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Baker Hotel in Texas

10 Historical and Haunted Sites Of Texas No One Visits (2023)

Texas is one of the largest states in the United States, and it holds some of the most interesting stories and events of all time. If you are that person who loves visiting haunted and abandoned places just for adventures, then you should follow up on these listed haunted places in Texas. You can witness some of the most iconic and historical sites of Texas. Believe us; you will encounter some of the greatest fear and gruesome happenings in your surroundings once you visit these historical and haunted places in Texas.

1. Yorktown Memorial Hospital

Yorktown Memorial Hospital is one of the historical sites of Texas, stretched in over 30,000 square feet. The building was constructed in the 1950s and was managed by the Felician Sister of the Church called Roman Catholic, which has two main floors, two wings, a basement, an observation tower, and a chapel. The hospital was officially closed in 1986, from then, it was used as a drug rehab premises but was closed by the state in 1992.

Historical and Haunted Sites Of Texas No One Visits-Yorktown Memorial Hospital

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According to the rumors said by locals, hundreds of patients died here, says the caretaker of this hospital, Mayfield. It is said the patients were killed by a surgical mistake by the ghost of the surgeon. The caretaker also said that she once saw a ghost standing along with the door with a bullet wound in his hand, and the report of a specter with red eyes is also reported when Bible verses are read at the hospital.

2. Baker Hotel

Baker Hotel was officially closed in 1972. It is one of the famous historical places in Texas and said that a woman’s ghost haunts people on the seventh floor. The spirit is said to be the mistress of the former hotel manager who committed suicide by jumping from the top of the building after the stress of their affair. As per the lady workers, many glasses stained with red lipsticks on the rims are reported when no guests were available in the hotel. It is also said that you can smell her perfume in the air when you enter the hotel.Baker Hotel in Texas Image Source

3. The Plaza Theatre Performing Arts Centre

The Plaza Theatre was open as a movie place in 1930, which was shut down in 1985. The theatre remained abandoned and dark for more than two decades before its renovation took place to convert it into a performing arts center in 2006. The senior program officer said that they have managed to give this dark place a new life, but it turns out that the ghosts have remained.
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Some of the famous stories of this palace are that a woman in white attire, a child playing with a ball, and a man in black clothes haunt people. Other stories shared by the people are that they have witnessed physical manipulation such as power cut on and off, scary noises without any resources available, increased temperature, and a weird smell.

4. Bragg Road

Also known as Ghost Road, located in the north-south of Texas between two abandoned villages called Bragg and Saratoga and is said to be one of Texas’s scariest and historical sites that no one visits at night.
Historical Sites Of Texas No One Visits-Bragg RoadImage Source

As per the locals, a switchman of the railroad met an accident and lost his head, and till now, he walks in the forest, in the woods, and on the road with a lantern to find his lost head. Some people also reported that they witnessed some shadows that shaped shifting into different animal species. It is up to you if you decide to visit this place at your own risk, especially after sunset.

5. The Former Spaghetti Warehouse

This place is located in the old Desel-Boettcher warehouse, having a chain of a dark history. The employees working there and the guest usually hear unexplained footsteps from the second floor. As per the stories, a young pharmacist fell from the elevator and died at the same location. Some people have reported being seen floating objects, shuffling from the bathroom, and having untied shoes. After the 2017 Hurricane., the Spaghetti Warehouse closed and shifted. The building is currently owned by a new owner who is planning to renovate the building.
Best Historical Sites Of Texas No One Visits-The Former Spaghetti WarehouseImage Source

6. USS Lexington

USS Lexington is one of the historical sites of Texas that no one visits. It is also known as the Blue Ghost, a nickname initially given to a ship during World War II services. This ship is said to be haunted by an engine operator of this ship who got killed during the battle and is said to roam at night. The visitors of this place reported weird slamming and lights flashing on the boast. You read right; a 75 years old ship, served in the battles, has flickering lights without any explanation.
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7. El Paso High School

This is one of the historic moments in the graduating ceremony of the class of 1985 yearbook photos. There is a picture of a blurry woman that appeared on the yearbook, and all the faculty and students denied knowing her. As per the rumors, she was a student who fell from a balcony at El Paso High and died. Some faculty reported hearing a hoard of people cheering and basketball bouncing at night and then went to see, no one was there.

8. Driskill Hotel

It is a 130 years old hostel situated in the middle of Texas in Austin City. The hotel’s architecture is amusing, but the shocking part about this place is that it is haunted. As per the reports, the hostel is full of paranormal activities, and some say they have seen ghosts walking down the hall. If you are excited to see this place, you can get yourself some money to witness it yourself.
Nice Historical Sites Of Texas No One Visits-Driskill HotelImage Source

9. Demon’s Road

There are many haunted roads in Texas, and people avoid visiting such places, and one of them is Demon’s Road, located in Huntsville. People who have seen this place have witnessed random red lights and multiple ghosts, including one young child and randoms who appear to follow someone from the miles and then disappear on their own. It can be possible because of the cemetery located in the woods, close to the road.

10. Menger Hotel

You must be wondering how many hotels are haunted in Texas, well, a lot of them! One of the prominent guests of this place was the former president Bill Clinton. The shocking thing about his hotel is that this place is ghosted by none other than his fellow president, Teddy Roosevelt. He used to come and stay in this hotel very often when he was enlisting Rough Riders during the Spanish-American War. Another ghost who is seen roaming around is a young girl who her husband murdered.

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