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Disneyland - Awesome Theme Park In California

10 Awesome Theme Parks In California (2024)

It’s not just the Disneyland rides that draw the attention of thrill-seeking visitors in California. But the city has slightly more than you expect theme parks in California and any other part of the world. The golden state of California has endless opportunities to offer its visitors several theme parks that run around throughout the year.

If this was not just enough, you also get to cast spells at the Hogwarts and reach high-above the sky on the beachfront side of the Ferris wheel in California. If this does not give you much adrenaline rush, you will find numerous roller coaster rides full of spooky turns and inversions that will undoubtedly pop your hearts out. So whether you are looking to enjoy yourselves or want to feel the thrills.

10 Awesome Theme Parks In California

Here are some of the best theme parks in California:

1. Disneyland

No doubt why Disneyland is considered one of the happiest places on earth. The only place where you will still find 1955 pop culture is the main reason visitors get attracted to this place. The ones who will be visiting this place for the first time will get a mixture of new and classic movie-inspired feels. In addition to this, you will also enjoy corny jokes about the Jungle Cruise, and the modernism of Small World Never Gets Old. The efforts which Disney has initiated is the facility of reservation through Fastpass, which you can avail through the MaxPass app from your phones. Also, make sure you meet your favourite Disney stars there! Disneyland - Awesome Theme Park In California Image Source

2. Universal Studios Hollywood

Ever got a chance to dance along with the minions or wanted to flee with the toothy velociraptors. Universal Studios Hollywood was started as a behind the scenes peek for working backlot, which has now turned into big-screen flicks and TV shows. You will get to enjoy all the movie theme-based tours here. The studio tour will also let you explore some motion simulated rides that are based on theme surroundings. If you are a fan of the Jurassic World movie, then The new Jurassic World will take you back to when dinosaurs were the kings of the world. For adventure junkies, there are various flume rides with raptors.
Awesome Theme Park In California-Universal Studios HollywoodImage Source

3. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Established in the year 1907, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is one of the most loved theme parks in California. This theme park will surely fill you up with timeless fun and nostalgic vibes. The park is located on the expansive shores of Santa Cruz’s main beach. This open-air theme park which is abundant in mid-way games, thrill rides and some cute little treats. Also, if you are visiting for the first time, don’t miss the creepy ride into the Haunted Castle on the 1924 ride of the giant dipper. The National Historic Landmark also has some stunning views of Monterey Bay which you can enjoy on your rides fully. One more interesting thing to want here is The Boardwalk free concerts and movies on the beach sides.
Best Theme Park In California-Santa Cruz Beach BoardwalkImage Source

4. Legoland California Theme Park

For all the Lego fans out there, it’s time to get in touch with your inner master builder at this unique Lego theme park in California to temple your favourite plastic bricks. The Lego park sparkles with tremendous towering lego ingenuity that includes spot-on and mini versions of cities like San Francisco, New York and Las Vegas strip. At the Duplo set, you can enjoy zapping with lego mummies at the Lost Kingdom Adventure who are diving for treasure on deep-sea adventures. Feel the wind blow through your air at the Lego city 4D officer in pursuit movie with the theatre effects. And before anything, book your stay at the Legoland Hotel, which will surely add up to your fun with disco elevators and themed rooms.
Amazing Theme Park In California-Legoland California Theme ParkImage Source

5. Knott’s Berry Farm

Ready for some thrill rides and old west charm vibes, then Knott’s Berry farm is the place. The farm was once famous for its preserves of boysenberry, and fried chicken, has now turned into the county farm stand that has turned into an amusement park. This site packs some of the most pulse-pounding thrill rides. The most favourite part about this theme park in California is the GhostRider ride. It is the tallest, longest and fastest wooden roller coaster ride presently available on the west coast. The roller coaster launches the riders from 0 to 84 mph in just two seconds. Also, don’t miss to stroll around the Old West town, which has some little adorned rides, including the timber mountain Log ride and Calico mine rides.
Popular Theme Park In California-Knott’s Berry FarmImage Source

6. Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain is one of the best theme parks in California to enjoy the best roller coaster rides. This park boasts some of the best and record-breaking roller coaster rides. Not only these spooky roller coaster rides but also some gentle rides and costumed characters to meet for the kids are available here. Located just a few hours away from the north of Los Angeles, this park is famous for its numerous mind-boggling roller coaster rides. Some famous rides that you must try are the Tatsu, Full Throttle, which will surely pop your hearts out with their zero-gravity rolls. So If you are a roller coaster ride fan, make sure you visit this place.
Top Theme Park In California-Six Flags Magic MountainImage Source

7. California’s Great America

The most significant hit of California’s Great America theme park is the San Francisco Bay area. From coasters to carousels that include rides like inverted flight deck, trailblazer, and gold striker, which is the fastest wooden roller coaster in Northern California. In addition to this, you also get to enjoy Planet Snoopy rides, play zones and adorable car rides for the kids and gentle people. If visiting in the summers, then cool down yourselves at the adjacent Boomerang Water park, which has some fantastic water slides and rides with numerous splash zones along with the relaxing boats.
Top-rated Theme Park In California-California’s Great AmericaImage Source

8. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

This Vallejo park is one of the best theme parks in California, which offers big cats, batman and huge coaster rides. Located 15 miles from Napa Valley’s wine country, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is famed for its thrill rides which rushes adrenaline in every visitor. The DC universe section brands coasters have a dual-looping Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster which sends the riders from head over heels in wing styled vehicles. Not only this, but the park also has numerous animal shows and exhibitions with beautiful butterfly habitat and also get the chance to encounter dolphins at this park.
Famous Theme Park In California-Six Flags Discovery KingdomImage Source

9. Pacific Park

The Pacific Park is located at the end of the wooden Santa Monica Pier and brims timeless attractions. This waterfront park offers some fantastic midway games, carnival rides and a buzzing arcade vibe. The most famous ride is the iconic Ferris Wheel which offers sweeping views of the coastline from the top. Also, don’t miss out on the spin of the Santa Monica Pier Carousel. Although the historic merry go round is not the official part of the Pacific park, it includes the exciting soda fountain from the Soda Jerks. The park is also famous for its beer floats and ice cream sundaes.
Nice Theme Park In California-Pacific ParkImage Source

10. Belmont Park

One more interesting beachfront theme park in California is Belmont Park that is located on San Diego’s sunny shoreline. Just add some steps in your walk on San Diego’s mission beach. You will enter this compact Belmont Park with numerous fun activities to entertain you. The joy activities like corn dogs, classic roaster rides and carnival games are the best part of this park when it comes to enjoyment. Tikiphiles should not miss out on a little golf session provided in the tropical jungles at the park’s Tiki Town Adventure golf.
Beautiful Theme Park In California-Belmont ParkImage Source

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