near the Boca Chica State Park offers 8 miles of beautiful coastline that is situated between Rio Grande Delta and near to the southernmost tip of Texas. This beach is usually free from crowds and makes a perfect escape to enjoy some quiet time with nature for beachgoers. You will find a peaceful atmosphere all over the beach, and you can feel the sounds of the sandy shore, winds, and trees, and these things make this beach different from other beaches. Dip into the serene water or just go snorkeling and fishing to make the most of your outing at this beach. However, the active beach people go for surfing and kiteboarding.

8. Padre Island National Seashore, Corpus Christi

Texas is full of natural abundant beach sides, out of which one is the Padre Island National seashore, which is the most underdeveloped barrier island in the whole world. It has over 130,000 acres of dunes and beaches, and grasslands. The entire area is under the protection and care of National park and is a major hotspot for family outings. It is a perfect place for the ones who are looking for outdoor activities because there are numerous trails like grassland nature trails where you can spot wildlife or enjoy bird watching tours. You will have over 50 miles of unspoiled white-sand beaches all by yourself to make you feel like you are on a remote island in the wilderness.
Beautiful Beach in Texas-Padre Island National Seashore, Corpus ChristiImage Source

9. San Jose Island, Port Aransas

Nice Beach in Texas-San Jose Island, Port Aransas

Credit: Mel Lockcuff Image Source

San Jose Island, which is also called St.Jo island, is located near Port Aransas and is a private and undeveloped island. The visitors who are looking for the secluded oasis will find this beach the best escape. The beach is quiet away from all the amenities. You will only find quiet and unspoiled sandy areas with no noises around, only the sound of waves reaching your ears. It is a perfect place to enjoy swimming, lounging, fishing, and other wildlife seeing activities. The nearby port area is the best to have some food and entertainment after enjoying your beach time.

10. Matagorda Bay Nature Park, Matagorda

Matagorda Bay Nature Park is the place where visitors can give themselves a visual treat with the splendid panoramic views of bright blue waters at the beach sides. Located just 200 miles of San Antonio, this 55 miles coastal stretch makes itself one of the most accessible coastal land in Texas. This beach is quite famous for surfing, kayaking, and bird watching opportunities. This beach is the perfect suited gateway if you are looking for a family-friendly place to enjoy some quiet time. Also, make sure you explore the oldest Matagorda Lighthouse constructed in the year 1852.
Sight-seeing Beach in Texas-Matagorda Bay Nature Park, MatagordaImage Source

On Concluding…

While Texas has numerous places to enjoy, its coastal lands are some of the best places to beat the heat, and especially if you are traveling to the location in the summers, then a visit to these beaches in Texas will be the most appropriate way to begin your vacation with.

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