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Shirdi Sai temple - Top Rated Destination For A Day Out In Faridabad

5 Top-Rated Destinations For A Day Out In Faridabad (2024)

There are quite a few popular places to visit in and around Faridabad for a fun-filled day outing with your family and friends. City of Faridabad has quite a few famous temples, lakes and historical sites..

Faridabad is one of the largest city in the Indian province of Haryana and is a part of the National Capital Region of the national capital Delhi. It is one of the significant satellite urban areas of Delhi, and its location is just 284 kilometres south of Chandigarh. The Government of India has put this city in the second rundown of Smart Cities Mission on 24 May 2016. Faridabad describes itself as the eighth fastest developing city on the planet and the third in the country as per a survey conducted by the City Mayors Foundation. According to the 2001 Delhi Regional Plan, Faridabad is an essential part for the Delhi Metropolitan Area (DMA).

Faridabad is famous for henna creation from the horticultural area, while farm vehicles, cruisers, gears, fridges, shoes, tyres and clothing industry establish its essential modern items. Because of its industries, Faridabad has many people visiting it. Here is the list of places to explore in Faridabad if you too are planning to visit this industrial hub.

5 Top-Rated Destinations For A Day Out In Faridabad

  1. The Badkhal Lake- Badkhal lake is a human-made lake in the Badkhal village. It is amongst the best point of attraction in Faridabad that attracts any visitor towards itself. People majorly get attracted to Badkhal lake because of its great scenic beauty that embraces its surroundings. The name Badkhal originates from the Persian word “bedakhal” which means free from any inheritance. The Badkhal lake beautifies itself as the arms of Aravalli hills. People majorly come here in the spring season to exhibit the world-famous flower exhibition organised every year. You can also go along with your near and dear ones to this place as it has a peacock lake and a great picnic spot that can make your trip overwhelming. Visiting hours: 8 am to 6 pm.
    Top-Rated Destination For A Day Out In Faridabad-The Badkhal LakeImage Source
  2. Farid Khan’s Tomb- Many people majorly believe in a parallel thought that Faridabad’s establishment and naming were after the Sufi Saint Baba Farid. Instead, Farid Khan’s tomb’s structure commemorates in his memory. It’s believed to be among the best holy places of the town of Faridabad. The following tomb has two big marble doors, the one facing east is called Noori Darwaza meaning door of light, whereas the one facing north is called Bahishti Darwaza, meaning the gate of paradise. You can come along with your loved ones to visualise the old age architecture and its beauty. Visiting hours: 10 am to 6 pm.
    Top Destination For A Day Out In Faridabad-Farid Khan's Tomb

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  3. Shirdi Sai temple- The famous Shirdi Sai temple on the Badkhal-Surajkund road in sector 16A of the city is where tourists come daily. It’s believed that this temple’s deity is kind, bountiful, and one can find peace in life with his blessings. This splendid Sai Baba temple is built up of beautiful marble structures over an area of three acres. People majorly come over here to gain the grand edifice of Sai Baba and other beloved gods around here. You can join the aartis, listen to holy recitation and even get prasad with your loved ones. Visiting hours: 6 am to 8 pm. Shirdi Sai temple - Top Rated Destination For A Day Out In Faridabad Image Source
  4. Raja Nahar Singh Palace- Raja Nahar Singh palace’s establishment was around the 19th century. The Jat royal king Nahar Singh established it. People wisely also call it as the Ballabhgarh fort palace. Suppose you are someone living in the southern part of Delhi then it’s just 15 kilometres from your place. You can quickly come along with your loved ones to glorify its enormous pavilions, massive arches, superior embellished rooms and overwhelming courtyards. The Raja Nahar Singh palace represents a glorious age of history along with the taste of the royal family. It’s now a heritage property of the state government and an amazing place to visit in Faridabad. Visiting hours: 9 am to 6 pm.
  5. Surajkund Lake- The famous Surajkund lake’s establishment was by a Rajput king Surajpal Tomar. Its name represents the beautiful rising sun. There is a belief that the freshwater pool within this lake is also known as Siddhakund has excellent healing powers. People majorly visit Surajkund lake in Faridabad in the month of February because of the beautiful handicraft fair organised every year. You can always come here and your beloved ones to look at the different cultural programs representing folk culture. Visiting hours: 10 am to 8 pm.
    Amazing Destination For A Day Out In Faridabad-Surajkund LakeImage Source
  6. Leisure Valley- Leisure Valley being naturally resplendent is one of the most happening places in Faridabad. If you’re coming along with your loved ones, then this is the most beautiful destination. The reason behind this is that it gives you a clear-cut edge over others as its beautifully nestled in the Aravalli range. People living in nearby places such as Delhi and Gurgaon can quickly come over here for a visit anytime. A visit to Leisure valley with our kids will make them fall in love with this place. This valley will provide you with a fresh feeling. Visiting hours: 8 am to 6 pm.
    Popular Destination For A Day Out In Faridabad-Leisure Valley

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How to Travel to Faridabad?

  • Via Rail- Faridabad is on the tracks between New Delhi and Mumbai Line. New Delhi and Hazrat Nizammudin Railway Station are around 25 km away from old Faridabad railway station. The trains for metros like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai are effectively available from here. You can always book your tickets confidently from Faridabad if you’re going to these cities. Local trains are also available between New Delhi to Faridabad.
  • Via Road- Faridabad is well associated with Delhi through Delhi Faridabad Skyway better known as Badarpur Flyover. It’s also connected with urban cities like Gurugram through Faridabad Gurugram Road (SH137) and Gautam Buddha Nagar of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Via Air- Faridabad is served by Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, around 35 km from Faridabad. The following air terminal is the busiest in India and gives domestic and international travelling options as per your convenience.

History of Faridabad

Prithviraj Chauhan founded the city Prithvipura which is now known as Faridabad. It was constructed by him when the principal military accomplishment of Prithviraj was his concealment of a revolt by his cousin Nagarjuna, and recapture of Gudapura. Nagarjuna was the child of Prithviraj’s uncle Vigraharaja IV. Whereas, the Chahamana throne’s struggle had prompted a contention between the two parts of the family.

Later in 1607 Sheik Farīd, renamed the City from Pritvipura to Faridabad. It acted as a financier for the Mughal king Jahangir to keep the Grand Trunk Road intact among Delhi and Agra. A project for Pakistani evacuee resettlement and light modern advancement started in the city in 1950. After independence, Faridabad was first a part of Gurgaon locale but subsequently was made an autonomous region on 15 August 1979.

Faridabad has numerous things to bring to the table to even the most prepared travellers. It would be best if you remembered the above places whenever you intend to visit Faridabad. Being particularly near the national capital, New Delhi, and having an exceptionally evolved NCR, makes Faridabad follow and love a wide range of different ethnic societies and prevalent views. The travel industry has sped up in the most recent decade as it has become a high wellspring of income for the city. Hence, visit this delightful city of Faridabad and begin your hunt towards this rundown.

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