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Big Bend National Park - Popular Hiking Spot In Texas

10 Popular Hiking Spots In Texas (2024)

Texas is one of the biggest states which cannot be seen in one day. The most surprising thing about Texas is its diversity. From a lush green environment to amazing scenic views, you can witness some of the best nature spots in the state. Out of all the states in the United States, Texas has some of the best hiking spots for adventure seekers. You can choose from some of the best hiking locations and relax in the lap of mother nature. Here is the list of best hiking spots in Texas which you should miss.

Whether you are looking for the longest or shortest trails, Texas has all kinds of trails for you to explore, away from the city’s hustle-bustle.

10 Popular Hiking Spots In Texas

Below are 10 Hiking Spots from Texas:

1. Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park is one of the top hiking spots in Texas, and if you love hiking in Mother Nature, it is the perfect place for you. It is a paradise for people where you will come across the Chihuahuan Desert. You can find multiple trail locations at this national park, and the most amusing one is Lost Mine Trail. It is a steady uphill walk with beautiful mountain views. The trail’s total distance is 4.8 miles and ascent at 1,224 feet, and the difficulty level is moderate. The entire time to cover the whole trail will take around 3 to 4 hours. Big Bend National Park - Popular Hiking Spot In Texas Image Source

2. Sam Houston National Forest

The National Forest is located in Huntsville in Texas. It is one of the impressive locations for all the hiking lovers in the world. The 128 miles long trail through the forest is breath-taking which is stretched in over four different countries. So, if you love spending time in nature, pull your sock up and get your things ready to experience this fantastic hiking journey with your family, friends, or loved ones because you are not going to regret it. Most hikers prefer this hiking at this place in winter, spring, and all.
Popular Hiking Spot In Texas-Sam Houston National ForestImage Source

3. Gorman Falls Trail

It is one of the top-rated hiking spots in Texas located in Colorado Bend State Park. This trail is specially built for the people who love hiking along the waterfall. The trail is concisely stretched in a 3 miles round trip as the route is very rocky and divided into sections. You will witness the creation of nature, and you can find some of the most beautiful waterfall locations in the state, away from the hustle-bustle of life.
Hiking Spot In Texas-Gorman Falls TrailImage Source

4. South Rim Trail

This is one of the spectacular places for hiking protected by the most extensive and diverse cactus plants and wildlife. This trail is situated in Big Bend National Park between the lap of nature. This trail was built out of Canyon’s walls by the National Park services in the 1920s. The trail starts with beautiful views, but one thing to take care of is that the trail has no water available and very little shade to hide on summer days. You can witness the panoramic view of both Mexico and Texas, which might be rewarding for some hikers.

Best Hiking Spot In Texas-South Rim Trail

Photo Credit: jb10okie Image Source

5. Hike to Cattail Falls

Amazing Hiking Spot In Texas-Hike to Cattail Falls

Photo By Benroy M Image Source

It is not a very popular hiking spot in Texas, but it gives out the hikers’ most beautiful views. The trail distance is 3 miles roundtrip known for photography, relaxing, rock climbing, exploring wildlife, and witnessing waterfalls. Talking more of it, it is one of the most comfortable hiking trails you can find in Texas.

6. Climb Guadalupe Peak

Guadalupe Peak is one of Texas’s highest hiking locations, located on the border of Texas and New Mexico. It is 8.5 miles long roundtrip with an elevation of over 3000 feet. The first starting phase of 1.5 miles is rough to do, but once you pass, it is not easy. This trail is highly known for its scenic views and hiking. You can visit this place with your family and adult friends because this trail is too rough for young children.
Popular Hiking Spot In Texas-Climb Guadalupe PeakImage Source

7. Lighthouse Trail

Lighthouse Trail is situated in Palo Duro Canyon State Park and stated as one of Texas’s most classic hiking spots. It is a 4 miles long round trip trail and majorly known for ionic views from the lighthouse rock. It is especially recommended to the experienced and brave climbers, and this place is mostly filled with people during the morning times when the temperature is comparatively lower. One of the advice to remember during hiking at this trail is to bring lots of water.
Famous Hiking Spot In Texas-Lighthouse TrailImage Source

8. Hike The Window Trail In Big Bend

It is one of the beautiful hiking locations in Texas, located in the Big Bend National Park surrounded by beautiful mountains. Whether you are visiting with your family or friends, it is one of the ideal locations to enjoy camping, and you can enjoy some spectacular sightseeing, especially the sunset from the top. You can either start your hiking from Basin Trailhead or the Chisos Basin Campground. From the perspective of hiking back, the views from there are equally mesmerizing. For an amazing hiking experience, find your partner in hiking!

Nice Hiking Spot In Texas-Hike The Window Trail In Big Bend

Photo Credit: Jonathan Cutrer Image Source

9. Hike Through Wide Basin

The Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve is one of Texas’s top hiking locations, which is 2.5 miles long and handled by St. Edward’s University. One of the strict rules of this location is that pets, picnics, bikes, and smoking are not allowed in the area. It is a family-friendly destination famous for morning walks, photography, beautiful-scenic views, waterfalls, and hiking.

10. St. Edwards Park

It is one of the best places in Texas to enjoy hiking. It is a perfect trail location for friends and family, and you can choose from multiple options. If you love swimming, you can find some of the best swimming spots. The great part about this park is that it is dog-friendly. The park offers two main trail options to the adventure seekers, one with uphill trails and another with open meadows filled with grasses, rope swings, and swimming holes. It is an easy trail, which is why it is family-friendly, and the total distance of the trail is 2 miles round trip.

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