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First Monday Trade Days - Finest Flea Market In Texas

10 Finest Flea Markets In Texas (2024)

Besides aesthetic restaurants and exotic views, Texas has a lot more to offer to its visitors and locals. This state is one of the greatest places for all the shopping lovers. Texas is a big city and everything else is also bigger be it; playgrounds, stadiums, hair, houses, and flea markets. The state of Texas is home to some of the biggest flea markets. With so many trendy places and iconic cities to explore, ‘The Lone Star State’ is the most popular, antique and vintage flea market destination in the United States. You can gas up our car because you are going to bring all kinds of treasures with you after visiting the finest flea markets in Texas.

10 Finest Flea Markets In Texas

Following are the Finest Markets:

1. First Monday Trade Days

It is one of the oldest flea markets and is still going vigorously after 150 years. It is one of the main reasons why tourists choose these flea markets in Canton over others in Texas. It is one of those places where you can stop, visit, and interact with sellers and dealers. The kind of items sell in this market are super bohemian and create one-of-a kind items. Talking more of it, it is the world’s largest flea market that takes place on Thursday through Sunday before the first Monday of each month. Thousands of vendors come to turn this place into paradise with furniture, home decors, crafts, clothing, jewelry, antiques, tools, collectibles, and a lot more. First Monday Trade Days - Finest Flea Market In TexasImage Source

2. Texas Antique Weekend


The greatest things about Texas Antique weekend is that it lasts more than just a weekend and the spring edition even goes on for several weeks. It has maintained its place in the most commendable flea markets in Texas. More than 100,000 people come every year to explore this beautiful market to shop collectors, fashion times, antiques, decors and many more items. You will never run out of options in this flea market, even you will get a chance to contact independent show promoters and local entrepreneurs. Some of the popular items you can get here are Victorian items, vintage chairs, crockery sets, rugs, linen, lamps, vintage accessories and clothing, light fixtures, ranch oak furniture, and many more.

Finest Flea Markets In Texas-Texas Antique Weekend

Photo Credit: Kameron A Image Source

3. Original Round Top Antiques Fair

It is one of the most popular flea markets in Round Top,Texas for antiques and what not else. This fair is organised only three times in a year so it is a right time for you to mark your calendars and make the early bookings. You can find the world’s best antiques which are even centuries years old. It is one of those flea markets one should not miss because you will witness some of the most amusing craftsmanship from the years gone by. It was initially started 50 years ago and is still going very strong. It is very essential to bring cash because some of the vendors selling items do not accept bank cards or checks.

4. Third Monday Trade Days

Third Monday Trade Days is held in McKinney in Texas. It is one of the oldest and largest monthly flea marketsin Texas which officially began in the 1870s. The market is held through Friday to Sunday before the third Monday of every month. The visiting hours of this market is from 8 to 4 pm on Friday and 8 to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Around 450 sellers join this market to sell trendy clothes, fashionable accessories, unique gifts, home decor, sporting items, dogs, antiques, and many more. Apart from this, you can also find children’s clothing items, beauty products, furniture, pet supplies, outdoor décor, and many more.
 Nice Flea Markets In Texas-Third Monday Trade DaysImage Source

5. Austin Country Flea

Austin Country Flea Markets is one of the finest flea markets in Texas which has been featured on the Travel Channel. It is also one of the oldest and largest open air flea markets. If you love Hispanic music and great food, it is one of the ideal places for you to explore in Texas. Some of the popular items available here are furniture, antiques, electronics, western and bohemian clothes, jewelry, fresh produce. It is very essential to hit the ATM before visiting the markets because vendors do not accept checks and bank cards.

Attraction Flea Markets In Texas-Austin Country Flea

Photo Credit: Chris and Sohee Image Source

6. City Wide Garage Sale

Many people get fooled by its name but little they know. This is one of the greatest flea markets for the people who want to beat Texas heat because it is held indoors. It is held twice a year, one in the fall and once in the spring. It is one of the greatest markets for the serious shoppers and you are definitely going to be impressed by the quality items sold here. It is essential to bring cash over here because many of the vendors do not accept bank cards.

7. Sunny Flea Market

It is one of the largest open-air markets in Texas, having more than 30,000 visitors every week. It is home to various street vendors, snacking places, and restaurants offering delegate eateries. The market is stretched in 35 acres which shows the cultural diversity of the city. It is a paradise for people who love bargaining. Your kids are going to love the carnival and special areas especially designed for kids filled with toys and goodies.
Top Flea Markets In Texas-Sunny Flea MarketImage Source

8. Traders Village

Top-rated Flea Markets In Texas-Traders Village

Courtesy: Traders Village (ksat) Image Source

If you love exploring markets with your family then this is the place for you and your loved ones. Traders village is one of those places which has its own amusement park, campground, and flea market all in one. It is open for shopping on Saturday and Sunday and they organise theme weekend twice in a month where you can witness car shows, wrestling, day of the dead party, and some of the delicious dishes.

9. Buffalo Gap Flea Market

Buffalo Gap Flea Market is one of the finest flea markets in Texas which is held on third Saturday for each month. The vendors of this market are super friendly with their customers, so be prepared before visiting, you never know what might happen. It is renowned for its handmade antique items. You can also enjoy some great food, with live music.
Amazing Flea Markets In Texas-Buffalo Gap Flea MarketImage Source

10. 77 Flea Market

This market is held every weekend even on holidays, so you can come here anytime for having a weekend full of shopping. If you do want to get tired in the heated sun, the best option to come is as early as you can. Parking near the market is fully free. The best part about 77 Flea market is that you can find varieties of food of different cuisines. So if you are hungry, do not hesitate in trying some of the best eateries of this place.
Popular Flea Markets In Texas-77 Flea MarketImage Source

Texas is a beautiful city to go on a treasure. Whether you are looking for homemade items, trade days, antique items or great food, it has it all. Do not forget to visit the above mentioned flea markets for an amazing experience. The vendor sells varieties of products and you can find some amazing decorating items for home. Have a great time shopping in Texas!

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