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Barton Creek Greenbelt

8 Scenic Hiking Locations In Texas For Outdoor Activity (2024)

Texas is a beautiful state with a massive variety of natural beauty, whether it is the parks or the creeks or some scenic hiking trails. Texas has it all and with that whenever you plan to visit this state, make sure you explore these beautiful scenic hiking locations to enjoy some adventurous outdoor activity.

Whether you are looking for some relaxing time amidst nature or just a simple camping night, you will get the most amazing scenic hiking locations in Texas to enjoy it all because it has a trail of every type. However, we have listed some of the most scenic hiking locations in Texas where you can enjoy some outdoor camping activities too.

8 Scenic Hiking Locations In Texas For Outdoor Activity

Below Mentioned are Hiking Locations in Texas:

1. South Rim at Big Bend National Park

South Rim is one of Texas’ largest protected areas, which has a massive plantation of cactus and wildlife. From the top of Big Bend, you will witness some of the most scenic views that will be a visual treat for your eyes, especially during sunset. If you stay there for night camping due to its location in the wild, there is significantly less pollution which makes the sky very clear and you will be able to witness stars, milky way bands, and planets. After this, you can hike down and explore the nearby destinations to Chihuahuan deserts like Boquillas hot springs and Falcon’s restaurants which are the top places near to this location.
Scenic Hiking Locations In Texas For Outdoor Activity-South Rim at Big Bend National ParkImage Source

2. Barton Creek Greenbelt

One of the most popular green spaces, Barton Creek is an oasis for all the outdoor enthusiasts who are mainly into hiking, kayaking and mountain biking. The hiking trail for Barton Creek is not very much difficult, but it definitely offers the most beautiful scenic views all its way. The whole 7.5 mile stretch of the Barton Creek trail is not very much far away from the state so you can very quickly hike it down anytime without any fear. The top of the creek offers many quiet spots to enjoy some time with nature, and there are also many swimming holes where you can enjoy swimming or fishing to add up to your camping adventures.Barton Creek Greenbelt in Texas Image Source

3. Smith Spring Loop at the Guadalupe Mountains

This trail is one of the best hiking locations in Texas and is surrounded beautifully by Guadalupe mountains all around. This trail looks just next to perfect with mesmerizing views, especially during the fall season when the leaves change their colors to golden shades. The 80-mile hiking trail also leads to various other hiking trails in between which leads to Guadalupe mountains. The Smith Spring loop is one of those hiking trails, which is an exceptional location because it has the most picturesque views, and from here, there’s no end. And if you are looking for some adventure then take the significantly less travelled Frijole Ranch Trailhead that goes through the desert and makes your way to lush spring areas full of green spaces.

4. Big Thicket Hiking Trail

One more unique location with a scenic hiking trail and varied ecosystem is Big Thicket, which is basically a forest reserve area with 40 miles of hiking trails full of picturesque views. Out of which one unique hiking trail is the Big Sandy Trail which permits horseback riding is one of the best hikes to try. At this location, you indeed feel closer to nature because there are no establishments or campgrounds here; however, camping is permitted here. So all you have to do is to avail a camping pass from the officials and enjoy days of hiking at different trails and sleep under the clear sky full of stars. The location also offers options of kayaking and horseback riding to add up to your camping and hiking experience.
Amazing Hiking Locations In Texas-Big Thicket Hiking TrailImage Source

5. Caprock Canyons Trailway

It is one of the most special hiking locations in Texas and when we think about what is so special about Caprock Canyons Trailway? Then the answer is hers of native bison, which was established in the 1800s to help the animals survive after reaching near to extinction. There are almost 13 hiking trails, and each of 10 miles will bring you some splendid nature and great views on the way. While you will be hiking on the trail, there are majority chances that you will surely spot some bison or even herds of bison too. And for the best hiking experience, you can take the fish poles which are free of charge to spend some time catching fish to take some diversion in your hiking way.
Top Hiking Locations In Texas-Caprock Canyons TrailwayImage Source

6. Colorado Bend State Park

Colorado Bend State Park is amongst some of the best scenic hiking trails in Texas because at every point even before reaching your starting point, and there is an abundance of panoramic views rich in nature that are enough to entice anyone who loves nature. At the beginning of the trail, you would be able to see the beautiful wildflowers of Texas, and just from there hike about 1.5 miles you will reach the stunning Gorman Falls. This point of the hike is the best place to enjoy picturesque views of the waterfall that flows 60 feet from a limestone cliff with lush green mosses all around it, adding to its beauty.
Popular Hiking Locations In Texas-Colorado Bend State ParkImage Source

7. Friedrich Park

The most underdeveloped trails of Friedrich Park is one of the best hikes you will experience in Texas. The area of Friedrich park is home to some endangered species of birds, a variety of shrubs and trees and various other green life. Due to its delicate ecosystem and environment, no bikes or vehicles or dogs are allowed anywhere in this trail area. In this hiking trail, you will witness the oldest windmills in the country, and the unexpected part is that they still work! This trail is best to be hiked when it’s the rainy season because during the monsoon the creeks and spring plants add to the beauty of the specific area.
Top-rated Hiking Locations In Texas-Friedrich ParkImage Source

8. Wild Basin Preserve Hiking Trail

This particular area of Wild Basin Preserve offers a clean 2.5-mile hiking trail where bikes, pets, picnics and smoking is prohibited. It is managed by the Canyonlands Preserve, and it sprawls over an area of 227 acres with beautiful hill country woodlands enough to treat your eyes visually. This trail is popular amongst the regular hikers as there are no picnics allowed; you have to be fast enough to complete this hike in a single day and return back the same day. Despite there’s no other option to enjoy, people prefer this hike because of its mesmerizing views. Just remember that this trail is not pet-friendly, but it is a great place to enjoy hiking with your friends to enjoy a casual nature walk.
Attraction Hiking Locations In Texas-Wild Basin Preserve Hiking TrailImage Source

These were some of the most scenic hiking locations in Texas, which will offer you not only some stunning scenic views but also plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy your time with your hiking group on your way.

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