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Hola Mohalla - Incredible Festival Of Punjab That You Must Experience In The Year 2020

7 Incredible Festivals Of Punjab That You Must Experience In The Year (2024)

The land of Punjab is famous for its exuberant spirit and lavish lifestyle all over the globe. God has blessed the state with every natural resource which provides profitable cultivation. With its fertile land, five rivers, mountains, and natural greenery, the government holds its tag at first. Punjab shows growth and prosperity in its best form. Punjab’s festivals are an excellent time to experience the vibrancy of the state in a grand stage.

If you’re planning your trip to the land of five rivers Punjab, be sure to check the calendar for popular festivals celebrated in Punjab for the best experience of the state. It needs to be done to fit yourself into the rich culture of Punjab. Here is a list of famous festivals celebrated in the state of Punjab in a year. Always remember to include at least one of these festivals on your trip. We promise if you do this, it will make your Punjab trip overwhelming.

7 Incredible Festivals Of Punjab That You Must Experience In The Year 2020

The Punjabi festivals are one of the sweetest and beautiful ways to look for insight into the state’s culture. These are some of the lists of top festivals that you should visit once in a lifetime.

  1. Baisakhi- Baisakhi’s celebration is marked as one of the most celebrated festivals of the state. Its rituals are done by bathing in the holy river and praying at the Gurudwaras. The majority of people take part in the prayers held as the days pass by. As Baisakhi comes, everyone gets into a festive mood, and they start dancing to Punjabi tunes. Special celebrations happen at the Talwandi Sabo, Gurudwara at Anandpur, and the Golden Temple at Amritsar. These are places where the Guru Gobind Singh recompiled his teachings in the holy Guru Grant Sahib. Baisakhi also marks the start of cultivation and farmers celebrate it with their passionate dance.
  2. Hola Mohalla- Hola Mohalla is a famous Sikh festival, i.e., celebrated in the spring season. The event’s celebration goes on as the festival of brotherhood and bravery. On the second day of the kinar month of Chett, this festival progresses. It is marked as the first month of the Nanakshahi calendar preferred by the Sikhs. The celebration of Hola Mohalla is in the Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib in Anandpur of the Rupnagar district in Punjab. Takht Sri Keshgarh is one of the five Sikh Takhts that holds memorable historical roles. It is the birthplace of Khalsa Parth, and its association got indulged in real artifacts since those days.
  3. Lohri- Lohri is the well-known folk festival of Punjab. The celebration of Lohri marks the end of the winter season in India. The state of Punjab marks Lohri as one of the traditional and famous festivals. The famous Bhangra came into existence for the first time when this festival’s celebration came into reality. If you’re a Punjabi living outside or a person who loves Punjabi influence, Lohri is the best festival to get into Punjabi force. Every Punjabi family loves celebrating Lohri with the beating of Dhol, Nagadas, and traditional songs. Children love to visit their neighborhood asking for treats and presents. The festival is full of life, and you should always visit Punjab during the Lohri time. Special celebrations are held in the places of newborns and newly married.
  4. Guruparab- Guru Nanak Jayanti is commonly known as Guruparab. Guruparab of Guru Nanak Purab is a Sikh festival held to commemorate Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s birth. You can visit Punjab during this festival and celebrate along with your Punjabi friends. Punjabi celebrates this festival with a lot of hope and excitement. Even in many parts of our country, those Sikhs celebrate it who are living outside their state. Almost all the Sikh festivals round around the birth of their ten Gurus. These Gurus are those persons who kept the shape of the religion along with preaching its importance. Guru Nanak Ji is the first Guru of the Sikhs who founded the religion.
  5. Basant Panchami- As its name suggests, it marks the starting of spring season or otherwise known as Basant. As per Sikh religion, it takes at least forty days for seasons to transmit in between them. Believing this reason, Punjabi start their celebrations forty days before the arrival of the Spring season. Another important significance of Basant Panchami is the importance of the color yellow. Punjabi farmers sow their mustard seeds in their fields before spring. With the spring season approaching, these farms turn into a beautiful sea of yellow. Punjabis even wear yellow turbans and kurtas during this month to welcome the spring. Spring will personify you with the spirit of Punjabis.
  6. Chappar Mela- Chappar Mela is an annual festival of Punjab organized and commemorated by the Chappar village. This village’s location is in the famous Ludhiana district of Punjab. This fest is held to celebrate the renowned Snake God and celebrate the advent of the following deity. This fair’s organization is in the fourth week of September. It attracts many kinds of tourists towards itself. It is one of the oldest fests globally, and many believe it to be over 150 years. So, it seems like one of the best attractions that you can try during your visit to Punjab. 
    Top-Rated Festival Of Punjab-Chappar Mela

    Image Source Credit- Travel Punjabi

  7. Rural Olympics- Every Indian is a sports lover, and Punjabis are on the top of the list. Rural Olympics held in Kila Raipur is home to one of the sportiest festivals in the entire world. The fantastic village is rich in sports-loving people, and the recreation that you get is unmatched. Kila Raipur is a small village located just fifteen kilometers away from Ludhiana. It is a simple village with all those substantial yellow fields but those three days in February completely changes the town. The town looks like a big sports hub and is a worth visiting place for you.

How to Reach Punjab?

  • By Air- All major airports of Punjab are in Amritsar and Ludhiana. You can take any domestic flights from your nearest airport to these places. Chandigarh, which is also named a Union Territory, serves as Haryana and Punjab’s capital. It serves both as a domestic and international airport.
  • By Road- Every roadways and highway in Punjab are well developed. You can even taste the best Punjabi dishes on the highway side, Dhabas. All over India, the state of Punjab has the best and advanced road transport.
  • By Train- Trains are 24/7 available from the cities of Amritsar, Ludhiana, and Chandigarh. You can take any train to the capital city Delhi.

Punjab is known for its rich natural beauty, holy shrines, glorious history, rich culture, and a perfect combination of rural and urban areas. Its mesmerizing architecture of Golden Temple and the natural serenity of lakes and rivers make it the best tourist destination. The delicious taste of Punjabi cuisines, the vibrant culture, and the lavish lifestyle of Punjabi people attracts anyone who visits Punjab. This article majorly intends to help you decide on which festival to celebrate with the Punjabis. We are there any time to provide you with the best of any knowledge on tours and travels. Always feel us like your friend, and do contact us anytime to make your trip extraordinary.

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