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Big Bend National Park - Top Camping Spot In Texas For Outdoor Fun

Top 10 Camping Spots In Texas For Outdoor Fun (2024)

Whether you are looking for primitive tent camping or some excellent spots to park an RV, Texas offers the best places to camp around, which offers stunning landscapes around you to have a decent sleep or to relax time within the wilderness under the lap of nature. The various areas like the Texas coast, Texas Panhandle, and western part of the state bring numerous places to enjoy camping. In fact, the unique feature is that some camping sites in Texas include wild rivers and ancient caverns to enjoy some water activities.

While all the Texas campsites have their unique specifications and differences, each place shares the same beautiful Texas sunsets and sunrises. So, it’s time to decide your next camping site with our list of best camping spots in Texas.

Top 10 Camping Spots In Texas For Outdoor Fun

Below Mentioned are Top 10 Spots for Camping:

1. Big Bend National Park

Located in West Texas, Big Bend National park provides a plethora of camping areas with the campground that is just within the park. It includes the Rio Grande Village RV campground, which has 25 full hook-up sites. There are other campgrounds at the site with tent campaigns and dry RV camping. Big Bend National Park - Top Camping Spot In Texas For Outdoor Fun

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All these campgrounds are near to the river, and all these sites are reserved in advance. Near the camping sites, there are some fantastic hiking trails that make the campsite the most go to place for the ones who are interested in hiking. Large crowds of visitors gather at the camping site during the time of summer holidays.

2. Guadalupe River State Park

This camping site in Texas and the state park is river centered and features about a hundred campsites that are just a few hours drive from north of San Antonio. The camping spots at the Guadalupe River State Park are splitted into three parts. The Turkey Sink and Cedar Sage Camping sites are the most opted campsites of the state park. You need to stay for two days at the camping site during the weekends to enjoy it all.

These campsites are also quite close to the various flushing restrooms and shower facilities. Another camping ground is the Wagon Ford Camping site, which is quite close to Bald Cypress Trail, and people who are interested in hiking can enjoy camping at these sites, but there are no nearby shower facilities.
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3. Padre Island National Seashore

Located on Texas Coast, Padre Island seashore protects the most extended and underdeveloped barrier island of the world. The vast 130,000 plus acre wild space offers stunning camping options, and visitors take advantage of the ample space for camping at Padre Island. There are two developed areas for camping named Malaquite Campground and the Bird Island Basin Campground.

One of them features semi-primitive sites with flushing restrooms and shower facilities. If you want to enjoy the real camping experience, then you can go to Bird island Basin camp spot because it has no high-class facility and only has chemical toilets. You can also enjoy primitive beach camping by hooking your tents at the assigned beach areas.
Best Camping Spot In Texas For Outdoor Fun-Padre Island National SeashoreImage Source

4. Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Palo Duro Canyon State Park, also popularly known as the Grand Canyon of Texas, provides the most beautiful views from their campsites. The campsites at this park are efficient with electricity on both ends and at all the camps. The park also has some unique primitive campsites that can only be accessible after a few miles of the hiking trail.
There is no designated site at the primitive camping sites, and you can choose your own spot wherever you would like to pitch your tent. All the campsites are very close to the mesmerizing views of Palo Duro Canyon, and group camping options are also available at Palo Duro Canyon in cabin areas.
Nice Camping Spot In Texas For Outdoor Fun-Palo Duro Canyon State ParkImage Source

5. Colorado Bend State Park

Colorado Bend State Park is one of the best parks to enjoy camping in Texas and has numerous places to enjoy camping. Here you will find self-contained RVs that can be driven up to 15-drive campsites that are known to notably cater to tent camping. The Colorado park also has 28 walk-in camping spots that have access to potable water and restrooms without showers.

The most popular trail near the campsite is the Gorman Falls Trail, which is also the most traversed trail in the park. If you are traveling in groups, then also you can arrange group campings that can accommodate up to 48 people at Colorado bend campsites.
Amazing Camping Spot In Texas-Colorado Bend State ParkImage Source

6. Caddo Lake State Park

If you are looking for the best camping spot in East Texas, the Caddo lake State park is the place for all the fun. It is just 10 miles away from the Louisiana border. The vast garden has easy access to the bayous of Caddo Lake. It has numerous campsites, and there are more than 18 hook-up sites where visitors can pitch their tents.

Close to the water bodies, there are additional campsites that are exclusively for tent camping and small trailers. Paddling trails of the Caddo Lake is one of the most prime activities enjoyed by the visitors, and canoe rentals are available. All the camping sites have access to flushing toilets and showers with screened shelters to spend the night.
Beautiful Camping Spot In Texas-Caddo Lake State ParkImage Source

7. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

Just move twenty miles north of the city of Fredericksburg, and you will see Enchanted rock site in front of your eyes that has all the unique places to camp around. Every campsite of this site has put visitors in the shadow of the mystical monolith that is named the Enchanted Rock.

The camping site here offers just 35 tents with access to water, and each camping spot requires a short walk from the main parking area. You will have access to a restroom and shower facility with modern made shelters. There are also numerous trails near the camping site, which includes the Enchanted Rock Summit trail and multiple campers go for this hike to witness the mesmerizing view of the sunset from the top.
Popular Camping Spot In Texas-Enchanted Rock State Natural AreaImage Source

8. Balmorhea State Park

The Balmorhea state park is a popular camping site that provides numerous outdoor fun activities to enjoy for all the campers. The area sprawls over 1.3 acres of the spring-fed swimming pool, which is one of the largest in the world. Along with this, the Civilian conservation corps are also constructed right behind the San Solomon springs court. The historical site offers modern style lodging and camping for the ones who are looking to enjoy a relaxing time with nature.

You can enjoy RV camping at Balmorhea State Park, which has over 30 sites accessible to electricity for RV camping, and the majority of the sites are also connected to TV hook-ups too. All the areas have flushing restroom facilities, and just a few walks forwards will take you to the spring-fed swimming pool of the site.
Sight-seeing Camping Spot In Texas-Balmorhea State ParkImage Source

9. Inks Lake State Park

Just a few hours travel from northwest Austin. You will find Inks Lake State Park that features over 200 campsites that are close to the park’s namesake features and have 125 camping spots at Inks Lake with electrical facilities. All these electrical campsites make the Inks Lake State Park the most popular place for hill country RV camping.

You can also enjoy primitive camping, which is only accessible by a 1.5 miles hiking trail. For this camping, you will have to avail of all the basic necessities yourself, whether it is food, water, or snacks. This site is also popular amongst the ones who look to camp near the Longhorn Caverns State Park for just the day hours.
Famous Camping Spot In Texas-Inks Lake State ParkImage Source

10. Ratcliff Lake State Recreation Area

When it comes to camping around East Texas, Ratcliff Lake is a popular place, which is a popular spot for family adventures. It includes both standard and primitive campsites. The park is surrounded by an area of 45 acres and alongside an area of the lake offers swimming areas and hiking trails, which also provides near shower facilities.
The forest area around the lake is surrounded by beautiful natural scenic views and offers many ways to enjoy the natural vibes present over there. The site also has several picnic areas that provide, which makes it a perfect day out place for outdoor lunch. You will also find numerous short hiking trails all around, which you can explore in and about during your camping.
Must Visit Camping Spot In Texas-Ratcliff Lake State Recreation AreaImage Source


Camping is an adventure in itself, and enjoying such adventure activities at the best and most comfortable place adds to your fun. So choose the camping spot according to your requirements and enjoy some time with nature and relax your mind at these unique, fun camping spots in Texas.

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