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Gurudwara Tarn Taran Sahib

Gurudwara Tarn Taran Sahib: History, Best Time to Visit, Places to Explore Nearby (2024)

Gurudwara Tarn Taran is one of the most sacredly believed spots for Sikhs whose location is in Tarn Taran in Punjab’s glorious state. It’s a popular Sikh destination of worship, which is around 22 km away from Amritsar. It is among the prominent Gurudwaras as it is a replica of the famous Golden Temple in Amritsar. This religious site has the biggest holy Sarovar among all the gurdwaras. People majorly recognize it as the Golden temple of Tarn Taran. Among every Gurudwara in Punjab, this one has the biggest parikrama. On the day of the no-moon night, the Tarn Taran has a large number of pilgrims. There is a large lobby called Guru Ka Langar where any guest, everything being equal, and religion can appreciate Langar. It is an emphatic spot to visit on the off chance if you have come along with family. It’s a Sikh pilgrim spot; however, every religion’s acknowledgment is here. Gurudwara Tarn Taran SahibImage Source

Related History to Tarn Taran Sahib

It was established by Guru Arjan Dev, who was the fifth Guru of the Sikh people group. Moreover, Guru Arjan Dev additionally established the critical framework of the eminent Sri TarnTaran Sahib Gurudwara. The sacred town was a prominent Bhangi administration administered by a Sikh family from 1716 to 1810. During the division of the country, this city turned out to be critical. During the 1980s, at the hour of Sikh defiance, Taran used to be a fundamental focus of the Sikh movement. In 2006, this city was declared as the nineteenth locale of Punjab by state administer Amarinder Singh.

Best Time To Visit TarnTaran Sahib

The Winter season is thebest time to visit Tarn Taran. If you’re lucky enough, you can even see some acrobatics with swords done by professionals dressed in beautiful yellow and blue Khalsa uniform.

How to Travel to Tarn Taran Sahib?

  • By Air- The nearest airport to Tarn Taran is the Sri Guru Ram Das International Airport of Amritsar. This airport’s location is just eleven kilometers from the central city. Amritsar has connections to more than 160 domestic and international airlines. Every day flights from Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Chandigarh, Doha, Dubai, London, and Qatar go from Amritsar.
  • By Rail- Tarn Taran doesn’t have its railway station, so it depends on Amritsar’s railway station that connects the city to every major city in the entire country. Those include Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and many more. If you’re traveling from the national capital Delhi, it only takes 6 hours via train to Amritsar.
  • By Road- With an advanced foundation, the city of Tarn Taran is furnished with an entrenched transportation framework. You can arrive at Tarn Taran Sahib without any problem via roadways. The closest big town to Tarn Taran Sahib is Amritsar, which is around 40 kilometers away. Many people come from close urban areas like Amritsar, Jammu, Bathinda, Delhi, Haryana, and Himachal.

Places That You Explore Near Tarn Taran Sahib:

Tarn Taran considers itself a part of the holiest places for the Sikhs. This quiet city has socially diverse, historical, and many religious structures. It turned into a prestigious city during the rule of the Sikhs in the north Indian territory of Punjab. In Tarn Taran, you can see the antiquated Gurudwaras notable for their Sikh sacred writings. You can come along with your family to visit this unique place and enjoy the sightseeing listed below.

  1. Sri TarnTaran Sahib- It is an overall planned three-storeyed structure arranged in Taran city’s core. Drawn closer through a twofold storeyed curved passageway, it remains the focal point of a fantastic marble stage. The upper portion of the building is covered with shining gold plated sheets. Numerous visitors and guests visit this Gurudwara consistently and roughly one lac on each Amavasya. So, you can even go up to this place upon your visit to the city. Visiting hours- 8 am to 5 pm.
    Place to See Near Tarn Taran Sahib-Sri TarnTaran SahibImage Source
  2. Guru Ka Khuh- Gurudwara Shri Guru Ka Khuh is a chronicled and prestigious Gurudwara in the town of Tarn Taran Sahib. Its situation is in the southern part of Taran Lake. There is a significant well located in this Gurudwara region, where devotees take a holy dip. Even you can come along with your family and friends to visit this peaceful destination. Visiting hours- 6 am to 6 pm.
  3. Bibi Bhani Da Khuh- Gurudwara Bibi Bhani Da Khuh is something unique situated in the city of Tarn Taran. Named after the mother of Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Bibi Bhani is sacred Gurudwara. Its well known as Gurudwara, Bibi Bhani Da Khuh situated here holds many ecstasy and claims of being blessed. So, visiting here on your trip will give you a unique and adventurous experience. Visiting hours- 8 am to 4 pm.
    Amazing Place to See Near Tarn Taran Sahib-Bibi Bhani Da KhuhImage Source
  4. Shri Tapiana Sahib- Gurudwara Shri Tapiana Sahib is an acclaimed sacred holy place of Sikhs, arranged in the northern area of Khadur Sahib in Taran. In the center of the following Gurudwara lies a monstrous Sarovar. There is a langar corridor, known as the MathaKhiwi Langar Hall, situated in this Gurudwara zone. You can come here along with your kids and family and pay homage to this beautiful Gurudwara, along with enjoying its tasty Langar. Visiting hours- 10 pm to 5 pm.
    Attarction Place to See Near Tarn Taran Sahib-Shri Tapiana SahibImage Source
  5. Shri Lakeer Sahib- Gurudwara Lakeer Sahib, is a modest place for Sikhs in the north of Taran city. It is a notable Gurudwara, who worked as an accolade of Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji, an extraordinary Sikh champion and one of the most regarded Sikh saints ever. It’s one of those visiting places in your Tarn Taran trip. Visiting hours- 5 am to 6 pm.
    Top Place to See Near Tarn Taran Sahib-Shri Lakeer Sahib

    Photo Credit: Etihaas Sikh koum da Image Source

  6. Nishan-E-Sikhi- Spread in more than four sections of land,the eight-story pinnacle will encourage a bundle of strict training, otherworldly mindfulness, social agreement, essential data, professional information, public union, and amusement alternatives. The thought behind Nishan-e-Sikhi was to give appealing roads to understudies, educators, evangelists, experts, sportspersons, and the overall population in the wake of the falling norm of schooling and decrease in estimations of life in the public eye. According to many reports, this pinnacle, with 80,000 square feet floor zone, has an assembly room, regulatory square, meeting lobby, strict foundation, and instructing classes. It may not be one of the tourist attractions, but it is worth visiting for every tourist. Visiting hours- 10 am to 7 pm.
     Top-rated Place to See Near Tarn Taran Sahib - Nishan-E-SikhiImage Source
  7. Hari-Ke-Pattan- HarikeWetland, otherwise called Hari-Ke-Pattan. It is amongst the most significant wetlands in northern India, and its location is in the Tarn Taran Sahib region of the state of Punjab. Hari-Ke-Pattan lies in the conjunction of both Beas and Sutlej rivers. Visiting hours- 10 am to 6 pm.
    Popular Place to See Near Tarn Taran Sahib - Hari-Ke-PattanImage Source
  8. Gurudwara Lakeer Sahib- Gurudwara Lakeer Sahib is an extremely renowned and old Gurudwara constructed in 1978. This place has many historical norms of Baba Deep Singh Ji, making a line with his blade and inquired about whether they are eager to battle with Jahan Khan at Amritsar. Gurudwara Lakeer Sahib’s structure is at the same place where a line on the ground was set apart by Baba Deep Singh Ji before going into battle against the Mughal Empire in 1757. Inspiteof being 75 years of age, he never lost courage and had the quality of a youthful hero. He accumulated an enormous gathering of Sikhs and progressed towards Sri Harimander Sahib. When they arrived at the town of Tarn Taran, around ten miles from Amritsar, their numbers had drastically increased to around 5,000. Right now, this enormous Gurudwara, where Baba Ji drew a line on the ground, has turned to be the biggest pilgrimage center. Every year dozens of tourists from all over India and the globe come here to glorify its beauty. Hence you can always come along with your family to relieve Gurudwara Lakeer Sahib’s glory. Visiting hours- 8 am to 7 pm.
    Nice Place to See Near Tarn Taran Sahib - Gurudwara Lakeer SahibImage Source

The historical Tarn Taran has many things to attract tourists towards itself. Attractions like the Partition museum, Bird sanctuary, shrines, forts, and many more will please you a lot. So, if you’re planning to visit Gurudwara Tarn Taran Sahib and want to enjoy your time, you have to go through this article for the list of best things to do. We would always be there to assist you with your potential issues related to the tours and travels. Every time you can, feel free to contact us for any help regarding any trip, along with making your trip overwhelming.

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