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Rewalsar - Unexplored Hill Station Near Delhi For a Wonderful Trip

8 Unexplored Hill Stations Near Delhi For a Wonderful Trip (2024)

Similar to the wide and deep world of science, nature too has some unexplored or underrated gems which need to be visited, cherished and appreciated as much as the popular ones. If you too are bored with visiting the same places each and every time and constantly thinking of visiting a new place or doing something new, then this article is totally for you. We are here to introduce you to some of these hidden gems near Delhi, which will provide you with all the adventure and experience you seek from a tourist attraction. Hill stations are indeed such places which are totally worth visiting, for the ambience, food, climate and most importantly the picturesque locations and spectacular sceneries. We are shortlisting some of the least or unexplored hill stations situated near Delhi so that you don’t have to rely on the same set of hill stations whenever you want to go on a trip to one.

8 Unexplored Hill Stations Near Delhi For a Wonderful Trip

Below are 8 Hill Stations Near Delhi:

1. Rewalsar

Rewalsar is a perfect example of a huge spiritual destination disguised as a mere hill station. It is undoubtedly, a must-visit destination for the tourists and the pilgrims as the town has everything to offer that will please and entertain the visitors. Rewalsar is a lesser-known hub of Buddhism, Hinduism and even other religions and has a number of monasteries, temples, etc., which are simply magnificent. Buddhism, being one of the major religions practiced, is a highly peaceful and relaxing surrounding located in the Mandi district. The lake which forms the banks of the town is another major attraction which is loved by the tourists. The view from the top bordered by the lake is something heavenly, a moment in which you might want to live forever. Rewalsar is situated around 425 km away from Delhi, which can be covered within less than half a day’s trip on the road. Rewalsar - Unexplored Hill Station Near Delhi For a Wonderful Trip Image Source

2. Gushaini

Unexplored Hill Station Near Delhi For a Wonderful Trip-Gushaini

Photo Credit: Rangeet Ghosh Image Source

If you are having a short vacation and facing a dilemma of where to go, it would be difficult to pick a place where you cannot enjoy or explore to the fullest. Well, the town of Gushaini of Kullu district would be the right place for you to plan a short vacation and make sure that you enjoy the place to its maximum, and leave without any regrets. The hill station is located at an altitude of 4.5 km above sea level, also offering a set of adventurous and entertaining activities. The resorts and houses here are built in a unique way, which will make your stay at Gushaini memorable and enjoyable. You can also enjoy exploring more activities like trout fishing at Gushaini. The town is located around 492 km away from Delhi, which might require nearly half a day to cover the road.

3. Naukuchiatal

It’s proximity to one of the most popular hill stations of North India, Nainital, is indeed the biggest advantage and the growth behind this small and an attractive tourist destination. Naukuchiatal is a hill station located near Nainital, a wonderful place to have a weekend getaway from Delhi. Very similar to Gushaini, the housing and surroundings are one of the major attractions of the place, where even the tourists from other countries wish to stay. Naukuchiatal is also known for its wildlife and plant life, which you can find in huge numbers during your trip to the place. The site is also known for its huge hub of birds and offers a perfect visual treat to bird lovers and bird watchers. Naukuchiatal is on the banks of a lake, making the landscape appear more attractive and beautiful. The small town is situated around 326 km away from Delhi, which nearly takes a 7-hour journey.
Hill Station Near Delhi For a Wonderful Trip-NaukuchiatalImage Source

4. Bir and Billing

The adjoined towns of Bir and Billing could be the perfect getaway hill station you might be looking for amongst the least or unexplored hill stations near Delhi. The twin hill stations are a major hub for the tourists who are in search of real adventure sports, which will thrill the heart out of them. The towns of Bir and Billing used to be the best spots for enjoying and trying your hand in Paragliding, a popular adventure sport. Later, more adventurous activities and sports items were added to the list of what to do in Bir and Billing and this backed and powered the towns into a wonderful tourist attraction to explore—blessed with the natural habitat too, even though you are not into adventure sports and stuff, you can still enjoy the landscape and picturesque beauty of the towns to the maximum. The towns of Bir and Billing are situated nearly 513 km away from Delhi, lying to the North of the national capital.
Best Hill Station Near Delhi For a Wonderful Trip-Bir and BillingImage Source

5. Tosh

Sometimes it is good to take a trip to somewhere, such a location which is known for its peaceful and highly relaxing ambience and surroundings. It will be more good if such a site has a lot of tourist attractions too. Tosh, a small village which is located on the way to Kasol, is one such tourist destination that will chill your mind and body perfectly. The surroundings of the village are filled with lush greenery, and the views from here are simply spectacular. The presence of excellent homestay facilities and resorts are another important reason why it is a preferable location near Delhi to give a trip to. Tosh is a part of Himachal Pradesh, the land of snow and is situated around 532 km away from Delhi.

6. Dharamkot

McLeodganj used to be an underrated tourist destination, but it turned out to be a major attraction for the tourists as it upgraded itself to be a luring sight. Dharamkot is undoubtedly following the path of its neighbouring city of McLeodganj and is in the process of evolving itself into a big tourist site with a bunch of unmatchable attractions. The ambience and surroundings of Dharamkot are quite different from that of McLeodganj, and the former appears to be more relaxing and peaceful. The town has a bunch of resorts and holiday retreats, followed by huge fields of spices and well built and maintained homestay facilities. The trip to Dharamkot via road might take nearly 10 hours of time as the town is situated around 475 km from Delhi.
Popular Hill Station Near Delhi-DharamkotImage Source

7. Khajjiar

A small town located in the borders of the Bakrota hills, which forms a great welcoming sight to the visitors of Khajjiar. Khajjiar is a part of the Chamba district and is currently growing as one of the major hill stations here with unbelievably great views and spectacular scenery from the hills. The untouched beauty of nature can be witnessed at its best form at Khajjiar, which is blessed with lush green surroundings and a quiet, peaceful ambience. The forests and the pine trees simply add more to this ravishing beauty, which will make you go awe at all times of the day. The site is also a preferred location for retreats and for the tourists who are in search of an extremely comfortable and relaxing place, that too at a budget-friendly cost. The small town of Khajjiar is also a nice spiritual destination with a bunch of temples which are some great religious places of interest for the pilgrims. The temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Hidimba date back to the 10th century, which adds more archaeological interests and mythological eminence to the town. Even though the hill station of Khajjiar is located quite distant from Delhi, which amounts to 574 km, could be covered in less than half a day, the trip is totally worth the place that is going to welcome you.
Nice Hill Station Near Delhi-KhajjiarImage Source

8. Kausani

We have been talking about the underrated and unexplored hill stations near Delhi, which are apt for the lovers of adventure, for the visitors who love peace and relaxing surroundings and even for the wildlife and plantlife enthusiasts. This time, it is going to be a town which is known for its scenic beauty, in a way that it is a great hub for the photographers and nature lovers who want to click such magnificent pictures of the beauty of nature. Kausani quite beats almost every other nearby location in the scenic beauty and picturesque sites. The foothills of Kumaon and Garhwal Himalayas adds to the snowfall and wonderful views from the peaks. Kausani is situated nearly 426 km away from Delhi, on the North of the capital, belonging to Uttarakhand.
Beautiful Hill Station Near Delhi-KausaniImage Source


If the beauty of the explored hill stations near Delhi cannot be described in mere words, the unexplored ones add more suspense and thrill to the trip. As you have seen, from Delhi you can plan a number of trips to such hill stations which are least or not at all explored by many. So pack your bags and plan your trip when it is safe to travel again.

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